12 Cool Things to Include When Building a House

You’ve done the research, you’ve scoured the internet for inspiration, and you’re ready to build your dream home. But what should you include in your new house? 

There are endless possibilities when it comes to building a new home, but here are twelve of the coolest features that you can incorporate into your new build.

Energy-Efficient Design

If sustainability is important to you, then energy-efficient design should be at the top of your list. Incorporating elements such as solar panels and LED lighting can drastically reduce your electricity bill over time. 

Additionally, investing in materials like insulated windows and walls will help keep heat inside during winter months and cool air inside during summer months.

And of course the most important thing is the orientation of your home and ensuring you maxmimse the position of the sun for heating in winter and staying cool in summer.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular for its convenience and efficiency. With voice commands or app control capabilities, you can control lights, thermostats, security systems, and more from anywhere around the world with an internet connection. 

This type of technology also gives you access to real-time energy use data so that you can make smarter decisions about how much energy your house consumes.

Dual Kitchen Workspaces

Having two separate workspaces in the kitchen can be incredibly beneficial if you enjoy cooking or baking together with friends or family members. You can designate different areas for different tasks such as prepping, cooking, plating etc., which makes meal prep more efficient and enjoyable. 

Dual workspaces allow multiple people in the kitchen at once without getting in each other's way.

Indoor Air Quality Systems

An indoor air quality system is essential for households that suffer from allergies or asthma due to dust mites, pollen particles, pet dander etc., circulating through their homes. 

These systems use high-efficiency filters to keep airborne particles out of the air by trapping them before they enter your lungs. 

They also provide better ventilation throughout a home by circulating fresh air throughout each room regularly so that stale air does not linger for too long.

Sun Tunnels

Sun tunnels are an excellent way to brighten up dark areas in a home without having to rely on electrical lighting all day long. 

These tubes are installed between two points on a roof and filled with prisms that reflect sunlight into any area they're pointed towards - this includes hallways, closets or even bathrooms! 

Not only do sun tunnels provide natural light but they also add an aesthetically pleasing touch to any room they’re installed in.

Jetted Laundry Sink

A jetted laundry sink is a luxurious addition to any laundry room (or even just a bathroom!). 

Got any delicate clothes that require hand washing? These sinks come equipped with powerful jets that make quick work of clothes washing tasks without having to use too much water or energy - plus they look great! 

By adding one of these sinks into your laundry room setup (and connecting it directly to a hot water source like a tankless water heater), clothes washing by hand becomes an enjoyable task rather than something dreaded each week!

Outdoor Power Points

Outdoor outlets are useful additions because they allow homeowners to conveniently plug outdoor items like tools into power sources located outside their homes - no more running extension cords for miles.

Outdoor outlets are especially useful if you have exterior items like lamps or holiday decorations that require electricity. Having them plugged into an outdoor outlet means no more running cables through windows or worrying about tripping over them while walking around in your garden!

A Room For What You Love

Everyone has something special that they love doing - whether it be reading books, playing musical instruments or relaxing after work for some "me time". Why not dedicate an entire room in your house specifically for those activities? 

Whether it's setting up a comfortable reading nook surrounded by bookshelves filled with books or installing soundproofing materials so you can practice the drums without disturbing anyone else - creating dedicated spaces within your home for things we love is one way we can truly customize our living experience according to our own interests and hobbies!

Skylights For Stargazing

Skylights bring natural light into darker parts of our homes but did you know they can also be used as portals for stargazing? 

Installing skylights above beds allows us to view stars indoors while still being protected from elements like wind and rain outdoors! 

Who knew that “stargazing” literally could be this easy?

Dog Bathing Station

If dogs are part of your family then why not give them their own designated place where they can get washed up after messy adventures? 

Setting aside an area of your backyard (or even inside!) specifically dedicated towards dog bathing makes washing Fido less of a chore since all supplies will always be nearby when needed! 

Plus it looks really cute too!

His And Hers Closets

If ever there was evidence that opposites really do attract it's definitely his & hers closets! 

Having two separate closets side-by-side allows couples who have different tastes when it comes to clothing storage options to have both options available without compromising on style or space efficiency - perfect for couples who don't want their closet storage solutions clashing with each other's aesthetic preferences!

Upstairs Laundry Room

An upstairs laundry room makes doing laundry much easier than hauling baskets up and down multiple flights of stairs every week—especially if there are multiple people living under one roof. 

An upstairs laundry room provides convenience as well as privacy while also freeing up valuable floor space downstairs since bulky machines won't take up any room.

What Cool Things Are You Going To Build?

Building a house is exciting because it provides endless possibilities when it comes to adding features customized according to our specific wants/needs/lifestyles etc. 

From energy-efficient designs and smart home technology all the way down to small details like dual kitchen workspaces & jetted laundry sinks - there's plenty we could include when designing our dream homes so let's make sure we take full advantage of everything available out there today!

Get in touch with us today and we can have a chat about the things you might want to consider for your new home build.