2 Storey homes: Five home upgrades that pay off at resale

Posted January 30, 2015

Home improvement projects can be an expensive and stressful project! Ideally, they’ll increase the value of your home, but if you’re not careful, you could end up spending too much money on something that will actually lower the resale value of your house. As a two-storey home builder in Perth, we understand the things that home buyers value most when they’re looking for their perfect home! Here are some tips on worthwhile home investments that will pay off in the long run!

1.Remodel Your Kitchen

A modern, renovated kitchen is fantastic for resale value, but you should think carefully when remodelling. A kitchen that is much more extravagant than the rest of your home or neighborhood, will actually hurt your resale value (and probably cost you a lot more than you want to spend!). A fresh coat of paint, some new relatively inexpensive surfaces and energy-efficient appliances are a great way to increase resale value, without spending too much!

2.Bathroom Add-On

If your home only has one bathroom, consider adding another. Two bathrooms in a home in Perth is a great selling point, especially for larger families! You can find the space for your second bathroom by consolidating space that you’ve lost with large rooms or unused closets. As a general rule of thumb, a half bath takes about 5.5 square meters of space, a full bath with a standing shower takes about 9 square meters of space, and a full bath with a bathtub takes about 10.5 square meters. Again, make sure that you spend an amount that will reflect the increase in resale value that a second bathroom with bring!

3.Solar Energy

Many home buyers shop for energy-efficient homes in Perth to help keep their utility costs down. This is especially important in Perth summers, when the air conditioner is rarely turned off! Installing solar panels and a solar hot water system is a great way to attract potential buyers, and will help to increase the resale value of your home.

4.Energy Efficiency

For the same reason that solar energy is popular in Perth, other energy efficient solutions in the home are becoming more and more desirable. Consider installing energy-efficient insulation which will help to to keep the heat in during winter, and the heat out during summer. Also consider installing energy efficient windows which serve the same purpose.

5.Add a deck

At Novus Homes, we love creating gorgeous alfresco entertainment areas. You can check out our display home in Perth, The Lexia, for some alfresco inspiration! If you don’t have an alfresco in your home, consider adding a beautiful, wooden deck. Decks are sort of a luxury item that a lot of people want, but not very many homes have. Adding one can increase your resale value by a lot – especially if you build it yourself! Imagine entertaining on an elegant, polished wooden deck on a gorgeous summer’s day in Perth.