The advantages of building your own double storey home in perth

Posted February 08, 2015

Although it’s easy to go out into the housing market and buy a pre-built home, many potential

homeowners instead opt to build their own double-storey home in Perth. At Novus Homes, we believe that building your own home allows you to live in a home which is the perfect home for you and your family. Here are some of the benefits in building rather than buying a pre-built home.

Choose the Location

At Novus, we have often encountered prospective homeowners who visit a house and decide that they like it, but don’t like the neighborhood. Building your own home allows you to build exactly the home you want, in exactly the place that you want it!

Optimise Energy Efficiency

Green energy practices are a fairly recent trend – especially in domestic architecture. Even houses built as recently as five to ten years ago may not have the kind of green energy specifications that you might want in your home. If you want the latest money-saving technology in energy-efficient construction and technology, then building a two-storey home in Perth is the best option for you and your family.

Up to Date Safety Features

In the same way that efficient energy practices are constantly evolving, so is home security. Although many people install home security systems into a pre-built house, it’s always easier to incorporate something into the initial design, rather than tacking it on later.

Low Maintenance Costs for Repairs

When you build your own home, everything is brand new, meaning that your repair costs will be very low for at least a few years. If anything does unfortunately break, it’s likely that it will still be under warranty!

Design to your Heart’s Desire

Within the bounds of sensible architecture, you’ll be able to pretty much design whatever you want in your house, laid out however you like it. At Novus, we understand that you may want to build a truly unique home. We are fortunate to have a team of extremely talented and experienced building consultants, in-house designers and building professionals who will be able to help you design your gorgeous ‘one off’ home. Design to your heart’s desire!

If you’d like some more information about building a luxury, two-storey home in Perth, please contact us now!