The Benefits Of Knocking Down And Rebuilding A 2 Storey Home

Posted August 12, 2015

Location, location, location: you’ve heard it all before. If you’ve got the best property in the neighbourhood, it doesn’t matter how tired your home might look. Why? Because you can always knock down your two-storey home and completely rebuild instead of having to move.

Vacant lots in and near Perth are becoming increasingly scarce, thanks to the growing popularity of the capital. Sometimes this means it’s going to be easier to knock down your existing home and starting from scratch on your lot, especially if you have a clear vision for your new two-storey home.

Interestingly enough it might not even be that much more expensive to leveling your existing home and starting over than it would be to undertake comprehensive renovations instead. There are no fees or transaction costs because there’s no property changing hands, no stamp duty that needs to be paid, and you’ve got the opportunity to build your new two-storey home with the latest and greatest energy efficient technologies.

It’s not nearly as complex as you might think to demolish your existing home and starting from scratch. We can lead you through the entire process, starting with a site inspection where you’ll hear exactly what we think the process will entail and the costs this might entail. If you like what you hear we’ll begin an exhaustive site survey and provide a full report to you.

After that, we’ll sit down with you and get your design brief for your new home. Then we’ll draft your design in order to help identify the particulars of how your property can accommodate our designs. If that meets with your approval, you’ll get our full letter of quote, complete with all associated costs and site works.

Going forward, we’ll aid in coordinating the leveling of your existing home. We’ll either take care of any other approvals needed or at the very least we’ll assist in the process – at this point, all you need to do is select the colours and finishes for our showroom. The rest is up to us!

Want more information? Take a look at our free whitepaper, filled with even more information you need to know to successfully prepare for a demolition and rebuild. We even have a Demolition Checklist if you’re ready to knock down and start all over again.