Choosing The Right 2 Storey House Plan For You

Posted June 18, 2015

When you are choosing a two-storey house, the layout of the house is one of the most crucial decisions you will need to make. The layout of your house, for obvious reasons depends on your lifestyle and daily routines. Choosing a house plan can be very stressful, therefore, consider some of the points below that will help you in deciding on a perfect house plan for yourself and your family.


When choosing a house plan for two story homes, your lifestyle is the most important factor to consider. You will need to consider your family size, the layout of the rooms and perhaps the ages of your children. If your children are young, you would want the bedrooms and bathrooms grouped in one area, whereas if you have teenagers in the house you might want spaced out bedrooms perhaps divided between the double story house. Furthermore, if you eat out a lot, you won’t need a big kitchen, but if you cook on a daily basis, you might need a big kitchen especially if you have a bigger family.

Entertaining Guests

If you entertain guests quite often, you might want an open floor living plan with a dining room in the vicinity leading outside. However, if your family is private and you do not want to expose your house to everyone, you will want to choose a house that has a formal living room next to the entrance door.

Outdoor living

Most two story home plans include an outdoor area, comprising of either a porch, swimming pool or other facilities depending on your lifestyle and family. Some families prefer a yard where children can play and parties can be hosted.

Visit two story display homes

It is very important to pay a visit to display homes. There are many construction businesses who will let you pay a visit to different two story display homes in Perth. Here you can view the different two storey home designs and decide which home plans you like. At times, the two-storey display home in Perth that you loved might be for sale.

Double story home builders

Additionally, you can also talk to Double Storey Home Builders in Perth to get an idea of what might be feasible for you. In addition, if you do not like any display homes, you can get a customhouse made suiting your needs and requirements. For this, you will have to discuss with some two-storey home builders in Perth. Via this process, you will be able to get your dream home in Perth.

Deciding on a floor plan for double storey homes in Perth can be fun and annoying at the same time. Judge your family’s lifestyle, their daily routines, and your likes and dislikes about living in a double story home in Perth. It is important to consult and discuss your needs with home providers or two-storey homebuilders.