Client Home: Fortunate Family in Mt Hawthorn

Posted July 11, 2017

Chris and Angie are a married couple who set out to find a new family home for themselves and their two young girls.

Building their home was something they had never seriously considered, so it is quite a surprise that they are now the proud owners of a beautiful brand new home in Mount Hawthorn.

“We wanted to buy a family home in Mount Hawthorn due to the community feel and concentration of young families like us, however existing homes for sale in the area tended to have strange layouts, no off street parking, external laundries and a host of other disadvantages that we couldn't overlook” said Angie.

The young couple chanced upon the ad for a block of land in a perfect location and from that point quickly decided to jump at the opportunity to build.

“Interestingly, we don't seem to have paid much more by building instead of buying - and we ended up with a house that is brand new and the perfect layout for our family” said Chris.

After purchasing the block, Chris and Angie hit the display villages across Perth.

“We discovered Novus at their Waterford display home. We immediately saw that the Lomond design ticked a lot of boxes for us and the sales consultant was friendly and knowledgeable.”

“We wanted our bedrooms upstairs, so we could be close to our young children. We wanted to make use of the front-facing views of the home and we needed a design that was easily adjusted to suit the City of Vincent requirements” said Angie.

Armed with their list of ‘must-haves’ the Novus design team set to work on nailing the brief and delivering the family a home they could fall in love with.

“In our hearts we wanted to choose Novus, but we did a comparison to other builders just to make sure we were making the right choice, and Novus was the clear winner” said Chris.

Having never built before Chris and Angie did not quite know what to expect once construction got underway, however they were pleasantly surprised at how the process went.

“You always hear horror stories from people about building, but I think that’s because people only like to talk about when things go wrong, not so much when they go right.”

“We were expecting long delays with going through council, however it went through in 6 weeks. We also thought there would be inevitable issues during the build that we might have to initiate action for or chase up, and possible delays, but there were none” said Angie. “Prestart was straight forward, the build came in early and we never had to chase up anything!”

And the home was built to a standard the clients are very proud of.

“Our Supervisor told us he built the house like he'd build his own. After handover, our own trades finished their tasks early because the house was built so square that there was hardly any mucking about with gaps” said a proud Angie.

Having now spent some time in the home together, the family have settled in and can reflect on the fortuitous sequence of events that led them to this point.

“The place has a great flow and feel. One good surprise was the view out of the large stairwell window - you see amazing cloudscapes, especially at dusk. The large garage is my workshop - or woman cave - where I tinker and fix things. The girls' bedrooms feel cosily tucked away. It is just perfect for us!” said Angie.

“We see now that it's possible for a good building experience to be "woven into" the home, and that effects how you feel about living there.”