Demolish and build: Why you should consider it in perth

Posted March 18, 2015

At Novus Homes, we not only build 2 storey homes in Perth, we can also take care of the demolish and build process if you want to stay on your existing home site. There are many reasons why you might want to consider this as an option in Perth!

Your Design

Demolishing and building on your existing home site, rather than buying another home in a different area, allows you to custom design your home to perfectly suit your family and lifestyle. At Novus, we are very proud of our individual design process , and we have an incredible team of talented building consultants, in-house designers and building professionals, who work on each home building project. This allows us to take the time to gain a valuable insight into your life, so that we can help you design your perfect home.

Your Space

As a two storey home builder in Perth, we’ve noticed a growing trend in the last decade. People are starting to build upwards rather than outwards because block sizes are getting smaller and smaller. Many new land developments in Perth offer very small blocks to build on, which is sometimes not ideal for family living. By building on your existing block, you don’t have to compromise on things like a swimming pool, outdoor entertaining or a three bay car garage. By designing a 2 storey home, you can also maximise your space by building upwards , and positioning your home in a way which optimises potential views, space and light.

Your Savings

A demolish and build project on your existing block of land can also provide you with financial benefits, as there are only few transaction costs and fees associated with the process, and you won’t have to pay stamp duty. Rebuilding will also allow you to capitalise on the current value of your land and will provide you with the advantage of design and construction techniques that can maximise energy efficiencies.

Your Lifestyle

Perhaps most importantly, staying at your current address means that your children won’t have to move schools, you won’t have to relocate at work and you won’t have to find a new yoga class to attend!