Display home perth: The aspire by novus homes

Posted April 29, 2015

Our display home, The Aspire, is simply stunning. From its modern facade to its interior, sleek and elegant design is evident across both floors making this home both functional and stylish. We love the design of this home and we would like to share some of our favourite spaces with you!

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom in the Aspire is found on the lower floor at the front of the home. This space is separate to the minor bedrooms, which are placed upstairs to provide privacy in the home. Our design team has used beautiful neutral and grey tones to create a sense of warmth and understated elegance in this space. We adore the textured headboard in that beautiful monochromatic, geometric fabric!

Lower Storey Living

We love open living spaces and the sense of spaciousness and light that they promote. The lower floor living space in The Aspire is airy and bright, with gorgeous light tones throughout the room. The use of light-coloured furniture, cushions and the rug enhance the natural light in the space, as does the glass table top which acts to reflect all of that beautiful light. We especially love the entertainment unit which is built-in, in between those large, sweeping windows!

The Entertainment Space

The theatre room in The Aspire is near the lower floor living space but is an independent room, in order to minimise natural light filtering through and creating glare on the entertainment unit. To create an intimate entertainment sanctuary, our design team has used dark grey tones on the walls and beautiful, light-coloured furniture to ensure that the space isn’t oppressive!

The Kitchen and Dining Space

The kitchen and dining areas are part of the lower floor living area and create a large, open and airy space. The kitchen cabinetry is sleek and glossy white, perfectly capturing the modern minimalism trend for 2015. Importantly, the kitchen contains a lot of storage space and beautiful high-quality appliances. The dining table is set under two pendant lights which subtly illuminate the space without casting any unwanted shadows. We especially love the artwork in the dining space which complements the monochromatic simplicity of the area whilst adding a few bursts of colour!

The Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is moody, elegant and intimate. Our design team has used the natural world as design inspiration, and the use of those beautiful, textured grey and pale brown tiles reflects this. The vanity is floating, and the glossy white cabinetry channels an extremely popular bathroom trend for 2015; elegant simplicity. We especially adore the twin sinks and mirrors in this space!

Upper Floor Living

As a double storey home builder, it is important that our homes can maximise upper floor living. The upper floor of The Aspire contains a second living space, which allows the homeowner to take advantage of the potential views a two storey home can offer. This space is bathed in beautiful, neutral tones, and uses a monochromatic palette to create an elegant and timeless area. We love the black, low-line couch. So luxurious!