Home design trends 2014

In our previous blog post in this series, we focused on kitchen design trends in 2014.

This month, we wanted to look at something completely different and focus on the most personal room in the home, the bedroom.

The Bedroom
The bedroom is the most intimate and private space in your home. It is the space where you will unwind after a long day, ready for sleep and rest. This is why your bedroom needs to be a calming, relaxing space; uncluttered and restful. As one of Perth’s premier two storey home builders, we have seen and created many beautiful master bedrooms to draw inspiration from. We have also researched some bedroom design trends for this year, to help you design your perfect bedroom.

White, White, White
Beautiful, bright and airy; with white walls, bedding and curtains, your bedroom will feel like a peaceful retreat from the world. Think about pairing these crisp linens and curtains with splashes of colour; a designer lamp on your bedside table, or a beautiful apple-green, vintage armchair in the corner.

Sleek and Sophisticated
Low-line beds and furniture will create a modern and clean finish in your bedroom. Try to keep  all lines in your bedroom simple and elegant. Pair your low-line bed and furniture with neutral tones, and minimalist accessories.

Moroccan Flavour
For those of you who love colours and patterns, take inspiration from this beautiful country filled with a melange of cultures, languages and people. Think about creating statement pieces in your bedroom, a bold and vibrant print for your curtains or bedding, a beautiful, textured cushion for your bed or armchair. Pair these beautiful prints with simple furniture, to create a harmonious and cosy bedroom.

Shades of Grey
Shades of grey and other neutral tones are big this year throughout the entire home. These beautiful tones create a warm and chic colour palette, allowing you to add splashes of colour through your accessories and bedding. Pair a rich, deep grey wall with off white skirting for an elegant contrast.

Feelin’ Blue
Blues are calming and peaceful, perfect for a relaxing and restful space. The great thing about this colour palette is that different tones such as sky blue and turquoise, work really well together. Think about pairing these vibrant tones with crisp whites for an elegant and upbeat space.

Au Naturel
Natural tones, fabrics and textures are gorgeous in the bedroom. These materials and tones can create a really rustic and warm space to relax in. Think about using natural materials such as wood panels and bricks, coupled with linen bedding and simple accessories. With the addition of a plush rug and some beautiful pendant lights, you will feel like you’re in the country every time you step into your bedroom.