Home design trends 2014: The bathroom

Posted December 21, 2014

As the third part of our home design trends series, today we want to focus on amazing bathroom design trends for 2014. As a luxury two storey home builder in Perth, we understand the importance of creating an elegant and dramatic bathroom space. The right bathroom will not only be aesthetically pleasing for your family, but will also add value to your home. We have researched some bathroom design trends for this year, to help you design your perfect bathroom!

Monochromatic Schematic
Like kitchen design trends for 2014, a monochromatic design theme is extremely popular in the bathroom. Monochrome is simple, sophisticated and allows you to inject bursts of colour and personality through your styling and accessorising. Imagine jet black faucets, lighting fixtures and feature tiling juxtaposed with a crisp white backdrop, stunning!

A Floating Vanity
A clean, modern aesthetic in the kitchen is carried through to bathroom design trends for 2014. Keeping things simple and minimalistic, a floating bathroom vanity eliminates the need for cumbersome vanity legs, creating a feeling of space and airiness in your bathroom. It will also allow you to really show off your beautiful bathroom flooring!

Frameless and Blameless
A frameless shower looks subtle, modern and luxurious. Creating an almost uninterrupted bathroom space looks seamless and thoughtful, enhancing the intelligence and simplicity of your bathroom design. The transparency of the glass without the presence of bold lines of framing, will also promote a sense of space and light in your bathroom.

Masterful Mosaics
Patterned mosaics can add a bold and beautiful feature in your bathroom. Whether you opt for patterned tiles throughout your entire bathroom or purely as a feature wall, mosaics can look absolutely stunning. Imagine a beautiful monochromatic mosaic pattern shower, complemented with a frameless glass shower screen and bolt, jet black faucets.

A Walk on the Wild Side
The use of natural materials and raw textures in your bathroom space has been “wildly” popular in 2014. The contrast between modern furniture and fittings with rustic materials, creates a sense of drama and beauty. Recycled wood and hemp accessories  help to create a warm and inviting bathroom space. Gorgeous!

Crazy for Copper
This design trend is definitely not for everyone but when used correctly, can make your bathroom space look dramatic and extravagant; a combination of the industrial and the organic. If you love the look of copper but are after something a little more understated, think about copper light fittings or exposed copper piping to add just a touch of these textures and tones throughout your bathroom space.