Home designs 2015: Count on your kitechen counter

Posted April 14, 2015

As a two storey home builder in Perth, we appreciate the beauty of a well-designed, functional and beautiful kitchen! One of the most important elements in kitchen design, is the kitchen bench top. Not only is this important for aesthetic purposes, but a kitchen countertop will be one of the most used surfaces in the home, so it is imperative that you choose the material that is right for your lifestyle! Please continue reading for information about some of the most popular kitchen benchtop options!

Natural Wood Surface

Imagine sleek white cabinetry complemented by a stunning hardwood kitchen bench top! We love the juxtaposition between the modern and the natural, and this trend is going to be very popular in 2015. A wooden counter not only looks beautiful, it also provides a tough and durable work surface. However, it does have to be treated regularly to keep it looking perfect.

Stainless Steel

If you prefer something more modern, consider installing a stainless steel kitchen bench top. This will make your kitchen look like a professional chef’s kitchen, and will complement your stainless steel appliances. This material is extremely hardy as well, being highly resistant to bacteria, heat and staining. However don’t forget that stainless steel does scratch easily!

Marble Mania

Marble is an absolutely breathtaking natural material and works with both modern and more traditional home design. Imagine a sheet of polished marble forming an expanse of gloss on your kitchen cabinetry! Not only does it look absolutely breathtaking, marble is also very durable. However, due to its porous nature, marble will need occasional sealing.


We adore the look of stone bench tops in the kitchen. An uninterrupted sheet of granite on your kitchen cabinetry looks elegant, modern and luxurious. Granite, like marble, it also very hardy and highly resistant to staining, abrasions and heat. As another porous material, granite will also need occasional sealing to protect it.

Solid Surface

A solid surface kitchen counter is generally made from marble dust, polyester resins and other materials to produce an extremely, low-maintenance non-porous surface. A solid surface can be manufactured to look like stone, wood and many other materials for a fraction of the cost!