I Want To Build A House On My Land in Perth (WA) -  Where Do I Start?

I want to build a house on my land, where do I start?

If you want to build a house on your land, this is where to start:

1. Understand your local Council requirements (including zoning, allowable parameters, building guidelines, etc.)

2. Decide whether you want to hire a builder or build the house yourself as an owner-builder

3. Design your new home

4. Create a building budget

5. Obtain a building permit

6. Start with the construction process

Understanding where to start when building on your own land

Western Australia has a specific set of rules and regulations that must be followed when building a home. It’s essential to understand these requirements before you start construction. 

In this blog post, we’ll share some tips that will help you build your dream home on your land in Perth, Western Australia.

Understanding the Local Council Requirements

The first step is to understand the local council's requirements for building on a new block of land in Perth, WA. 

This information is especially crucial if you have a specific vision for your home's design. The council will provide you with information like zoning codes, allowable parameters and guidelines for construction. 

Before you make any design decisions, make sure it adheres to the council's construction regulations.

Hire An Experienced Builder

The second step is to hire a builder who has experience building in Perth and can provide good references from past clients. Building your own home yourself is not a good idea for the majority of people.

Your builder will ensure your house meets local building codes during the entire process. This is crucial for your peace of mind during the build process. 

Your builder should be competent, reliable and able to work to your budget, scope and timeline. 

You can ask around for recommendations, check builder’s online reviews and social media pages to help find the right builder for you.

Plan Your Design

Next, you can work with your builder to plan the design of your home. This step involves considering the size, shape, and features of your property, which will determine whether your plans are feasible for your block of land. 

Collaborate with your builder to discuss the most efficient and sustainable design options based on your budget, the building's size and style, and your family's lifestyle. 

Additionally, if you want your new home to be sustainable, you can discuss options like greywater systems, solar panels or other energy-efficient features.

Apply For A Building Permit

After establishing the design, it's time to secure a building permit to make sure you are legally allowed to build on the land. 

The permit process can take time, and this is why it's essential to make your application as early as possible. 

Once you've submitted your application, the council will review it, and if it meets the requirements you will receive your building permit. 

If you are working with a reputable project home builder in Perth, fear not, your builder will likely take care of the paperwork and monitor the building permit approval with the council.

Create A Budget And Timeline

The final step is to create a reaslisting building budget and timeline for the project.

Again, if you are working with a reputable project home builder in Perth they will determine costs, timeframes, and contingencies for unforeseen circumstances. But do ensure you discuss and finalise what is and isn't included and the complete project scope. 

By agreeing budgets and timelines, you can save yourself from any unexpected surprises and make an informed decision.

To give you a rought idea on costs, here's an article on how much it costs to build a 4 bedroom home in Perth that you might find helpful.

A quick recap

Building a house can be a rewarding experience if you take the time to research and prepare carefully. 

Make sure you understand the local council regulations in Perth, hire an experienced home builder, design your home, consider building permits and have a realistic budget and timeline. 

Ensure you have a great contract that has everything on it, and everything is transparent between the builder and yourself. Unless of course you are building the home yourself as an owner-builder.

With these tips applied you’ll be well equipped to build your dream home on your own land with ease.

If you are interested in building with one of Perth most rewarded home builder than do not hesitate to send us a message or speak with one of our experienced new home consultants on (08) 9240 8001.

We look forward to building your new dream home with you!