Indoor water features in my luxury tow-storey home in perth

Posted March 11, 2015

Water features inside and outside the home have always been a marker of status and privilege. Dating back to the first recorded instances of running water on the island of Crete over five thousand years ago, running water has been a fixation of luxury home owners. Fortunately, in modern times, indoor water features can be installed into most homes, rather than just palaces, and it’s very easy to display a water feature into your 2 storey home in Perth. Here are a few ideas about the kinds of water features you could display in your home!

Nature-Inspired Shapes

Like the use of natural materials and textures throughout the rest of the home, ‘natural’ pools, ponds, and streams can create a peaceful and beautiful space in your home. Using asymmetrical shapes and flowing, natural lines, can give your home an exotic feel and can make a great centerpiece for a room or living space. Natural textures such as stone and marble are becoming very popular not only because they look beautiful, but also because of a greater desire for environmentally friendly construction.

Fountains and Waterfalls

Fountains and waterfalls are the most common type of indoor water features They have a number of practical benefits beyond aesthetics including reducing noise pollution (they create white noise that we’re comfortable hearing all the time) and improving air quality because the motion of the moving water displaces and circulates air in the same sort of way a fan does. Fountains and waterfalls have a huge number of variable shapes and sizes ranging from tiny table-toppers, to floor-to-ceiling waterfalls and huge, multi-level fountains.


The other most common indoor water feature is the pool. Although the idea of it is simple, these come in probably the widest variety of styles of any water feature! Again think about installing a pool which is nature inspired, both in shape and materials. Imagine a Zen-inspired pool, connected to another water feature such as a fountain, waterfall, or stream. Pools also provide the perfect opportunity to introduce greenery into your home, creating a peaceful sanctuary just a few steps away!