New Home Building Costs Calculators - How do they work?

Building a new home can be exciting, but it can also be a daunting process, especially when it comes to planning a budget. 

In the past, estimating the cost of building a custom home was a complex process that involved hiring a builder or an architect to create a quote. 

However, with the advent of new construction cost calculators, it is now possible for homeowners to get an estimate of how much their dream home may cost. 

In this blog post, we will look at how new home building cost calculators work and what factors they consider when providing an estimate.

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Size of the home to be built

The size of the home is one of the crucial factors considered by building cost calculators. The calculator may ask for information such as the internal and external area, driveways, and paths, pools, and spas. 

The more features and areas that a homeowner plans to add to their house, the more it will likely cost.

Most calculaters are using a pre-determined cost per square meter.

Site works

Site works refer to the tasks required to prepare the land before construction commences. These tasks include excavation, site preparation and demolition. 

The building cost calculator will require information about your plot size, the level of the ground, and the access points. Specific details are essential as it impacts the costs significantly.

How many rooms to fit out?

The number of rooms in the home can affect the cost of construction. These rooms include kitchens, kitchenettes, bathrooms, ensuites, powder rooms, and more. 

Each of these rooms requires different materials and more complex installation procedures, meaning that the costs can vary greatly. Homeowners, therefore, need to be specific about the number and type of rooms that they want in their new home.

Quality of finishes, design, materials used, and other details

The quality of finishes, design, materials used, and other details such as project home vs. custom home, single vs double storey home, footprint, plan shape, roof shape, roof cladding, doors, windows, wall structure, are considered. 

Things like the type of kitchen fit-out have a big effect on the cost of construction. The more specific a homeowner is in their requirements, the more accurate the building cost calculator will be.

Type of block to build on

The type of land may also influence the cost of building a new home. These factors include a levelled or sloping block, drainage issues, site access, bushfire risks, and even marine environment risks. 

Factors such as these can affect the construction process, and therefore, the cost of building a new home.

Should I trust the result?

New home building cost calculators work by taking into account a range of features, such as the size of the home, site works, type, and quality of finishes, and design details. 

However nothing will be more accurate than actually discussing your plans in detail with a reputable home builder, so we suggest using a construction cost calculator as a guide only.