Our four favourite double storey homes from movies

Posted November 14, 2014

Have you ever watched a movie and seen a house that you would love to live in? As two storey home builders in Perth, our focus during movies can sometimes waver from the action, to the setting. There have been some truly beautiful two storey homes portrayed in movies, and here are four of our favourites!

The Notebook
Has there ever been a more romantic home renovation in the history of the world? We think not! This gorgeous home was actually made to look decrepit and run-down for the beginning of the film, before Noah renovates it, complete with Allie’s requested blue shutters, wrap around porch and even an art studio!

The Great Gatsby
OK, so the movie didn’t get rave reviews, the house may have been a little over the top and some of the exteriors may have been created by CGI, but what a magical movie set! From the palatial gardens to the grand ballroom, Gatsby’s house oozes opulence and luxury. We love it!

The Cullen Home, the First Twilight Film
This home in the woods is absolutely beautiful. Natural materials, polished floorboards, high ceilings and those expansive windows to take in the gorgeous views. We’re thankful the home was so magical, it managed to distract us from the terrible acting and weak-at-best storyline…

The Stark Residence
Glass, marble, polished concrete, more glass and then a litte more more marble thrown in for good measure. This pretty much describes the Stark house in the Iron Man series. Coupled with that unbelievable location and those incredible ocean views, this home is truly something special. Although this house was digitally created for the films, rumour has it that a real-life home worthy of Tony stark is currently up for sale. Check out the ‘razor residence’ located in California. A bargain at $45 million.