Perth home design trends 2015: The alfresco

Posted March 09, 2015

An alfresco area is the blurring of lines between the interior and exterior of your home. A beautiful alfresco area provides the perfect space to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors, with the comfort of climate control! As a luxury double storey home builder in Perth, we love home floor plans with gorgeous indoor and ‘outdoor’ living spaces. Here are some of our favourite design trends for your home alfresco for 2015!

Seamless Spaces!

An alfresco space is increasingly becoming an additional room in the home, the perfect space for entertaining and relaxing in. This means that the transition between the interior of your home to your alfresco area should be seamless. Elements of your dining space, living area and kitchen should be continued through to this space, to create an additional multi-purpose entertaining area in your home.

Adoring your Flooring!

Gorgeous natural flooring materials look stunning in an alfresco area, and create the feeling of nature slowly making its way indoors! Wooden floorboards, such as bamboo flooring, look absolutely beautiful and are very hardy. Make sure that the flooring you do choose continues the design story of your home through to your alfresco space. Again, think about that seamless transition from the interior of your home to your ‘outdoor’ entertainment area.

Cooking Among the Gumtrees…Kind Of

As alfrescos become multi-purpose entertaining spaces, more and more home builders are installing functional and stylish kitchenettes in these areas. The addition of a kitchenette in your alfresco creates a single area with everything you need in it, and means that you can contain the mess of cooking to the one space! Think sleek cabinetry, natural tones and materials, and LOTS of bench space. Keep it simple, you don’t need two family kitchens in your home!


Comfortable, plush outdoor sofas are becoming very popular in a home alfresco. This trend creates a more casual ‘outdoor’ entertaining space. Think about beautiful textured fabrics in neutral tones (linens, linens linens!), complemented by bursts of colour through accessories like cushions, throws, vases and art pieces. Modular sofas in particular are great for this space because they’re extremely functional; you can take them apart and change their shape depending on the situation! For your dining setting, natural timbers, such as teak, look absolutely beautiful in this space and set it off perfectly.