Setting Up Your New Home: Rugging Up!

Posted March 11, 2016

Rugs are an important part of any home design, and can help to injects bursts of colour and texture into any space in the home. If you are a home builder in Perth and are in the interior design phase, it is important to understand the different materials that rugs are made from, so that you can choose a rug that bests suits your lifestyle! This article provides an explanation of a few of the most common types of fibers found in rugs, with some pros and cons of each!



Pros for nylon include good elasticity, abrasion, mildew, static-resistance and non-absorbency. It also heat sets very well, retaining its crimp and color. Nylon rugs are very easy to clean and respond well to chemical treatments.

Nylon’s main con is that it is almost always colored using acid rather than a solution. This means that it will have an extreme reaction to bleaching or urine stains and may fade more quickly than other fibers.



Polyester is commonly used to make clothing and, because it is very inexpensive to manufacture, it is often used in rug-making. The pros of polyester are that it is very resistant to bleaching, fading, and soil dye reactions. It is also resistant to stains.

Polyester’s cons are that it is very difficult to dye – it can only be dyed using a solution. It is also not very resistant to oily stains, and these kinds of stains can become chemically bonded to the fibers themselves. Polyester also suffers from a lot of crimp loss.



Olefin is moisture and chemical resistant, as well as difficult to stain. It’s also strong, lightweight, easy to use outdoors, and it’s easy to clean.

Its cons are that it’s not a very resilient fiber and will often lose its shape if crushed. High-traffic areas will show their wear pretty quickly. It is also hard to dye because of its moisture resistance.



The pros of wool are that it makes an excellent insulator, it is naturally flame retardant, hides soiling easily, and is very strong with good absorbency.

The cons for wool are mainly that it is very expensive, stains easily, and is quite sensitive to chemicals.

Rugs are a great accent within a house to warm it up and to help protect high traffic areas. Weigh the pros and cons to find out which material is best for your family!