Setting Up Your New Home: Sound Systems

Posted March 02, 2016

Home designs aren’t just architecture and furnishings – new home builders often forget that they also have to decorate the interior of the house and set up very important entertainment features, such as a home theatre! This can seem quite intimidating, especially if you’re never really dealt with sound technology before. Fortunately, it isn’t too hard to figure out, and it’s also a lot less complicated than it used to be. This article is an overview of the pieces you’ll need to get your home sound system on its feet!

A receiver

The receiver is the heart of your sound system. Modern receivers combine the functionality of three formerly distinct devices: preamplifier, tuner, and amplifier. The preamplifier lets you choose what the source for your sound is, whether that means a radio broadcast, a television, or a wireless signal from a computer or a smartphone.

Tuners originally allowed you to listen to AM and FM radio. These days, tuners allow you to listen to satellite radio, HD radio, digital radio, internet radio, and numerous other broadcasts. Tuners are what lets you listen to digital content from smartphones or USB and network-connected devices.

The amplifier is what actually sends the signals from the input devices to the speakers, so that it matches whatever you’re playing. A powerful receiver with a good amplifier is necessary to get the best sound quality out of expensive high-quality speakers.


There are thousands of kinds of speakers out there, but they generally fall into a few categories – front facing, surround, and multi-room.

Front-facing speakers are usually sold in pairs and are the most common speakers. They are typically placed by the screen of the device that they’re hooked up to so that it feels like the sound is coming from the screen itself.

Surround speakers, meanwhile, are placed at various points around the room they’re in. They give a more immersive sound experience and often have higher quality than front-facing speakers.

Multi-room speakers are placed throughout the house so that, if they’re activated, you can hear the audio of whatever is playing through your receiver. Many people use this to play music or listen to the radio while they’re anywhere in the home. Multi-room is an ideal sound system for a party, so that you don’t have to gather everyone in the same room to listen to music!