Top 100 Interior Design Bloggers

Whether you're building a new single storey or two storey home, the interior design elements can make or break the whole project.

We understand how important the design is, and also how challenging that piece of the puzzle can be. That's why we've gone ahead and sorted through hundreds of interior design blogs and compiled our list of the Top 100; the best of the best.

No matter what it is you're looking for, information or inspiration, you'll find it within these blogs. 

1.  Melissa Michaels - The Inspired Room

Melissa Michaels created her website "The Inspired Room" in 2007 in the hope that she could inspire like-minded people around the world to start falling in love with their homes again. Ten years after the blog first began, Melissa is still sharing her insights into the world of design, from tips and tricks on how to find your own unique sense of style, to DIY and crafting solutions for making your home a little more personal.

Melissa offers up countless sources of inspiration from her modern design blog, along with insights into how she's transformed her own home over the years.

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2.    Jen - I Heart Organising

I heart Organizing is the colourful and playful blog by Jen, a stay at home mom in Wisconsin who lives to share her tips and tricks on how to create the perfect home in a flash. Through her house-based blog, Jen likes to inspire her followers with ideas on how they can make the most out of their interior spaces with DIY projects, crafts, and fun guides.

Jen hopes to provide something for everyone through her website, as she offers up lessons that she's learned in her daily life, crafty ideas, and information on the latest decoration trends.

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3.    Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian Home

Niki Brantmark is the wonderful mind behind "My Scandinavian Home", a fantastic interior design blog that provides insights and information about the contemporary world of Scandinavian Design. Though she was originally born in London, Niki moved to Sweden in 2004, where she now lives with her two little girls and her husband.

Niki began her Scandinavian home blog in 2011 with a home to inspire like-minded people around the world with the beauty and ethereal nature of Scandinavian products. Niki is also the author of three incredible books.

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4.    Erin Gates - Elements of Style

Erin Gates is the inspirational mind behind "Erin Gates Design", a Boston-based interior design consultancy. She's also the editor of the incredible Elements of Style blog, where she shares fantastic insights into the world of decoration and interior creation. Elements of Style and Erin have both been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, the Oprah Magazine, and many other incredible publications over the years.

Erin uses her blog to share information and ideas with the world when it comes to designing your perfect home. She recently published her first book, which quickly became a New York Times Best Seller!

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5.    Beth Woodson & Kristy Woodson-Harvey - My Design Chic

My Design Chic is the creative outlet of mother and daughter duo, Beth Woodson and Kristy Woodson-Harvey. They both believe that home is a crucial foundation of life, and the best way to express yourself is to create a space that's brimming with things you love. Over the years, the pair have earned their place in the hall of fame for interior bloggers, and they were the winner of Amara's International Best Luxury Design blog in 2017.

Beth and Kristy have been seen in everything from the Washington Post, to Traditional Home, Reader's Digest, Houzz, and many more. On their blog, you'll find tips, tricks, and insights on how to design your perfect home.

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6.    Kristen Grove - Simply Grove

Kristen Grove has always had a strong passion for interior design. Working as an author and stylist, she's been able to explore the world of décor at her leisure, refining her unique tastes and coming up with incredible techniques and tips for her followers to use when they're creating their own perfect homes. The Simply Grove blog began in 2008 as a creative outlet for Kirsten, and since then, it's become a fantastic source of eye-catching décor from around the world.

Kristen has been featured in everything from Elle Décor, to, and even Better Homes and Gardens. She has also won a number of awards for her interior insights.

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7.    Francesca - Fall for DIY

Francesca is the inspiring mind behind "Fall for DIY", a crafty interiors blog about designing your perfect home from scratch. After she finished her degree in the world of textiles, Francesca began working in a bead shop in Birmingham. At that point, she began writing blogging tutorials, and tips on the fantastic techniques she was learning every day.

Although the original shop that inspired Francesca's blog is no more, her love of craft has grown bigger than ever. She writes on her blog in her free time, and dreams up new projects for her followers to try on a daily basis!

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8.    Laura Butler-Madden -

When Laura first created her blog in 2010, it was intended to be a creative outlet that allowed her to escape the stresses of her day job and enjoy sharing her passions with the world. The website became a way for her to connect with her family, and explore her creative side while she was living abroad. Though the website has been re-branded over the years, the content remains focused on tips for creating the perfect beautiful interiors.

Laura Butler-Madden shares insights on everything you need to know about creating a stunning home, along with the occasional travel and lifestyle blog too.

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9.    Malia - Cuckoo for Design

Malia is the fun and enigmatic mind behind "Cuckoo 4 Design", a fantastic interiors blog where people from around the world can go to harness inspirations for their own perfect design projects. Growing up in Germany, Malia cultivated her love of architecture from the stunning buildings around the country. Today, her heritage inspires a number of Malia's design choices, and also has a hand in her obsession with cuckoo clocks.

After earning her degree in art school, Malia worked alongside one of the biggest furniture stores in furniture, and now she believes that there's no greater joy in life than creating the perfect room with furniture.

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10.    Carrie - Curly Craft Mom

The Curly Craft Mom blog began when Carrie noticed many of her friends starting blogs of their own. With her second child on the way in 2008, she decided that she wanted to start sharing her thoughts and feelings with the world through her own space on the internet. Over the years, she discovered her passions for DIY, crafting, and interior design, and the blog evolved into a hub of information for home decorators around the world.

While Carrie still uses her blog to talk about her life and her family, she also enjoys sharing tips and tricks with her followers on how to design the perfect home.

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11.    Kristin - Bliss at Home

Kristin is the interior stylist and designer behind "Bliss at Home", a website devoted to helping people to create their own luxury spaces. Kristin uses her corner of the internet to share her inspiration with the world, and offer advice on how you can make the most out of your property, no matter how big or small it might be.

Kristin covers a range of topics on her blog, including interior inspiration ideas, her own home renovation, DIY ideas, and style tips and tricks for the masses. You'll even find a few fantastic ideas about the world of travel too.

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12.    Melissa and Sara - Alice and Lois

Ever since childhood, Melissa and Sara have been obsessed with interiors, from decorating their bedroom in fifth great, to constantly searching for new pieces of artistic décor. As twin sisters, the two bloggers have always been good friends, and after a few years of sharing inspiration with each other over email, they decided that it might be a nice idea to share their thoughts and photographs with the world.

The Alice and Lois blog was named a top ten DIY blog by the editors of Better Homes and Gardens, and it's dedicated to showing off family, DIY projects, and inspirational ideas.

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13.    Kate - Mad About the House

One of the top ten Instagram accounts as voted by Vogue, and an incredible source of interior design inspiration, Mad About the House is the home of creative mind and journalist, Kate. Kate shares everything she loves about interiors with the world on a regular basis, not just through her blog, but also in her guest features in publications like the Daily Mail, the Independent, and many others. Kat's home has been featured in Living Etc, The Wall Street Journal, and many more.

If you're searching for inspiration to design your own perfect home, then you're sure to find the insights you need with Mad About the House.

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14.    Jen Stanbrook - Love Chic Living

"Love Chic Living" is the multi-award-winning interiors blog written by Jen Stanbrook. Born from Jen's overwhelming love for beauty and interior design, Love Chic Living is a blog that's dedicated to Jen's search for the perfect home. She believes that great design is the foundation of a fantastic home, and her personal style borders on modern and contemporary.

With Jen, you'll learn how to find your ideal home interior regardless of what your budget might be. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities of interior design, Jen could be just the woman to help you get back on track.

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15.    Christine Dovey -

Christine Dovey is a published decorator, stylist, and artist who launched her own website in an attempt to share her insights and creative passions with the world. Starting in 2010, Christine's incredible musings on fashion, design, and art captured the attention of professionals and homeowners around the world, to help pave the way for her career in interior design.

On Christine's blog, you'll find everything you need to know about the latest trending interior styles, along with tips and trips on how to make the most out of your home, discover your unique sense of art, and more.

Image removed.

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16.    Lucy Heath - Capture by Lucy

"Capture by Lucy" is a multi-award-winning lifestyle blog created in 2012 by the incredible natural light photographer, Lucy Heath. As a busy working mother, Capture by Lucy is Lucy's chance to share her thoughts and opinions with the world, complete with insights into home interiors, craft and recipe ideas, holiday inspirations and more. In 2014, she bought a 300-year-old farmhouse with her family, and has been sharing the process of renovating it ever since.

Lucy speaks regularly at conferences to help other people develop their photography skills, and she's always willing to share a quick tip or two on her blog, or through social media.

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17.    Angie - Silver Spoon London

Silver Spoon London is the London-based lifestyle, luxury, and food blog written by Angie - a beauty-inspired blogger who loves to share her advice on everything from decorating the perfect home, to making the most out of London life. On Angie's blog, you'll find everything you need to know about the best restaurants in the world, and how to make the most of luxury travel.

Angie has been nominated for numerous awards over the years, and recently became the number 2 top London Lifestyle blog according to Vuelio. She's also one of the top lifestyle influencers to follow on Instagram.

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18.    Medina - Grillo Designs

Medina is the blogging expert and interior design lover behind Grillo Designs. She believes that you don't have to spend a fortune to get the home of her dreams, which is why she launched her own website to share tips and tricks on how to create the perfect home with Crafty DIY solutions.

Grillo Designs was launched in 2014 to help Medina share her decorating and DIY project ideas. Eventually, her page became a fully-fledged and award-winning blog. She even earned the Amara Interior Blog award in 2017. On the Grillo Designs blog, you'll find the insider tips that Medina has used to decorate her own home over the years.

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19.    Jess - Mummy of Boy Girl Twins

Jess is the innovative mother of twins behind "Mummy of Boy Girl Twins", a website packed full of insightful information about being a mother, decorating your home, and enjoying your life. Jess shares the story of starting her own family after three rounds of IVF, along with providing plenty of information for those who want to create the perfect home with a little bit of interior décor help.

On her website, Jessica shares posts about her sense of unique style, her ever-changing home with her beloved children, and everything she can think of when it comes to photography and blogging tips.

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20.    Kimberly - Swoon Worthy

Kimberly is the content and social media manager responsible for "Swoon Worthy", a website where you'll find everything you need to know about interiors and lifestyles. Kimberly started her interior-based website back in 2010 when she moved into her first Edwardian house with her family. Since then, she's been cataloguing the design changes she has made over the years, as well as some of the DIY she's used to make her home her own.

Today, Kimberly's blog has been featured across a range of publications and websites, including Cosmo, ApartmentTherapy, and Buzzfeed. She also won the Best Interior Design Blog award at the Vuelio Blogger awards.

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21.    Geraldine - Little Big Bell

Little Big Bell is an award-winning interiors, design, and lifestyle blog, written by London-based Geraldine Tan. Geraldine is devoted to sharing her passions regarding design, colour, and decorating with the world, through a fantastic blog packed full of information on how to achieve your ideal home. When she's not curating and promoting new trends in the world of décor, Geraldine is sharing great photos, and content to inspire her followers.

In 2016, Geraldine earned the recognition of having her blog voted to be one of the best interior design websites in the world.

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22.    Rachel - Pencil Shavings Studio

Rachel Shingleton is the colourful and enigmatic designer behind the "Pencil Shavings Studio", her incredible lifestyle and design blog dedicated to helping homeowners banish boring shades from their home, and find the style that suits them best.

On the Pencil Shavings Studio, Rachel talks all about her life in Oklahoma, how to find your interior design inspiration, and what you need to create the perfect colourful interiors. The website was originally launched with Rachel's graphic design studio in 2005, and the brand has expanded since then, along with the daily blog.

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23.    Lori - Wild and Grizzly

Lori is the devoted mother behind Wild and Grizzly, a website where you'll find plenty of information on everything from inspirational items, to interiors, kids books, travel, and more. After years of living in London, Lori eventually packed up and moved into the heart of Bristol with her son and her husband. She launched her blog to discuss all the beauty and wonders of motherhood, including the grizzly bits, and discuss the decoration of her new home.

If you're looking for a perspective on how to design your home from a mother's point of view, then you're sure to get plenty of great interior and home tips from Lori.

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24.    Suzy Cacic - Better Decorating Bible

The "Better Decorating Bible" website was launched in 2011 by interior design lover Suzy Cacic, in an attempt to give people around the world a hub of beauty and inspiration when they're hoping to create their own perfect home. Suzy hopes that her blog, packed full of affordable and simple DIY projects, home tours, and quality photographs will help you to make your home into the beautiful space you've always wanted.

Suzy Cacic has always had an eye for detail, and she believes that money can't buy style, which is why she's so devoted to helping people create the home they want on a budget.

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25.    Melanie Lissack - Melanie Lissack Interiors

Melanie lives with her family in the East of London, and explores her love of interior design daily. She believes that the spaces you create in your home can change the way you think and feel. Melanie's interests in interior designs really began for the first time when she and her husband purchased their first home, and she began the search for inspiration on how she wanted her house to look.

Melanie now uses her website as a way of helping people to find their own inspiration for their family homes, as well as providing tips and guidance on how you can achieve the property of your dreams o a budget that suits you.

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26.    Helen - Design Hunter

Helen is the creativity expert behind Design Hunter, a website that's all about finding the perfect inspiration for your ideal home. Helen has been featured in countless fantastic publications throughout the years, including Good Homes, The Independent, and The Sunday Times. She even won the award for the best luxury blog in 2014 and 2015 from the Amara Interior Blog Awards.

Helen devoted her life to making Design Hunter a hub of information and guidance for those in need of support with their design projects. The website reflects her love of simplicity and beauty within the home environment.

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27.    Sally Wilson/ John Kelsey - Wilson Kelsey Design

Sally and John are the fantastic interior design experts behind Wilson Kelsey design. Known throughout New England for their impact on the world of interior creativity, Sally and John know what it takes to make the most out of any style, from classical to contemporary. On their website, you'll find all the inspiration you need when you're searching for a muse to begin your decorating project.

Sally and John's designs have been used by everyone from the Winchester Public Library, to The Atlantic Monthly. With them, you'll learn how to create refined and thoughtful moments within your home.

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28.    Amanda Cottingham - the Ana Mum Diary

Amanda Cottingham is the fantastic creative mind behind "The Ana Mum Diary", a lifestyle blog with information on everything you need to know about design, food, home interiors, fashion, and family. When it first began, Ana's blog was an opportunity for her to document her life and share her experiences with people from across the globe.

Today, "The Ana Mum Diary" is a place where Amanda can talk about her passions, showing off her inspirational photography and letting readers know about some of the styling secrets, tips, and hints she's encountered over the years.

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29.    Claire -

Claire is the fascinating designer, blogger, and crafty writer behind her own brand "Clareabellemakes". Over the years, Claire has used her wide range of skills to create everything from gifts, to home accessories and greeting cards. Today, her designs have been featured in a collection of incredible print publications, and television programs too.

Claire has worked alongside Disney, Pinterest, John Lewis, and many more, which gives her a fantastic insight into the world of joyful design. On her website, she shares her experiences and advice with the world.

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30.    Pamela - Life with Munchers

Life with Munchers is a fun and frivolous home and lifestyle blog originally founded in 2013. In it, you'll find everything you need to know about living life to the fullest, while enjoying the journey of a home renovation. Pamela is the mind behind "Life with Munchers", a perfectionist who lives in the middle of the Aberdeenshire countryside.

With a background of more than 10 years in the Marketing and PR world, Pamela uses her website to share her passions for interior design, graphics, photography, and videography with the world one inspirational blog post at a time.

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31.    Rachel Teodoro -

Rachel Teodoro is the delightful mum of three responsible for She currently lives in the greater Seattle area with her family, and has a passion for all things creative and thrifty. Rachel loves finding crafty and budget-friendly ways to decorate her home, and she's always happy to help people around the world find new ways to live well for less.

Rachel's writing has been featured on several great publications, including Apartment Therapy, Country Living, POPSUGAR and more. You can find everything you need for an incredible thrifty home with Rachel Teodoro.

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32.    Stacey Sheppard - The Design Sheppard

Stacey is the freelance blogger, design writer, and interiors enthusiast from the UK. The Design Sheppard is the place where she goes to blog about everything to do with interiors, from lighting and furniture, to kitchens and floorings. She first discovered the world of architecture and design when writing for a publication called "Designer Kitchen and Bathroom" magazine. Since then, she's been obsessed.

Stacy began "The Design Sheppard" as a way of sharing her experiences with innovative and inspirational products around the world. In 2011, Stacy's blog won the "runner up" price for the Prime Location Property Blog awards.

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33.    Leslie - Segreto Finishes

Leslie owns Segreto Finishes, a premier decorative painting and plastering firm in Texas with a staff of over 45 artisans. Inspired by all aspects of design, she enjoys sharing her world through Segreto Secrets, a blog about interiors, art and finishes. Her niche in the world of design motivates Leslie to constantly explore new techniques that appeal to a vast multitude of styles and personal tastes. 

Leslie has just released her third book Segreto Vignettes. Her work has been featured in countless amazing publications, including Veranda, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Beautiful Homes, and more. Segreto Secrets was awarded Amara Interior Blog Award Best USA Interior Blog 2016.

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34.    Christine & Jan - Little House on the Corner

Christine and Jan created their website "Little House on the Corner" to share their experiences restoring a 100-year-old apartment into the home of their dreams. They offer insights into the incredible changes they're making along their journey, along with all the disasters and triumphs that occur along the way.

On "The Little House on the Corner", you'll find inspirational pictures and guides, along with tips on crafty DIY projects that you can use to make the most out of your home when you're making a big difference on a small budget.

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35.    Anna - Don't Cramp My Style

Anna is the confident and charismatic style blogger based in Manchester. She spends most of her time talking about interiors from her unique corner of the internet, but she also likes to chat about fashion and travel in her free time too. Anna is a qualified interior designer, and a double award-winning blogger too. She created her website because she wanted a way to share interior inspirations with the world.

Anna shares countless photos on her blogs for those who are searching for an interiors muse, as well as tips and advice on some of the latest design trends in the industry.

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36.    Patricia - No Glitter No Glory

Patricia created "No Glitter No Glory" as her personal corner of the internet, where she could share her thoughts on design, decoration, and style. Patricia often talks about her adventures in design inspiration and home renovation, as well as providing guided tours of homes she knows and loves. You can also find the occasional lifestyle and fashion post from Patricia as she shares her excitement for all things beautiful.

If you're looking for a personalised and charismatic insight into the world of interior design, then you're sure to get just the experience you've been craving with Patricia Goijens.

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37.    Bobbi Edwards - Concepts and Colourways

Bobbi Edwards is the fascinating interior designer behind "Concepts and Colourways" - a website packed full of interesting ways to inspire people around the world who want to tap into their own unique sense of style when creating the home of their dreams. A blog that's brimming with useful information about photography, interior décor, architecture, and event planning, Concepts and Colourways is a great digital muse.

Bobbi shares her wealth of experience gathered over 20 years of working in the design industry, and offers everything from tips on the latest trends, to DIY ideas.

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38.    Susan Earlam - Old Fashioned Suzie

Susan Earlam is the freelance writer, blogger, photographer, and interior stylist behind "Old Fashioned Suzie". When she's not sharing insights on her own blog, she's working alongside some of her most beloved brands to create incredible and unique spaces. If you're looking for tips on interiors, home, women's lifestyle and travel, then you're in the right place with Suzie.

"Old Fashioned Suzie" was established in 2010, and it's all about the power of creating a space that's warm, comfortable, and brimming with personal treasures. Susan believes that the right homes can bring people together, and she shares her thoughts on that idea through her blog.

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39.    Luke Irwin - Luke

Ever since he established his own consultancy in 2003, Luke Irwin has been sharing his unique perspective on modern and contemporary spaces with the world. Luke believes that people should be able to control every aspect of their home down to the finest detail, which is why he always works hand in hand with his clients to create a completely bespoke experience.

On his blog, Luke introduces some of the latest trending styles and news in the interior design space, and provides guides into the latest information in the press. You'll also find plenty of inspirational images for your own design projects.

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40.    Jess - Domicile 37

Jess is the incredible writer behind Domicile 37. Ever since a young age, she's loved creating spaces and defining beautiful rooms for people from a variety of backgrounds. Jess created her website as a way of taking her design addiction to the next level and share the beauty she sees in the world with people across the globe.

A mother of three, Jess believes that every decision she has made in her life has pointed her further towards the world of interior design. She shares her tips, tricks, and insights with her followers on her blog and social media.

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41.    Happy Harris - Happy Loves Rosie

Happy Harris is the inspirational mind behind the "Happy Loves Rosie" blog - a website packed full of tips on everything from family life, to interior décor and gardening. On the blog, you'll find everything from the latest press releases, to insights into Happy's life, and the unique style she uses to transform her home. She loves retro styling, and is happy to offer advice on where you can get the ideal décor on a budget.

Happy believe that life is too short, and that you should enjoy it while you can! That's why her blog and social media feeds are brimming with joy and humor.

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42.    Emily - The Pink House

Emily is the pink-haired enthusiast behind "the Pink House" a design and lifestyle blogs intended to offer inspiration and guidance to families who are transforming their perfect home into something special. Emily began her blog when she began working with her family on her own ideal Edwardian home, which has its own distinctive pink front door.

In the past, Emily was a journalist for several famous magazines. Today, she prefers to spend her time, sharing advice on how you can design the ideal home regardless of where you live. From crafty ideas to inspirational photos, you'll find plenty of reasons to start decorating at The Pink house

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43.    Antonia Ludden - Tidy Life

If you like simple and elegant approaches to the world of interior design, then you're sure to love the inspirations and ideas shared by Antonia Ludden, the mind behind "Tidy Away Today". Otherwise known as "Tidy Life" this blog is a website brimming with inspiration for those who need help making the most of their home interiors.

Ever since it was launched in 2012, Tidy Life has been sharing guides on beautiful homeware, craft ideas, and how to make the most of any property. Antonia has even been lucky enough to collaborate with the likes of DFS, Ikea, and Homebase.

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44.    Becky Freeman - Spirited Puddle Jumper

Becky Freeman is the inspiring and innovative mind behind the website "Spirited Puddle Jumper". This lifestyle and design-focused blog is the perfect place for modern homeowners to go when they're feeling overwhelmed by their own design projects. You'll find tips and experiences that Becky has encountered herself as she goes through the processes of renovating and transforming her own home.

Living in the South East of London, Becky sees inspiration wherever she goes, and often finds new advice to share with her followers as she pursues her career as a digital marketing expert and interiors enthusiast.

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45.    Gina Ciancio - Style Curator

An expert in all things beautiful and contemporary, Gina Ciancio launched her Australian interior design website "Style Curator" as a way of showcasing the things that inspired and invigorated her. A wonderful place to build your knowledge of the interior design world - whether you're an enthusiast or a beginner, Gina's website is packed full of tips for home decoration and transformation.

Style Curator is not only the place to go for advice on your latest design projects, it's also a source of the latest design news too, where you can find plenty of information about some of the best decorative projects in the marketplace.

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46.    Heather - Growing Spaces

The passionate mind behind "Growing Spaces", Heather is a blogger, interior journalist, and style enthusiast who began her website back in 2011, after she moved into Berkshire with her children and her husband. Moving into the countryside from London, Heather began her blog as a way of sharing her journey with her followers - showing off some of the experiences she had as she renovated her 1970s home.

On "Growing Spaces", Heather shares everything from DIY and craft advice, to decorating tips and fully-formed tutorials for those who want to transform their home on a budget. It's a hub of creativity for designers who don't want to break the bank.

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47.    Kathryn - Kat Got the Cream

Kathryn is the insightful mother and journalist-turned-blogger behind the wonderful website "Kat Got the Cream". Kat has spent numerous years in London, working in PR and Journalism before she returned to her home town of Harrogate where she spends her time indulging in professional photography, and enjoying her time with her three children.

Kathryn started her blog in 2010 as a place to share her favourite creative projects, inspirational finds and sources of personal style. For those who are searching for a way to find their own perfect image, Kathryn shows us what it takes to embrace our inner-selves.

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48.    Lucy Gough - Lucy Gough Stylist

Need a little help finding that all-important next design idea? Want to transform your home into something special, but still haven't found your unique sense of style yet? Lucy Gough's incredible website "Lucy Gough Stylist" could help. As a professional interior decorator in London, Lucy has helped numerous clients in the advertising, commercial, and residential sectors find their image.

On her website, Lucy not only shares useful blog posts about interior design, but also plenty of fantastic pictures for when you need something to spark your imagination.

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49.    Becky Goddard-Hill - Thrifty Home

Becky Goddard-Hill is the creative mind and award-winning blogger behind "Thrifty Home" an interior décor and lifestyle blog packed full of advice and ideas for those who want to transform their property while living on a budget. If you've always wanted a beautiful home but you simply don't know how to make your dreams come true without breaking the bank, Becky can help.

On her social media feeds, and her blog, Becky shares countless sources of inspiration for creative craft projects, DIY solutions, and upcycles, along with bargain style guides.

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50.    Jayne - Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

Jayne is the fun-loving mother of two behind "Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs", a lifestyle and family blog that's devoted to helping families around the world get the most out of their own little slice of heaven. Jayne believes that you should always live life to the fullest, and she's been sharing her tips and advice with readers around the world for about four years now.

As a part-time photographer, Jayne knows what it takes to capture a fantastic image, and her tips and tricks should help you to achieve a new sense of home, whether you're looking to enhance your living room, or your garden.

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51.      Lauretta - Home and Horizon

Lauretta is the ingenious and crafty mind behind Home and Horizon, an interior design, travel, and lifestyle blog intended to help people around the world get more out of their lives without necessarily blowing their budget. On her website, Lauretta provides tips and advice on how to achieve your lifestyle and travel goals at a price that suits you.

Lauretta believes that incredible design is all about cutting costs, but not necessarily compromising. On her website, you'll find everything from guides, to information about her family, and the latest gadgets she loves playing with.

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52.      Sammy & H - Live it Love it, Make It

Sammy and H are the creative friends behind "Live It, Love It, Make It", a design blog that's all about finding your own creative way to transform and improve your home. The pair met in the nineties when they were both in art college, and they decided to share their passions for all things creative with the internet when they launched their own unique website.

For a number of years now, Sammy and H have been sharing tips and advice on how to make the most of your interior spaces by designing your own creations with paper, sewing, and countless other DIY tactics.

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53.    Zoe Brewer - My Interior Stylist

Zoe Brewer created "My Interior Stylist" as a way to pay homage to everything she knows and loves about the world of interior design. As a professional design consultant, Zoe delivers expertise and insight to her blog, where she shares a range of tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your home.

Whether you're decorating on a budget or you want to pinpoint the perfect sense of luxury in your home, Zoe is an expert in helping her followers find a home that reflects their unique sense of personality. Her insights have been shared on the "Ideal Home" and Grand Designs Live shows.

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54.    Linda Holt - Linda Holt Interiors

Linda Holt honed her eye for beauty with years of experience in the photography industry - something that allows her to provide her followers with some truly fantastic sources of inspiration when she writes on the Linda Holt Interiors blog. Linda has worked with models and actors around the world as one of Boston's most celebrity photographers, but interior design is where she finds her true passion.

On the Linda Holt Interiors blog, you'll find countless photos that are sure to inspire you the next time you're looking for a way to upgrade or simply update your home environment. With tips on everything from colour to art, Linda acts as a muse for her readers.

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55.    Charlotte - The Home that Made Me

From her charming home on the South Coast of England, Charlotte is the impeccable interior designer expert who loves spending her free time-sharing tips and advice with people with a love for home decoration. Although the self-managed blog started as nothing more than a hobby for Charlotte, it quickly emerged into so much more, and earned her more than 90,000 followers on Instagram.

Charlotte uses her quirky corner of the internet to share everything from modern design tutorials, to shabby chic upcycling guides and makeover tips. You'll find everything you need here to make your home into something seriously unique.

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56.    Hannah Trickett - Hannah in the House

Hannah Thinnesen Trickett is the founder behind Hannah in the House, a blog that focuses on Scandinavian-inspired interior design, travel, and lifestyle tips. After she completed her BA honors degree at Nottingham Trent University, Hannah learned about her love for pottery, something she kept close to her heart when she began her career as an interior designer in 2004.

Hannah decided to start her blog when a long-term health condition took over her life, forcing her to have multiple brain surgeries. She decided that if she could no longer work as a designer, she could at least continue to talk about her passions.

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57.    Emma Palin - Emma Jane Palin

Emma is a lifestyle blogger, traveler and enigmatic figure who lives her life in bursts of colour - something you can see easily on her exciting and innovative blog. If you're looking for a guide on how to transform your home while thinking out-of-the-box for décor ideas, then you're sure to discover plenty of inspiration with Emma Palin.

Emma's background in the world of illustration and graphic design means that she has plenty of unique ideas to share with the world, along with tips and tricks on how to get the most of your home. You'll also find plenty of great pictures to act as your design muse.

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58.    Emily Osmond - Get In My Home

Ever since she was young, Emily Osmond has loved interior design. She was constantly drawing up new plans for her bedroom as a child, and creating accessories with her mum's sewing machine. Today, Emily has taken her love affair to the web, in an effort to share her thoughts and inspirations with the world.

"Get in My Home", was Emily's way of exploring the world of Interior design in depth. Today, she's working alongside big-name brands like Metricon Homes, but she still has time to update her award-winning blog on a regular basis.

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59.    Catherine - Dainty Dress Diaries

A feminine insight into the world of interior design, Catherine's website "Dainty Dress Diaries" is a celebration of all things floral and girly. If you're a lover of the "pretty in pink" approach to home comfort, then you'll love Catherine's retro approach to decoration. She loves vintage finds and shabby chic creations, and even offers her own unique DIY tutorials for those who want to transform their own homes.

Over the years, Catherine has worked alongside a number of incredible brands as a design consultant, and she offers everything from advice on how to find the perfect clothing, to guides on renovating your living space from her innovative blog.

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60.    Lisa Dawson - Lisa Dawson Styling

When Lisa Dawson started her own innovative interior design blog, she had just moved into her new home in York. The Georgian property was a dream come true, but she knew she'd have a lot of work ahead of her if she wanted to transform the period property into the perfect home for her entire family. Lisa now uses her blog as a way to share her finds with the world, and offer tips and tricks for those renovating their own homes.

Lisa launched her blog after receiving dozens of requests from friends and family who wanted to know more about how she brought her unique sense of style to life in her old-fashioned home. Today, you can check out her tips on social media too.

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61.    Nicola Holden -

A charming and inspirational designer, Nicola Holden brings her unique sense of vision to her website and blog "". Her content is marked by her incredible humor, and her knowledge of luxurious fabrics, vivid colours and natural textures. Nicola was inspired by her childhood in Zimbabwe, and the lover of travel that has taken her all across the world. Today, she creates bold interiors intended to be both fun and functional.

Because Nicola has a background in the manufacturing world, she also has a keen eye for developing unique and practical solutions for her clients, and she brings fantastic attention to detail into every project.

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62.    Karen Wolf - KBW Interiors

Karen Wolf is the enigmatic writer and creator behind KBW Interiors, and the imagination that sets the tone for the entire company. This fantastic design blog is packed with insights and advice that comes directly from Karen herself, as she expands and refines her knowledge in the world of interior design with new and modern projects around the world.

Karen prides herself on her incredible eye within the design industry, and she's managed to launch a very successful career over the years, predicting upcoming trends for her customers and helping them to find their perfect representation of the ideal home.

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63.    Natalia Barbour -

Ever since it was founded in 2008, Natalia Barbour's website has been helping people around the UK to uncover the truth about their unique sense of style, finding the fun and function that goes into interior design. Natalia believes that great homes should be both beautiful and practical at the same - packed full of solutions that make them easy to live in.

On the Natalia Barbour website, you'll find endless sources of creativity and inspiration for when you're starting your own home improvement project. Natalia prides herself on her academic knowledge, exceptional taste, and intuition.

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64.    Phoebe Oldrey - Smart Style Interiors

Smart Style Interiors is a website designed by Phoebe Oldrey to help those who often feel overwhelmed when presented with the constantly changing trends and ideas of the decorative interior space. If you're sick of flicking through magazines for inspiration, and you want some help finding the sense of style that appeals directly to your unique personality, then Phoebe could be just the woman to help.

Phoebe believes that good design is more than just beautiful - it's something that enriches and invigorates the soul. With Smart Style Interiors, you'll learn how to create a home that both looks, and feels fantastic.

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65.    Stephen Ryan - Stephen Ryan Design

An interior designer devoted to empowering his clients and giving them the strength they need to make their own difficult décor choices; Stephen Ryan is the inspirational mind behind "Stephen Ryan Design". A lover of all things unique and eclectic, Stephen has been commissioned to design and decorate houses, showrooms, offices, hotels, and more throughout the years.

Stephen brings his international sense of style to his blog, implanting ideas form his work across the world, in areas including Sri Lanka, France, the USA, UK, and Russia. You'll find plenty of tips to get your creative juices flowing with Stephen.

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66.    Elena Giavarini - Plus Deco

An insight into the world of contemporary style and quirky décor, Plus Deco is a unique website and blog written by the incredible Elena Giavarini. Here, you'll find advice, ideas, and inspiration to help you navigate through the often-complicated task of decorating your home, and even keeping your garden in peak condition.

The Plus Deco blog reflects Elena's unique styles when it comes to decoration, where she loves to mix influences, patterns and colour.  If you have an eye for quality and you need some help to start your next big design project, then Plus Deco could be the perfect place to begin.

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67.    Linda - Make Do and DIY

Interior style with piles of charisma is exactly what you get when you drop in for a visit with Linda, the mind behind "Make Do and DIY". Linda is the mother of three children, living in Ireland and using her spare time to transform and enhance her home with creative ideas and the latest trending accessories. If you're looking for tips and tricks on how to transform your property on a shoestring budget, then you can't get much better than "Make Do and DIY".

With her website, Linda shares everything from insights into her life as a mother, to guidance on how to craft your way into a prettier home. All you need to get involved with Linda's guides is a little bit of enthusiasm and creativity.

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68.    Vicky Harrison - Style Made Simple

Who ever said that creating a beautiful home had to be a challenge? Vicky Harrison, the creative mind and author behind "Style Made Simple" is on a mission to provide readers around the world with all the guidance they need to transform their property into the home they've always dreamed of. Vicky is a stylist, editor, and writer, who loves sharing inspirations with her followers on social media, and her blog.

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69.    Suzanne Deller - And Ruby Makes Four

Looking for inspiration to create the family home of your dreams? Check out the incredible journey of Suzanne Deller in "And Ruby Makes Four". This unique website showcases the fantastic adventure that Suzanne and her family have gone through as they attempt to transform their old property into the perfect family home. With guides on how to find your perfect bespoke style, Suzanne can guide you through the process of designing almost any kind of property.

On Suzanne's blog, you'll find information on how she's created the home she always wanted, step by step, along with plenty of guidance for you to use when you're designing your property for the first time.

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70.    Suzie McAdam -

After she received her honors degree in Interior Design in 2010, Suzie McAdam began to explore the world, travelling away from Ireland to chase her dreams as an interiors expert. Throughout the years, she's worked on numerous high-end projects in the residential world, and when she returned to Dublin in 2011, Suzie designed to open her own studio and website so that she could share what she had learned with the world.

If you're looking for aesthetically exciting spaces and guidance from a designer who's worked with people from all kinds of property backgrounds, then you're sure to find the muse you need with Suzie McAdam.

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71.    Ally Maloney - Maloney Interiors

Maloney Interiors is the award-winning blog written by Ally Maloney. Founded in 2013, Maloney Interiors is a company devoted to helping homeowners find and create their perfect home environment with unique decoration and bespoke ideas. Ally believes that successful design requires a personalised approach, while she always works hand-in-hand with her clients to transform their vision into a reality.

On Ally's website, you'll find all the inspiration you need when it comes to creating your ideal home environment. Regardless of whether you're looking for an architectural muse, or a little bit of DIY guidance, Ally can help.


72.    Marilen Faustino-Montenegro - Marilen Styles

Marilen is the fantastic interior stylist and blogger responsible for Marilen Styles - an eclectic website brimming with design ideas for homeowners who want some help choosing the perfect décor for their home. Marilen used to be a TV host and model before she found her calling in the interior design space. Now she feels that carefully curating décor and furniture is what she does best.

Marilen believes in making the home a beautiful and welcoming space one personalised step at a time, and feels that the perfect home can contribute to a happy and healthy life.

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73.    Jane - Jane McIntyre Design

Jane is the elegant and creative mind behind Jane McIntyre Design. She's been creating incredible interiors since 1980, helping people from around the UK to find their ideal home. Some of her projects have been big, and some have been small, but each received Jane's unique blend of personalised innovation and stunning memory-making decorations. She's has an inherent sense of colour and loves nothing more than striving to help her clients achieve their goals.

From her delightful blog and website, Jane McIntyre shares her insights with the world, providing pictures of some of her latest finds in the design world, as well as plenty of inspiration for when you need some help building your ideal home.

Follow Jane McInty on: InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedIn


74.    Fiona Cameron - Around the Houses

Around the Houses is the passion-infused blog written and maintained by Fiona Cameron. As much as Fiona loves design in it's all it's various forms, she knows just how daunting it can be to try to create your own perfect property from scratch. That's why she created her blog as a way of sharing inspiration and tips with homeowners who want to make their house into something truly incredible.

Fiona Cameron's blog is a place to find confidence and guidance for your upcoming interior design projects. Whether you're creating the perfect home from scratch or you're reviving an existing room, Fiona can help you find the beautiful style that works best for you.

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75.    Anouska Tamony -

Anouska Tamony Designs is the award-winning home of London-based interior designer, Anouska, where she shares her knowledge and insights into the world of interior design. The studio specialises specifically within the world of incredible residential projects, creating homes that are intended to resonate perfectly with the unique character of their owners.

Anouska enrolled in the KLC School of Design to further her education in the artistic space before she launched her own design consultancy - now she shares her amazing perspectives with homeowners and design enthusiasts around the world.

Follow Anouska Tamony on: InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitter


76.    Claire Price - My House Candy

As a mum, freelance blogger, and lover of interior design, Claire Price knows what it takes to transform a home into something truly special. In fact, when Claire launched her own website, she also came up with a unique term to describe her favourite pastime "house candy". Claire uses the term "house candy" to refer to the little bits and pieces that inspire her in her daily life, from luxurious furniture, to superstore steals.

Claire's website is packed full of personality, which reflects her unique perspective on how the world of design should always include your one-of-a-kind sense of style.

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77.    Jacqueline Fisken - Ampersand Interiors

A long-time lover of the world of art and design, Jacqueline Fisken's interest in interiors started from a very early age. Even as a child she was captivated by the beautiful features in other people's homes. She wasn't just drawn to glitter and luxury, but to the unique character of each individual home - a fascination that convinced her to pursue her career as a design director.

With the "Ampersand Interiors" blog, Jackie and her team look for ways to pull together the innovative threads that transform a house into home. Jackie's voice comes packed with the wisdom of 25 years of experience, along with plenty of creativity and individuality.

Follow Jacqueline Fisken on: InstagramFacebookTwitter


78.    Jane Rockett & Lucy St George - Rockett St George

A UK-based hub of interior design styling and inspiration, Rockett St George is a website packed full of quirky homeware and exciting musings intended to inspire and delight readers from around the world. Whether you're looking for oddities from around the world, or tips on how to find your own unique sense of style, best friends and founders Jane Rocket & Lucy St George are sure to help.

The cleverly curated collections of stunning homeware from Rockett St George are sure to get your creative juices flowing when you need a little help creating a passionate and glamorous living space. Make sure you check out their fantastic videos too.

Follow Jane Rocket & Lucy St George on: Facebook


79.    Athina - Topology London

Athina always loved the idea of becoming a professional interior designer, but she felt that many people simply didn't have the cash or resources to take advantage of the benefits a professional design consultant could offer. With that in mind, she designed to launch her own brand "Topology London", where clients could seek out an affordable, friendly, and high-quality interior design service without the invasive house visits or consultation fees.

With the help of her coworkers and a team of incredible designers, Athina has built a fantastic company, with pieces showcased on everything from Houzz to the Sunday Times.

Image removed.

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80.    Silvy - I Love Beautiful Things

Silvy is the charming mind behind the website "I Love Beautiful Things", a hub of inspiration and creativity perfect for those who are on the search for the next big interior décor project. If you're looking for a blog that will guide you through your renovation, or give you advice on how you can find a muse for an upcoming change, then you're sure to get exactly what you need with Silvy.

A professional architect living with her boyfriend in North London, Silvy provides her readers with plenty of fantastic photography to browse through, along with tips and tricks to try when it comes to finding your personal sense of style.

Follow Silvy on: InstagramPinterestTwitter


81.    Natalia - Fleur de Londres

Born in London, Natalia began her love affair with the world of design when she noticed the beauty and inspiration in the UK architecture around her. With so much to share with the world, she began her blog to record some of her everyday musings, from ideas about the buildings she liked, to messages about how favourite dresses.

After launching her own brand "Fleur de Londres", Natalia had the exclusive opportunity to work alongside numerous companies from around the world, exploring new designs, places, and meeting amazing people along the way. She shares her knowledge about the world and it's cultures through her amazing blog.

Follow Natalia on: InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitterYouTube


82.    Philippa Devas - Devas Designs

A dedicated interior design expert and a member of the British Institute for Interior Design, Philippa Devas is the charming mind behind the Devas Designs blog. Through her website, Philippa shares her unique style with the world, which she defines as a creative blend between the modern and the traditional. Over the previous decade, Philippa has been carving a niche out in the design world for her own company, which is now incredibly successful.

On Philippa's blog, you'll find friendly information on how to find the best furniture and decorative solutions for your home when you want to create the ultimate personalised interior design project.

Image removed.

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83.    Natalie Lockwood - Little Mill House

A delightful interior design blog with insights into the world of decoration and home beauty, Little Mill House is packed full of information for any interiors lover. Written and managed by the enigmatic Natalie Lockwood, Little Mill House is a fantastic and colourful website. Whether you're searching for professional reviews from some of the biggest names in designs, or DIY upcycles to help you to transform an old piece of furniture, you can find the guidance you need here!

Little Mill House is a hub of inspiration and tips for homeowners around the world, and it even offers some discounts for readers in the UK too!

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84.    Kerry Lockwood - Kerry Lockwood in Detail

Kerry Lockwood is the enigmatic designer behind "Kerry Lockwood in Detail". She believes in the power of even the smallest spaces when it comes to the transformative effects of interior design, and works mainly in darker colours - perfect for those with a love of the sophisticated and mysterious. Kerry creates homes that are cosy and contemporary at the same time, packed with small refinements that are overlooked by most designers.

On the Kerry Lockwood blog, you'll find plenty of great advice and tips on how you can step outside of your comfort zone and take your personal space to the next level.

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85.    Kerry Hussain - Very Kerry H

Kerry Hussain is the incredibly passionate design and decorating enthusiast behind the "Very Kerry H" blog. She studied graphic design in school, which led to a career in broadcast design that spanned over 15 years. Kerry purchased and renovated her first home in 2005, and made the decision at that time to change her job and start following her dreams.

Since her first foray into the interior design world, Kerry has worked across multiple areas in the styling environment, all the way from commercial to editorial.

Follow Kerry Hussain on: InstagramPinterestTwitter


86.    Natalie Holden - NatalieHolden-ID

The charming and creative mind behind "NatalieHolden-ID", Natalie is a passionate travel and design blogger, who adores any opportunity to share her insights and guidance on the world of furniture, creation, and decorating your own home. Her blog is a behind-the-scenes look at the journey a 30-something takes when exploring the world and attempting to create her own home at the same time.

Natalie loves exploring unique designs, and shares her eclectic and stylish thoughts with the world, on everything from sustainable design, to upcycling and eco-friendly décor.

Follow Natalie Holden on: InstagramFacebookYouTubeTwitterLinkedIn


87.    Kozue Garner - Misty Interior

Home to a design practice based in London, Misty Interior is a website devoted to the production if beautiful bespoke items for homes around the UK. Whether you're searching for unique cushions or stunning curtains, Misty Interior is all about bringing one-of-a-kind value to a home, perfect for reflecting the owner's unique personality.

The website is managed by the incredible Kozue Garner, who was born and raised in Japan. She grew up with a love of fabrics thanks to the influence of her dressmaker mother, and moved to England where she discovered her love of soft furnishings and interiors.

Follow Kozue on: InstagramFacebook


88.    Martina - A Designer at Heart

Martina is an online interior designer, and the passionate mind behind "A Designer at Heart". Towards the beginning of her career, Martina spent four years working for interior design and architectural companies across London, Beijing, and Milan. Eventually, she decided it was time to follow her dream of opening her own business, and writing her musings on her interior design blog.

Martina has nurtured her love of design through the years, ever since her childhood. Through "A Designer at Heart" readers can find everything from free tips from the experts, interior design trends, and inspiration for how to start their very own home décor projects.

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89.    Sophie Howard - Sophie Howard Interiors

A blog that shares the insights and inspiration of an interior designer living in Hampshire, England, "Sophie Howard Interiors" is a glance behind the curtains of spiritual design and creativity. Sophie graduated from Leicester's De Montfort University with a 2:1 in Interior Design in 2014, and since then, she's been working on her master's degree. She believes that there's a spiritual aspect to the world of design that should be explored by any homeowner.

Sophie loves to help people from around the world create individual spaces that express their own unique sense of personality and style.

Follow Sophie Howard on: InstagramPinterestLinkedIn


90.    Lisa Roberts-Goldner - The Open Plan

After achieving her Interior design certification at the Chelsea College of Arts, Lisa Roberts-Goldner developed "The Open Plan" during 2008. She believed that the world needed a fresh insight into the world of interior design, complete with quirky decorations and personalised solutions for making a house into a home.

Over the years, Lisa has worked alongside countless design companies, and she's even created bespoke interiors for brands like "Plain English" too. When she's not running her own interior design studio, Lisa is offering advice through her online-only service for design.

Follow Lisa on: InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitter


91.    Donna - Skirting Boards and Chandeliers

A champion of bespoke and customised interiors, Donna is the interior design lover behind "Skirting Boards and Chandeliers". She lives in South East London with her two sons and her husband, and spent most of her life moving around England and Northern Ireland. Donna chose to start her blog when her first son turned one, as a way of sharing her passions with the world, and documenting her family's journey through home renovation.

Donna believes that the best homes are built on character and personality, and hopes that her corner of the internet will be able to help people find their very own sense of style.

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92.      Aarti Popat - Honestly Wonderful

Honestly Wonderful is the charming blog and website run by the incredible Aarti Popat, an interior designer, lifestyle blogger, and stylist with a love for juxtaposing old and new styles. A master of colour, with an eye for the unique and inspiring, Aarti takes inspiration for her designs from all around the world, thanks to her love for culture and travel.

On the Honestly Wonderful blog, you'll get a first-hand insight into some of the things that inspires this incredible designer, along with tips and tricks on how to transform your home. Aarti even provides DIY guides for everything from food, to modern trends.

Follow Aarti Popat on: InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitter


93.      Anna Margaret - House Anna

The perfect blend of traditional and contemporary, Anna Margaret has a love for interior design that connects generations from the past and the future, to create a completely unique result. In the posts of her blog, Anna shares tips and advice to her followers on how you can achieve the luxury style that you crave at home, without spending too much of your budget.

Anna grew up in London in the 80s, moving around frequently with her property-developing mom and dad. She learned from a young age how to transform homes into unique spaces, and admits to having always been obsessed with interiors.

Follow Anna Margaret on: InstagramTwitterPinterest


94.      Sarah Mailer - Girl about House

Sarah Mailer is the incredible interior designer and creative mind behind Girl about House, a blog dedicated to all things beautiful within the home. Sarah has her own interiors studio in Hertfordshire in the UK, and she works around London on residential projects for people with various styles and personalities.

Girl About House is an award-winning blog, packed full of ideas on interiors and style. If you're looking for an inspiring way to update your home or your wardrobe, you'll find a classic and contemporary approach with Sarah, along with countless pictures to get you started.

Follow Sarah Mailer on: InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitter


95.      Lindi Reynolds -

Located in South West London, Lindi Reynold is the interior expert and consultant to residential clients from countless different backgrounds. Lindi believes that every homeowner should be able to create the perfect unique and personal home, with the highest quality materials, for the lowest prices.

Before Lindi began her business as an interior designer, she was involved with the design and communications industry. Today, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share when it comes to creating incredible solutions for at-home beauty and character. On Lindi's blog, you'll find plenty of information on how to design the ultimate home.


96.      Bess Sturman -

Bess Sturman launched her blog and business to help people around the world feel right at home in their new property. Her company began in 2011, when she decided that the world needed a bespoke and professional service for interior design. Since that time, she's delivered hundreds of incredible rooms for happy clients across UK and beyond. Bess has even designed for BBC One.

A believer in the power of design, Bess feels that the perfect room can enlighten, inspire, and invigorate a person. On her website, she shares insights into her work, along with guidance on how you can create the perfect home without a big budget.

Follow Bess Sturman on: InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitter


97.      Jessica Power - Jessica Loves

The craft-loving mother of two, Jessica Power lives in Youghal by the Sea, and runs her own unique craft business from home. Jessica chose to give up her secure and permanent job in 2013, when she gave birth to her second child. On the 15th of November 2016, she set up her blog to share her insights into the world of craft, interiors, and lifestyle tips.

Jessica is a master of all things bespoke and crafty.  For tips and advice on how to create your perfect home or enhance your lifestyle with a few simple pieces, the Jessica Loves blog is everything you need for guidance and inspiration.

Follow Jessica Power on: InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitter


98.      Anna Wilson - Anna Wilson Interiors

A behind-the-scenes exploration into the artists that create today's most beautiful and beloved homes, Anna Wilson's blog is intended to offer people around the world the inspiration they need to discover and create their own perfect home. Anna looks for unique ways to celebrate talented creatives around the world, while sharing tips and tricks from her own knowledge in the world of interior design and decoration.

On Anna's website, you'll find everything you need to develop a fantastically bespoke home, complete with hand-made furniture and DIY lighting. When she's not working, Anna is a wife, and a mother to two wonderful daughters.

Follow Anna Wilson on: FacebookPinterestTwitter


99.      Sara Cosgrove -

A lover of luxurious and functional designs, Sara Cosgrove is the innovator behind, an interior design website intended to share insights into the values of quality, and beauty in the standard home. Sara began her study into the interior world in Trinity College in Dublin before moving to learn at the KLC School of Design.

Over the years, Sara has worked alongside numerous incredible companies, helping them to find their own independent sense of style. In 2014, she opened her own design consultancy, complete with an incredible website where she shares her tips and tricks for those interested in the art of design.

Follow Sara Cosgrove on: InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitter


100.      Raluca Vaduva - Detail Movement

Raluca Vaduva is the London-based writer behind "Detail Movement", an interior design business, and website for those with an eye for beauty and detail. Raluca brings both a Master degree in architecture and an Interior Decoration certification with her into her career, which allows her to access a unique perspective on the harmony of spaces.

Detail Movement was launched in 2016, as Raluca searched for new ways to celebrate and share her keen passion for interior design. Today, readers can even sign up for free design tips to be delivered straight to their email inbox, or check out the frequently updated blog for plenty of great advice.

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