Top 100 Interior Design Bloggers for New Home Builders

Are you looking for interior design inspiration for your new home? If so, then you’re in the right place.  

We’ve done the work for you and waded through the endless sea of design blogs and picked the absolute best interior design blogs for new home builders like you.
In this list you’ll find everything you might be looking for - from creative color schemes to great low budget DIY ideas, these blogs have it covered. 
No matter if you are a first time builder or have plenty of building experience under your belt, the following blogs will give you plenty of design ideas and inspiration to make sure your new home lives up to your dreams! 

1. Maxwell Ryan - ApartmentTherapy

Referred to fondly as the "apartment therapist", Maxwell Ryan visited his client's homes by scooter, delivering advice and guidance to make interior spaces more beautiful, organized, and healthy. Maxwell defines himself as part life coach, part interior designer, with a focus on comfort and simplicity. 

Over the years, Maxwell has written a host of best-selling books, including "Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step home cure". As the years have passed, the ApartmentTherapy website has evolved to meet the needs of its followers, expanding to focus on green living and technology. Apartment Therapy offers readers a range of ways to build their wellbeing based on an insight into both style, and lifestyle. 

2. Jill Fehrenbacher - Inhabitat 

The founder and chief of "", Jill Fehrenbacher is a recognized LEED-AP green designer, and green design consultant based within San Francisco. She first developed her website back in 2005, as a method of cataloging her various fantastic ideas for new ways of improving the world through environmentally-conscious, forward-thinking design. 

Jill earned her education through Brown University and Columbia University, and she currently lives in San Francisco, where she's raising two children to become tomorrow's next innovators. She's also responsible for helping to develop a progressive urban farm school. 

3. Tina Eisenberg - Swiss-Miss 

Tina Roth Eisenberg, aka Swissmiss, started her website in 2005 as a personal visual archive. Eventually, the site grew into a popular journal for design, with an average of around 1 million unique visitors each month. Tina grew up in Switzerland, inspired by Swiss design and plenty of fresh mountain air. She's worked with numerous design firms, including ThinkMap, and started her own studio in 2006. 

Over the years, Tina's dedication to her side-projects prompted her to go into sabbatical from her design company, but she's still sharing her expertise with the world. She runs a global monthly series of lectures, called CreativeMornings, and co-created a to-do app called "TeuxDeux". She's also the founder of a design temporary tattoo shop called Tattly, and a co-working space called FRIENDS. 

4. Holly Becker - Décor8 Blog 

Holly Becker is a best-selling American author-turned-blogger, with experience as a stylist and journalist. She's published four books in more than 20 different languages from her home in Northern Germany. Back in 2006, she began the Decor8 blog with only 15 readers, and today, she offers advice and tips to a fanbase of over 1.5 million people! 

Decor8 provides business tips for entrepreneurs, home tours, travel reports, and more. When it comes to interiors and décor, Holly Becker has a wealth of information and passion to offer. She hopes to transform her blog into a one-stop resource for all interior development needs. 

5. Sherry and John - YoungHouseLove 

Sherry and John are a couple living in Richmond, Virginia. They developed a website to talk to the world about the journey they embarked on to transform their home. Since starting their blog in 2007, the couple has tackled thousands of DIY projects, renovated three homes, written three books, started a podcast, and designed various show houses and products.

The pair began their obsession with homes and DIY when they bought their first house in 2005. As they explored the world of design, they wrote their first book "Young House Love", which came out in 2012 and became a New York Times Bestseller. In 2013, the couple announced their lighting collection, followed by a line of rails and hooks. 

6. Kim and Jo - Desire to Inspire 

Although they have never met in person, Kim and Jo, the voices behind desire to Inspire, share a unique bond that crosses the world without a problem. Both are interior design fans that met on Flickr and shared images. After a connection was made, Desire to Inspire was born. 
Kim is the supervisor of a web development team from Ottawa, Canada. Jo owns a catering business in Brisbane Australia, though she trained as an interior designer she no longer practices. Though the pair have day jobs that aren't related to design, both find their passion in the world of interior development. Desire to Inspire is their release for showing off their passions about all things beautiful in the home. 

7. Danielle de Lange - Style Files

Danielle De Lange is the passion behind She lives with her partner and son in a beautiful village near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Her website began as a personal archive, which she gradually built and developed into a huge collection over the years, rich with clippings from her favorite magazines and adventures. All those files inspired her to create an online resource which she could share with the world. 
Danielle's personal style is linked to natural materials, clean lines, and a basic, modern structure. She believes that a house should always be inviting, warm, and brimming with happiness. She also feels that a home should reflect the owner's individuality and lifestyle. 

8. Coco - Cococozy

Born and bred in Los Angeles, Coco is an interior design blogger and home-furnishings designer by night, and an executive by day. She began her website in 2008, with an aim to provide unique style and design inspiration to the masses. The blog quickly became hugely popular, with thousands and visitors, including design guru Jonathan Adler, and pop-star Katy Perry. 

In 2011, Coco introduced the next step in her interior design journey, with the "Cococozy textiles collection", which entered the home furnishings market with throws, luxury pillows, rugs, bedding, and drapery, all designed by Coco in the U.S. The line now includes a range of home accessories too! 

9. Tania Karpova - Trendir 

Tania Karpova's career as a design expert began following four years of cultural studies, and an award-winning honor thesis around postmodernism. With a range of interests including culture and entertainment, as well as interior design, Tania still makes time to write her own blog, while running 
Trendir is a website that's geared towards sharing guidance and advice with the modern design enthusiast. It's an expansive collection of online resources that offers an insight into the latest decorating and home design trends. The wide collection of photographs show off everything from architecture, to interior design. 

10. Igor Josifovic - Happy Interior Blog

When he decided to start the Happy Interior Blog in 2011, Igor Josifovic was focused on one goal - bringing more happiness into his reader's lives, and homes. The website focuses on decoration and interior design ideas to make happier more elegant homes, that inspire people every day. Igor is also responsible for another project known as "Urban Jungle Bloggers". 
Igor uses his blog to share his passion for interior design, decoration, style, travel, and greenery through an international platform. His website has seen significant praise over the years, and was even awarded "The Best International Blog" in 2014. 

11. Jen Bishop - The Interiors Addict 

Former magazine editor and journalist, Jen Bishop is the owner, publisher, and founder of Interiors Addict. She has no prior design qualifications, but she does have a passion for homewares and décor that's impossible to ignore. What she doesn't know in official design background, she makes up for with a genuine overall passion for her subject matter, and an eye for detail. 
Jen created Interiors Addict in an attempt to help people get the most from their home environment - regardless of budget. The blog is rich with fantastic content, including plenty of the latest news and developments in the design space. Jen has around 90,000 unique readers, and more than 75,000 Instagram followers!

12. Natasha Nuttall - Graphique Fantastique 

Natasha Nuttall is the charming owner of the Graphique Fantastique blog. She began her journey into design after graduating from the University of Lincoln with a Bachelor of Arts, with Honours, in Graphic Design. In 2014, Natasha made the move to London, and has been sharing her graphic design experiences ever since. Over the years, she's worked alongside everyone from Etsy UK, to Paperchase, and Specsavers. 
Natasha's website documents her career journey, offering inspiration and advice to creatives across the world. Graphique Fantastique was also shortlisted for the "Best Design Inspiration Blog" for the Amara Interior Blog Awards, 2015.

13. Sarah Van Peteghem - 

Charming and full of life, Sarah Van Peteghem shares her voice with the world from the Cocolapinedesign blog. Originally from Belgium, Sarah lives in Munich, and loves anything to do with interiors and style. Her website acts as her creative outlet, where she can pour her heart out about everything she loves regarding interior design and graphic work. 

Through her website, Sarah shines a light on the things that inspire her as a designer, and offers hints and tips to help other aspiring DIY-ers and designers make the most out of their own emerging projects. 

14. Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern is an interior designer, retailer, and blogger with a deep love of interiors. She believes in the beauty behind daring to be different, and has been heralded as one of the hottest designers in the country. Renowned throughout the world for her edgy and eclectic tastes, Abigail has worked on commissions for a range of locations, including the 42,000 square-foot Grand Spa for the Ritz Carlton in Florida. 
As part of her impressive resume, Abigail boasts time working for Heston Blumenthal, whose set she designed for the prime-time television show: "How to Cook like Heston". 

15. Francesca Stone - Fall for DIY 

As a lover of all things creative, Francesca has always been drawn to projects that she can sink her teeth into. With her website "", she shares her passion for interiors and style with the world, creating affordable and simple DIY tutorials that help people to transform their homes. 

After she completed her degree in textile design, Francesca started working in a bead shop in Birmingham. From there, she started blogging with tutorials and tips about everything she was learning at work. Eventually, the bead shop shut down, but Francesca's love continues with a blog that's still going strong. 

16. Teri - The Lovely Drawer 

Teri is a London-based illustrator, designer, stylist, creator, and the voice behind With a deeply-ingrained passion for creativity, Teri has experience in print and surface pattern design, as well as greeting card creation. After she started to dabble in freelance design, Teri decided to take her business "The Lovely Drawer" into a full-time venture. 

Teri's love of creativity can be seen throughout her website. The blog originally started back in 2012, and it's been growing ever since. The content comes with a strong focus on interiors, design, and DIY projects, and it's brimming with ways to inspire the modern creative. 

17. Cristin Bisbee Priest - SimplifiedBee 

Mother and wife, Cristin Bisbee Priest began her career searching for ways to make homes organized and orderly, without sacrificing style. By combining the dual disciplines of design and organization, Cristin introduced Simplified Bee, a firm for residential design which entered the market in 2009. Now, Cristin creates inviting and inspiring interiors that combine traditional elements with modern twists. 

Cristin is known for her love of mixing styles, layering patterns, and incorporating child-friendly solutions designed to stand the test of time. Cristin is also the voice behind the Simplified Bee blog, which was also launched in 2009. Here, readers can learn all about her passion for home organization, entertaining, and interior design. 

18. Gudy Herder - Eclectic Trends 

Gudy Herder is the speaker, international trend consultant, certified trainer, and charming writer behind Over the years, Gudy has devoted her time to helping businesses and brands anticipate industry trends and develop products that tell a unique story. She's a visual creative that's all about seeking out new trends in lifestyle, fashion, and interior design. 

Gudy has honed her eye for style with years of experience in the industry. Today, her website earns over 100,000 monthly pageviews, alongside a slowly-growing newsletter subscription list of 6,000 people. Eclectic Trends is a great place to stay updated on the latest trends for interior design. 

19. Kate Watson-Smyth - Mad About the House

Kate Watson-Smyth is a renowned journalist known for her musings about property, design, and interiors over several national newspapers. She spent around 15 years working at The Independent, and has also worked alongside The Financial Times, where she won the award of "Lifestyle/Interiors writer of the year". 

Through her blog, Kate has been able to show off a range of wonderful things to her audience that she couldn't find space for during her time working win newspapers. She also provides unique insights into how to decorate the home with unique items. Her blog has won awards, including the Vuelio No 1 UK Interiors blog. 

20. Jane Freiman - Atticmag

Jane Freiman, a New York-based magazine and newspaper editor and cookbook author, founded Atticmag as an online magazine for home cooking and décor. Before she launched Atticmag, Jane was working as a managing editor for the New York Daily News, overseeing the celebrity news and features associated with the largest daily tabloid in the nation. 

Jane was a contributing editor to the New York Magazine, a restaurant critic for New York Newsday, and a food columnist at the Chicago Tribune. She was also the winner of a James Beard award for "Dinner Party", her cookbook. Impressively, Jane also holds a certificate in Culinary arts from France's Luberon College. 

21. Katrina Springer - The Organised Housewife 

Katrina Springer is the sunny author behind "". As a mother of three, Kat started blogging several years ago as a way to share her creative insights with the world when it comes to building a happy, beautiful, and organised home. Katrina's website is an amalgamation of inspiration and information, including recipes, printables, tips, and tricks on how to keep a home clean and tidy. 

Through her blog, Katrina shares the journey she has taken to create routines that have helped her to make the most out of tough times, discover ideas to make home life simple, and help people reduce the clutter in their homes. 

22. Jason Grant - Mr Jason Grant

Jason Grant is a passionate author, interior stylist and creative consultant with a year spanning more than 10 years in the style industry. Jason's work has appeared among a range of International and Australian magazines, including Belle, Sunday Style, Inside Out, Vogue Living, Real Living, Grazia UK, and more. 

Jason provides styling work for a collection of large and small brands, ranging all the way from Pottery Barn, to Target, Myer, and David Jones. Through his website, he shares a unique insight into his life, his passions, and his career as a designer. 

23. Allan Torp - Bungalow 5 

An international design website, and one of the most popular blogs in Denmark, Bungalow 5 is a design blog written and realised by Allan Torp. Allan has worked with the Danish fashion industry for most of his career, as well as in the areas of PR and communications with a wide range of international brands. 
As his love of the fashion industry began to wane, he discovered his passion for furniture and design, and found a need to create a blog that could inspire people with traditional Danish solutions. Bungalow5 was born from Allan's vision to create an online platform for the well-known Scandinavian style. 

24. Tom Raffield

Tom Raffield is the man behind, a website devoted to the design and creation of a collection of contemporary lighting and furniture solutions that promote exceptional design through preferred materials. Each product from Tom Raffield is hand-made by a skilled set of craftsmen, straight from their workshop in Cornwall, England. 

Tom Raffield is a company that focuses on the belief that every piece of lighting and furniture in their range needs to be both practical and functional. The company has been creating wooden lighting, steam-bent creations, and furniture since 2008. 

25. Sarah Akwisombe 

Sarah Akwisombe is the quirky and inspiring voice behind her self-named blog. She's a double-award-winning blogger, and a passionate interior stylist who first got started on her path towards success after being fired from her dull office job. 

Attempting to follow her dreams, and her love of design, Sarah decided to follow her aspirations and get involved with interiors. Since then, she's been working alongside some of the greatest stylists in the world, including some of the best homeware brands such as M&S, BHS, and even DFS. 

26. Katy Orme - Apartment Apothecary 

Katy Orme is the passionate voice behind She lives in London with her partner and Golden Retriever. Though she started her career as a secondary school teacher, Katy quickly gave in to her love of interior design, and became a full-time blogger in 2014. She now spends all her time writing from home for home, styling, and craft magazines. 

Through her website, Katy hopes to help her readers create their own ideal home. She started Apartment Apothecary in 2013, with an aim to share budget-friendly methods of home improvement with the masses. Through DIY projects and makeovers, Katy is all about creating original content and showcasing her ideas to the world. She won the "best DIY blog" in 2014 from Amara Interior. 

27. Heather Young - Growing Spaces is a website that's all about building your perfect home. Heather Young, the inspirational author behind the blog, is an interior journalist with an obsession for style. She's a craft and DIY lover who shares her best decorating tips and DIY projects online, while working as an interiors journalist for some of the best industry-leading interior magazines. 

Heather started "Growing Spaces" in 2011, when she moved to Berkshire from South London with her twins and her husband. The website began as a way to share their journey creating a dated 1970s house into their own ideal family home, and has expanded to include everything from travel, to craft.

28. Caroline Rowland - Patchwork Harmony 

Caroline Rowland launched Patchwork Harmony as a hobby while she was working full-time, in 2008. Now, her blog, and the other freelance projects she takes part in represent her entire career. Caroline's blog features everything from interior design inspiration and tips, to insights into her current projects. 

Caroline grew up in a small village near Belfast, and attended Art College when she was 16, where she discovered a love of photography. She spent a year studying photography and fashion styling at the London College of Fashion, before continuing her degree in the Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster. 

29. The Design Institute of San Diego 

The Design Institute of San Diego is an educational blog that shares information about the latest news from the design industry. The institute was founded originally in 1977, and has been consistently devoted to the purpose of providing professional education for interior designers around the world. 

The aim behind the Design Institute of San Diego blog is to offer a glimpse into design from a progressive perspective. Each post is creatively written to inspire the people of the design community. There's also a platform where professionals can get in touch and share their expertise.

30. Patricia - No Glitter No Glory 

Patricia is the glamorous author behind "No Glitter, No Glory", an online space created for design, décor insight, where she writes about her experiences in the world of design inspiration and renovation. 

Besides covering the personal DIY upgrades she makes to her own apartments, and providing pictures from house tours around her friend's homes, Patricia shares interior inspirations, lifestyle and fashion posts, and visual diaries from her adventures. She sometimes enhances her blog with the occasional post about TV shows and movies too. 

31. Souraya Hassan - Binti Home Blog 

Souraya Hassan is a fun and inspiration 28-year-old entrepreneur obsessed with detail, colour, and history. Back in 2009, she started her own "Binti Home" business, after graduating from the Amsterdam Artemis Styling Academy. Originally working as a freelancer, Souraya has built her passions into a full-time career. 
Souraya loves working with customers and clients to make the most out of her design projects. She focuses on working according to the personal needs and preferences of her customers, and her attention-to-detail shines through in her blog posts. 

32. Annie Kruse - Style Juicer 

A graphic designer by trade, Annie started her blog as another way of expressing herself; sharing what inspires her, and also some annecdotal advice on life.  Born in Germany but a self-proclaimed Anglophile, she has now been living in London for 17 years.  She’s a firm believer in keeping things simple, really focusing on the simplicity of modern design.

Recently featured in the online magazine BodhiLuxe, Annie’s blog is known for being stylish, engaging, and entertaining.

33. Antonia Ludden - Tidy Away Today 

Antonia Ludden is the founder and editor of "Tidy Away Today", otherwise known as "Tidy Life". She was originally inspired to start her own blog in 2012, when she began reading different blogs about home organisation on US sites, and couldn't find anything similar in the UK. 

Antonia's website offers a great insight into the world of interiors, but she also adds her own personal flair to the mix too, including features on lifestyle, fitness, fashion, and family living. Working as a freelancer when she's not blogging for herself, Antonia often creates content for a range of brands, and manages social media campaigns too. 

34. Cate St Hill - 

Cate St Hill is the expert and inspiration behind her own self-named blog. A design and interiors blogger based in London, UK, Cate is a design and architecture journalist by day, and a blog enthusiast by night. Her blog was first introduced during 2011 to give her an outlet for everything she loved about design. The space acted as her personal mood board before Pinterest came around. 

Throughout the website, readers can find inspiration for a range of relaxed, light, Scandi interiors, brimming with clever design solutions that uplift the everyday experience for a happier, healthier home. For Cate, interior design is more about materials, it's about creating a beautiful, calm and intimate space.

35. Stacey Sheppard: The Design Sheppard

Stacey Sheppard is the freelance writer and blogger behind "The Design Sheppard", a website that provides a range of insights into the world of interior design. Stacey lives in Dartmouth in the UK, and spends her time blogging about everything from lighting and flooring solutions, to furniture, kitchens, wallcoverings and bathrooms. 

Stacey first encountered the design world while working as a writer for a publication called "Designer Kitchen and Bathroom" magazine. Since that time, she's developed a true passion for residential design, and has written for a range of publications and websites including, and the Devon Home Magazine. 

36. Erica Davies - The Edited

Erica Davies is the fashion journalist, stylist, and brand consultant behind "The Edited". She has more than 15 years of experience in the industry as a national newspaper and magazine fashion director, with roles in publications like The Sun, The Daily Mirror, and LOOK. 

Over the years, Erica has spent her time developing in-depth fashion pages, travelling around the world, writing stories, and even appearing as a style expert on radio and television. She's created her own collections for various high street fashion chains, and started "The Edited" during 2012 as a way of making sure she had a creative outlet while on maternity leave with her second child. 

37. Emma Harris - A Quiet Style

A bubbly mother of two girls, Emma Harris uses her position at " A Quiet Style" as a chance to write about the things that she loves most. Living with her family in Brighton, within the United Kingdom, Emma has always been interested in fashion and textiles. Her obsession with style left her wanting to pursue a life in creation, but instead, she ended up in a sensible office job. 

In an effort to discover her own creative outlet, Emma took part in various courses, including interior design, jewellery design, and more. When she became pregnant, Emma stopped taking classes, and created the "A Quiet Style" blog to share her love of simple and stylish things, from fashion to interiors, to independent stores and photography. 

38. Abi Dare - These Four Walls

Travel and interior lover, blogger, photographer, and writer Abi Dare is the woman behind "These Four Walls", a website dedicated to sharing inspiration about all things design. The site offers a unique glimpse into Abi's sense of style, with images of the places that she loves most, the countries she visits, and anything else that might catch her eye. 

Abi has a day job alongside her blogging as the Deputy Editor at a boutique accommodation website. With "These Four Walls", Abi has been able to combine her passion for travel, design, and her home town Bristol, with her passion for pictures and words. Throughout the website, readers will find tales from Abi's journeys, along with profiles of designers, makers, and more. 

39. Katrina Chambers -

A popular presence within the blogging environment, Katrina Chambers is the author behind She's known for her time on "The Block" in 2011, and has since emerged as an accomplished personality, with a flair for design, a Real Estate certificate, and degree in marketing ang and advertising. 

Katrina's passion for blogging has helped her to become a significant presence within the social/digital world. Her design blog has grown from the ground up to have more than 200,000 page views per month. Katrina even won the Kidspot "Top Blogger of the Year" award in 2012. 

40. Chris Carroll - The Life Creative 

The Life Creative blog is written and managed by creative enthusiast, Chris Carroll. Chris made every decorating mistake he could think of before he started studying to become an interior designer. In other words, he has a lot of experience with the world of DIY disasters. This insight gives Chris a unique opportunity to share simple tips with people who feel hopeless about design. 

Chris works as a decorator, designer, and property stylist. During his free time, he writes his blog on The Life Creative as a way of helping other people to avoid the mistakes that he made when he was younger. The blog strives to make great design easier, so that everyone can have their ideal home. 

41. Maxine Brady - We Love Home

"We Love Home" is the personal blog of Maxine Brady, where she shares her journey through a range of makeover projects, ideas, and home renovations. The website is a charming mix of inspirational pieces, shopping ideas, and glimpses of the things that Maxine is filling her home with. 

Outside of the blogging world, Maxine holds down a full-time job as an Interior Stylist. At home, she's been using her insider know-how to find ways to revamp her property on a small budget. With "We Love Home", Maxine hopes to share budget ideas with her readers, so that everyone can learn how to style their own space perfectly with only a little cash. The blog has been shortlisted for 6 different blogging awards. 

42. Ashley - 

Ashley is the friendly and innovative writer behind "", a website that offers unique insights into creative living. As a former BA Stewardess and current part-time wardrobe mistress, Ashley has plenty of interesting insights to share when it comes to style and creation. From her website, she writes about interiors, her own home, beauty, fashion, crafts, DIY, and more!

Ashley's colourful home has been featured in a number of UK and US magazines. On, you can see the home for yourself, and discover a range of DIY ideas to try for yourself. 

43. Evija Roberts - From Evija with Love

Originally from Latvia, 32-year-old Evija Roberts currently lives in the Isle of Man and shares her love of design with the world through her website "". Though she might not be a professional in design, Evija makes up for her lack of credentials with unlimited passion and innovation. She's constantly discovering new things online, and sharing her experiences with her readers. 

Evija prides herself on being someone who can see the beauty in everything. She loves any opportunity to create, and constantly posts a range of inspirational blogs online to help her readers see the world from her point of view. 

44. Rachel Newcombe - Fresh Design Blog

Launched in 2009, "Fresh Design Blog" is a frequently-updated UK blog run and edited by freelance interior and home writer, Rachel Newcombe. As an award-winning freelance writer, editor, blogger, and researcher, Rachel is renowned for her wide range of exceptional blogs, news pieces, reviews, and articles. Through the "Fresh Design Blog", she works to deliver design inspiration to the masses, occasionally with the help of guest bloggers. 

Readers will find plenty of budget ideas for design and styling on Fresh Design, as well as a host of unique ways to accessorize and decorate the home. There are affordable products available alongside more expensive pieces, with a host of product ideas to suit every style. 

45. Victoria Jackson - Apartment Number 4

Victoria Jackson is an interior design addict with a talent for seeking out the most affordable and stunning pieces of home décor on the web. She launched Apartment Number 4 in 2009 as a way to blog about beautiful interiors, fashion finds, and more. Since then, the website has won a number of awards, acting as a one-stop-shop for homeowners in search of ways to create beautiful homes on a budget. 

Victoria was named "Best Fashion Inspired Blog" for Apartment Number 4 with the Amara Interior Blogs in 2015, and she was also voted one of the top 10 lifestyle blogs in the UK by Cosmopolitan in 2014. Her apartment has been featured in the UK's interior design mag "Style at Home", and Victoria has worked with a range of high-profile brands, from Vera Wang, to HomeSense. 

46. Polly Jemima - This Enchanted Pixie 

Polly Jemima is the writer behind the keyboard at "The Enchanted Pixie". 35 years-old and a mother of four, Polly has a passion for creation, and loves taking on new creative hobbies, from making jewellery, to creating art, delicious food, and even handmade body products. She started her design and style website back in 2010 when she was a full-time mother to three little girls. 

This Enchanted Pixie began as a documentation of Polly's day-to-day life, and evolved into something that became an incredible creative outlet. What started off as a hobby quickly grew into so much more, and more than 6 years later, Polly now works part-time on the blog while home-schooling her four children. 

47. Karen Knox - Making Spaces

Karen Knox created "Making Spaces" as her design-inspired brain child. As the daughter of a homemaker and a joiner, her background in the creative industries started as a child, when she was constantly more interested in making things than playing outside. Karen took creativity with her throughout her studies, moving to Leeds in 1997 to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree. 

As a quirky individual with a fantastic eye for design, Karen created her website as a way to share her unique style with the world. After taking a break from her career to have her son, Karen's obsession with all-things-style quickly took hold, allowing her website to flourish. 

48. Hannah Trickett - Hannah In the House 

Hannah "Thinnesen" Trickett is the editor and founder of "Hannah in the House", an interior design blog that focuses on lifestyle, travel, and Scandinavian design. Originally, her decision to start a blog came from a sense of frustration after she was forced to stop work as an interior design because of a chronic health condition. She believed that if she couldn't work as a designer, she could at least talk about design, and that's where her blog began. 

The name "Hannah In the House" came from the fact that Hannah was shut in the house for a long time. She's obsessed with design, and is part Danish - two elements which help to inspire every aspect of her blog.

49. Jenny Kakoudakis - Seasons in Colour

Seasons in Colour is an uplifting design website created by Jenny Kakoudakis in 2014. Jenny comes from London, in the United Kingdom, and is the creative director and writer behind the website. After she bought and renovated two different homes since 2007, her blog became a way for her to share her personal design and inspiration journeys as well as an outlet for sharing design, colour, and interior tricks. 

Readers of "Seasons in Colour" will find plenty of useful information about design features, pallets, and products that Jenny comes across during her day to day life, as well as tips shared with her from industry experts.

50. Gina Ciancio - Style Curator

Gina Ciancio, a social media adviser, editor, and writer, started Style Curator in 2014. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, and long had a dream to join the club of business owners. Eventually, she decided it was time to discover her passion in life, and chose to combine her two passions of writing and engaging with people through blogging and social media, with lifestyle and home design. 

Gina created Style Curator in an attempt to reach out to other people around the world just like her, who love to redecorate and re-design their homes, and stay in on a night to watch home improvement programs. 

51. Amelia Lee - Undercover Architect

As a design professional, Amelia Lee often found herself answering constant questions about new home improvement projects and DIY renovations. Because she couldn't reply to all of those questions individually, she decided to create her blog "Undercover Architect" as a way of responding to some of those pressing concerns. 

Undercover Architect is a resourceful website full of huge amounts of great advice, inspiration, and information. Amelia blogs every week in an attempt to give every homeowner the help they need to achieve the home of their dreams. 


52. Antonia Edwards - UpCyclist 

Author, design lover, and interior expert, Antonia Edwards is the writer behind "Upcyclist". She published the book "Upcyclist: Reclaimed and Remade Furniture", in 2015, followed by "Renovate Innovate: Reclaimed and Upcycled Homes", in 2017. In 2015, Antonia was selected for the list of "Most Influential Londoners" created by "The Evening Standard". 

Antonia began UpCyclist during 2011, when she was working as an interiors editor for a range of regional lifestyle magazines. 3 years after her graduation with a masters in Interior Design, Antonia was inspired by the resourcefulness of a friend, who had begun painting illustrations onto discarded items of furniture. Antonia then decided she wanted to report on similar designers, stylists, home owners, brands, and makers who produce beautiful eco designs. 

53. Lucy Meek - Decorenvy

An innovative and inspiring writer, Lucy Meek is the author of Decorenvy, a design and interiors blog for people who are bored of high street style. Decorenvy was born following a need for new and interesting ideas that Lucy felt when exploring the standard interior design stores. It started off as a digital scrapbook for her creations when she began decorating her home in 2013. Eventually, she transformed Decorenvy into a place for anyone who's sick of the repetitive high-street brands. 

Decorenvy is a place that readers can go to get a peek into beautiful and interesting homes, discover obscure and unusual interiors, and see Lucy's chronicles of her own DIY projects. Since it was launched, DecorEnvy has been nominated for a range of awards, as well as being featured in EKBB, Elle Decoration, and Homestyle Magazines. 

54. Nicole Cox - The Builders Wife 

Nicole Cox is the bubbly and charming writer behind "The Builders Wife" website and blog. The online site is a digital diary for Nicole, where she talks about the renovations of her beautiful old home, and the steps she's taken towards designing the home of her dreams. When she's not looking after her children, she and her husband are looking for new and inspired way to renovate their property. 

Nicole and her husband are both builders in their day jobs, who work to help other people discover their own home ownership dreams. Within the blog, you'll find plenty of fantastic stories about renovation, creation, and insight from a builder's perspective. 

55. Ruthie - Design Soda 

Ruthie is a London-based design blogger who created "Design Soda" as an effort to give the world into the inspirational journey of renovation she's been moving through with her own house. Design Soda charts the creation of a dream home from a modest budget, with an author that has a keen eye for patterns, colours, and innovation.

Ruth posts twice a week with information about design, interiors, make-overs, DIY, styling, and more. Sometimes she simply shares pictures of things that capture her mind and imagination within her home city of London.  

56. The Pink House - Emily

A long time lifestyle journalist in London, Emily now lives in her Pink House in Edinburgh with her husband and two children.  Since moving she’s found herself obsessed with creating a space in her glorious pink home that is as fun, energetic, and beautiful as some of her favorite restaurants and hotels in London.  

In the process of redecorating her own home, she met incredibly talented artists and designers who gave her invaluable advice.  That’s where the idea for “The Pink House” was born. She’s now creating a space on the web where people can find inspriation and advice that they can use to create their own dream homes.

57. Becky Freeman - Spirited Puddle Jumper

Located in the South-East of London, Becky Freeman is the engaging author behind the blog "". She lives with her husband and children, and devotes her time to digital marketing, blogging, and interior design. 

Originally, Becky's blog began as a way for her to document her life with her family. However, as the years progressed, the online space rapidly expanded to feature a number of her passions, including travel, and creation. Perhaps the biggest element of Becky's website is her focus on renovating her family home, which was bought as a rundown wreck in 2012. 

58. Natalia Alexandrou - BritishStyleUK 

Natalia Alexandrou is an interior design blogger studying towards a diploma of Interior Design at the KLC school of Interior Design. Natalia's obsession with all things style lead her to create her blog "British Style UK", as a way of sharing as much inspiration and insight with the world as possible. The blog provides a look into design from the perspective of a woman who loves bold, brave, and stunning interiors. 

For Natalia, budget should never stop someone from getting the home of their dreams. She believes in creating interiors that are gorgeous and practical at the same time, combining both functionality, comfort, and style. British Style UK is a mix of interior design inspiration tips, product reviews, and more. 

59. Roisin Lafferty - Kingston Lafferty Design 

Kingston Lafferty Design is an interiors website which was founded in 2010 by the award-winning designer, Roisin Lafferty. With her guidance, the website provides a respected look into the industry of design and architecture across Europe and Ireland. 

Kingston Lafferty Design is all about thinking differently when it comes to style. The blog has earned prestige and recognition around the world thanks to its holistic approach to creating truly meaningful interior results. Today, Kingston Lafferty Design isn't just a blog, it's also an award-winning design house in Dublin, specializing in Interior design, Graphic design, and architecture. 

60. Bianca Hall - French for Pineapple

Interior design lover and print and textile designer, Bianca Hall, is the voice behind "French for Pineapple", a bold and quirky interior design blog that provides guidance into the world of style and interior fashion. Bianca lives in Northern London with her two children and her husband, where she's constantly reinventing and redecorating her own Victorian home. 

Besides her love of interior design, Bianca also has an attraction to all things DIY. She believes in transforming spaces with paint and simple DIY techniques, and considers herself to be an expert shopper - particularly when it comes to decorating the home. Bianca writes about all of her passions on French for Pineapple. 

61. Yasmin Chopin

Yasmin Chopin is an experienced designer who has worked in the industry for several years. Since she first began her interior design business, Yasmin has worked alongside hundreds of clients to help them achieve their ideal look at home. Her key criteria for design involves making the most out of light and space, and working according to strict deadlines. Yasmin frequently helps people to solve their design dilemmas and make their budgets stretch as far as possible. 

Through Yasmin's blog, readers can learn all about a range of fantastic DIY and interior tricks and tips. Recently, Yasmin earned her diploma in Interior Design from the Ichbald School of Design in London. She was also recognised with an award for being the quickest learning graduate in her class! 

62. Fleur - Our Urban Box

Fleur is the country girl and inspirational design expert behind "Our Urban Box", an interiors website with a romantic and quirky edge. Fleur grew up in the outback of Broken Hill, NSW, and moved to Wagga when she was 18, where she quickly fell in love with the laidback lifestyle, and created "Our Urban Box", as her own unique creative outlet. 

Fleur had wanted to start blogging for a number of years before Our Urban Blog began, and when the start of her new house creation began to come into focus, she decided it was the best time to share her journey with the world. During the day, she works for a home building business, helping clients with house plans and colour selections. 

63. Ruth Garner - Gathered Cheer

Ruth Garner is the delightful author of "Gathered Cheer" an interior design site which Ruth uses to share details about everything that's near and dear to her heart. The website comes from Ruth's belief that the world becomes a better place when people share their joy and inspiration with one another. She provides guidance on everything from everyday life, home and design, to travel and creativity projects. 
Ruth lives in London with her husband, and is a freelance social media consultant and writer in her spare time. Often, she fills her blog with tales of life in the big city, as well as insights into her own thoughts and feelings. 

64. Jennifer French - Inside Out Colour and Design 

Jennifer French (MDIA), is the colour consultant and principal interior decorator for Inside Out, Colour and Design. She established her business originally in 2004, after building on her personal experience in the world of creativity, with formal qualifications in design and colour. Jennifer has a wonderful eye for colour schemes, and works closely with her clients to define palettes that suit their personal lifestyle and tastes. 

Jennifer's passion for all things design has led to a website and career that showcase her ability to skillfully combine textures, colours, and furnishings into a stunning finished result. She loves everything to do with home and family. 

65. Jo Hamilton - 

Jo Hamilton is the creative director of Jo Hamilton Interiors, and the writer behind She's considered to be one of the top interior designers in the UK, well-loved for her bold and exciting use of colour, intelligent insight into space, and luxury style. Jo is also a well-respected writer, public speaker, design commentator, broadcaster, and property finder. 

Jo has been running her design consultancy firm ever since 1995, and has been involved with a range of incredible high-end developments, both overseas and in Britain. Jo's design insight has allowed her to leave her mark from New York, to Dubai, with projects ranging from exclusive apartments in the city, to offices and hotels. 

66. Polly Rowan -

Polly Rowan is the fantastic twenty-something Londoner living in Melbourne, Australia, who is responsible for "", a blog that brings everything she loves together in one place. From interior and design inspirations, to travel insights, and the simple pleasures of day-to-day life, Polly gives her readers a taste of what it's like inside her mind. 

Polly studied textile design for interiors in Bath, graduating during 2013, and in her spare time, she loves exploring beaches, hiking around Melbourne, going out for breakfast with friends, and running. As a day job, she works on social media strategies for an interior textile company. 

67. Emily May -

Based in London, Emily May is an enthusiastic blogger and interior designer who shares her love of the stylish interiors world through her blog on "". Originally, Emily began blogging to let off steam and allow her creativity to shine while she was studying for her bachelor's degree in Interior Design. 

Since she graduated from University, Emily has allowed her blog to grow right alongside her. Now, it includes tips and information about the latest interior trends, along with other categories like fashion, travel, and lifestyle. 

68. Emily Osmond - Get in My Home

The delightful Emily Osmond is the editor and founder of "Get in My Home" an inspirational interior and design blog that's all about finding your own style. In the blog, readers will find insight into the latest Australian creators and designers, as well as plenty and tips and tricks for how to make your own spaces a little more special. 

Emily's interest in design started with her drawing out floor plans for her bedroom when she was younger, and re-arranging furniture whenever she got a chance. She even used her mother's sewing machine to create her own accessories and pillowcases. In 2012, Emily started "Get in My Home" has a creative outlet, and went on to study Interior design in further education. 

69. Phoebe Oldrey - Smart Style Interiors

Phoebe Oldrey writes the voice for "Smart Style Interiors", an insightful design and interior blog that offers insight and guidance for people who want to renovate and renew their home. The blog is an extension of the Smart Style Interiors company, which works with clients to help them bring their vision of the perfect property to life. 

After she qualified from the KLC School of Design in 2002, Phoebe began working alongside some of the biggest names in London, under the watchful gaze of her mentors, Sue Symons, and Mark Humphrey. As the years continued to pass, she had the pleasure of working with a wide range of great clients, decorating properties and contributing to grand refurbishments. 

70. Valentina - A Day with V 

A self-professed globe-trotter and design addict, Valentina is the inspirational writer behind the blog "". Valentina was born in Tuscany, and has been addicted to design ever since she graduated with her degree in architecture. Her desire to experience new things led her to live for two years in Australia, where she worked in a range of restaurants. 

Through her blog, Valentina has created a place where she can confidently share projects, ideas, experiences, photography, and inspiration. Every design and graphic is made by Valentina herself, unless otherwise mentioned. 

71. Alex - The Interior DIY'er

The writer and editor behind "", Alex was born in Dublin, but grew up just north of Toronto in Canada. She's now living in Dublin with her husband, and sharing her insights into design in a unique, exciting way online. 

Alex graduated with a BA hons in Interior Design in 2011. Though she found the industry difficult to break into, she's been making the most of her passion for design by blogging about her projects and ideas. Alex has a unique eye for style, that focuses heavily on contrast and stunning juxtapositions. 

72. Fabrice Bana

Fabrice Bana is the editor and founder of "[A]gent of style", an interiors website with a romantic and enthusiastic twist. Fabrice is a French interior design who has been living in London for more than 18 years now. He draws his inspiration in the world of style from interiors, design solutions, architecture, antiques, and the arts. Fabrice also has a unique eye for travel, music, fashion, food, and nature. 

Through his unique website, Fabrice keeps his finger on the pulse of the latest trends, constantly looking out for anything inspiring or unique. He created A-Gent of Style to document his thoughts and feelings, and expand his creative horizons every day.

73. David and Mark: Forward Features

David and Mark are the inspirational people behind "Forward Features", a design blog that follows the adventures of two interior-obsessed individuals in their attempt to find the perfect flat. Over the years, the blog quickly emerged as a way for them to document all their thoughts and feelings about art, interiors, design, and living in London. 

Readers will discover everything they need to know about the hottest trends in the market, the latest industry events, and the best need-to-know collaboration stories. What's more, Mark and David also offer a look into living in the big city. 

74. Kiran Singh - My Unique Home

A single mother by choice and a devoted design blog expert, Kiran Singh is the multi-award winning entrepreneur behind "My Unique Home". As a life coach for "Design the Life You Desire", an author, and an interior designer at her own company "Studio Kiran Singh", Kiran has a world of experience to draw from with each of her posts. 

Kiran is also the editor-in-chief and founder of various other publications, including "My Unique Home", "Vivacious Mum", and "Passion for Food". She recently won the "BoConcept's Ones to Watch" award for 2016, as well as the "Star Awards", in 2015. 

75. Nancy Straughan - Hello Nancy

Nancy Straughan lives in Stoke Newington, in North London, in her own charming flat. From there, she writes in her blog "Hello Nancy", about all things design and interior. When she's not posting online, she's running her own homeware company, and Nancy adores designing for textiles. Her brand came to life as soon as she graduated university with a degree in printed textile design. 

Nancy also works as a stylist and freelance journalist, specializing in the areas of crafts, lifestyle, and DIY. She has a creative column in The Guardian newspaper, and has written for a range of publications including Homemaker, Mollie Makes, and Crafts Beautiful. 

76. Bill Hutchison - Renovate Australia

Bill Hutchison is the voice behind Renovate Australia, the popular website with guidance on all things renovation. Bill originally comes from Canada, and started living in Australia during 1998. He's a full-time volunteer with a Christian organization known as "Reef to Outback", designed to assist youth development. In his volunteer position, Bill focuses on the IT, web, and conferencing areas of the Ministry. 

Through Renovate Australia, Bill shares guidance and advice for DIY fans, and provides an insight into his own home development processes. Bill and his wife purchased their first home in 2003, and spent two and a half years renovating it. 

77. Emma Blomfield - 

Emma Blomfield is the innovative mind behind As the co-founder of The Decorating School, a homeware-buyer, stylist, and author, Emma has plenty of unique insight into the world of design. With a passion for interior design that spans across her entire life, Emma has always sought out new ways to immerse herself in the world of style. 

After studying Business at University, and majoring in marketing, Emma worked in retail, and as a Nanny. While she was working in her first job, many of her friends were coming to her for advice about how to decorate their first home. Before she knew it, Emma was offering advice and tips for interior decoration through her very own website, and e-decorating service. 

78. Mary Middleton - Hello Pea Green 

Mary Middleton began her blog in 2010, an insight into her day-to-day life that eventually transformed into "Hello Pea Green". Today, the website is a place for Mary to share her insights about the world of design, as an interior design professional and tutor. Readers can browse through her online scrapbook of inspirational guidance, featuring a host of extraordinary trends, updates, and tips. 

Mary describes herself as a person with a huge appetite for all things design. She loves visiting salvage stores, exhibitions, antique fairs, and vintage stores. Besides writing for her own blog, Mary is also a freelance interiors writer who has created content for a range of other people. 

79. Fiona Reid - Copperline 

Fiona Reed is the inspiring woman and freelance journalist responsible for "Copperline", the interior design, property, and architecture blog. She's been writing about the world of interior style for almost two decades, and works as a journalist for magazines and newspapers across the United Kingdom. 

Fiona started her first blog "The Property Files" during 2013, and created Copperline in the same year. Eventually, the two blogs merged together to create a website that focuses on both property, and design. 

80. Victoria Harrison - Style Made Simple 

The incredible innovator behind "", Victoria Harrison is an interiors writer and editor, and a stylist with a personal love of all things DIY and craft. Victoria has spent more than a decade working for interior and homes magazine, and is currently acting as an editor for Houzz in the UK and Ireland. She's also a monthly columnist for the Metro paper!

Through her website, Victoria hopes to make style simpler for everyone, by sharing her interior design tips and tricks, along with insights into the world of craft and DIY. From regular blogs to videos, Victoria offers a range of content to browse through, and has worked with a range of high-profile clients. 

81. Philippa Devas - Devas Designs 

The distinctive worlds of modern creativity and traditional design come together in Philippa Devas' blog, "Devas Designs". As a member of the British Institute of Interior Design, Philippa makes her mark on the online space with a fantastic collection of blogs and imagery designed to inspire and inform. 

Philippa has worked as a designer for Percy Bass, before becoming an assistant to Chester Jones at Colefax & Fowler. Eventually, Devas Designs was launched in 1998, and Philippa began to work on a range of incredible projects, from designing modern London flats to large houses. She was listed in the 100 leading interior designers for House & Garden in 2006, 2009, 2012, and 2015. 

82. Kate Young - Kate Young Design 

An award-winning blogger, photographer, interior stylist, and mother, Kate Young is the voice behind Kate Young Design. Living within the South of England, Kate fell in love with the UK on a gap year, travelling from her home in France, and she never went back. 

Kate first realised how much she loved interiors when she was 8 years old and asked for an Art et Decoration subscription from her parents. Eventually, she decided to study for a degree in design with KLC London, and soon after her blog was born. 

83. Lotte - Yes Please Blog 

Lotte created the "Yes Please Blog" as a creative outlet for her passion in interior design and homemaking. At first, the website began with her sharing her cooking experiments and renovation projects. Today, the blog is a collection of fantastic unique insights and tips from Lotte herself. 

Lotte grew up in the Caribbean, the Netherlands, and Italy, and prides herself on living an adventurous lifestyle. From sailing in Minnesota, to working as an animal nurse in a wildlife rehabilitation centre in South Africa, she's had a range of experiences that help to deliver unique personality to her blog. 

84. Anya Jensen - Simply Danish Living

Simply Danish Living is a blog for people who love Danish design and style. It's written by Anya Jensen, an adventurous writer who spent much of her time globe-trotting before she found her passion in the simple pleasures of life. Recently, Anya published the first free magazine ever to be created on Danish HYGGE, called "Simply Hygge Magazine". 

As a photographer, writer, and stylist living in Copenhagen with her partner and two daughters, Anya launched her website "", in 2016, and has since been sharing insights into how to live a simpler Danish life, full of fun, hygge, and laughter. 

85. Linda - Make Do and DIY 

Linda is the happy-go-lucky voice behind the "" blog. She shares her views of the world of interior design and architecture from the perspective of a new home owner desperately trying to create the house of her dreams on a tiny budget. 

Linda's blog is uniquely engaging because it shares her unique story, and the struggles that she and her family have faced in their attempts to find the right home in Ireland. After a number of problems trying to buy a property, Linda and her family are now sharing the journey they're going through while transforming their property into the perfect home. 

86. Don’t Cramp Our Style - Anna Tobin

Anna is a journalist and interior stylist who regulary contributes to publications like The Guardian and The Times.  Her blog began when her and her partner decided to a buy a home specifically looking to renovate it.  They weren’t searching for a prestine new construction house; they wanted something that they could turn in to their own home.

They’ve successfully done that and they now continue to give advice, tips, and inspiration for interior design at Don’t Cramp Our Style.

87. Rowena Vaughn - RJV Designs 

Rowena Vaughan is the inventive mind behind the blog and business "RJV Designs". Her company delivers a full-service interior design solution for homeowners, and was established in 1995. Rowena studied design at the Chelsea School of Art, then went on to further studies with courses in Building Surveying at the University of Westminster. 

Rowena has more than 20 years of experience in the design space, and that background shows through in her blog, where she talks about everything from new builds to refurbishments. Rowena also leads a passionate team of enthusiastic designers. 

88. Janine - The Seal Pup

Janine is the twenty-something dynamo behind The Seal Pup, a design website brimming with fascinating insights into the world of interior design and style. She's an interior designer currently living in London, who started her blog as a way to share her love of design and style with friends and family around the country. 

Janine uses her blog to provide a unique insight into her life as a designer, and the challenges that she faces while living in London. After she graduated University, she landed a job in her favourite profession, and has been lucky enough to stay there ever since. 

89. Simon and Melanie - The Kitchen and Bathroom Blog

Simon Hodgson and Melanie Gardener created the Kitchen and Bathroom blog to provide a resource where they could share interesting information, including showroom openings, product launch details, new designs, and award-winners. 

Simon has over 35 years of experience working in the kitchen and bathroom industry. He was a sales and marketing director for Nouvelle kitchens, and a director for Impala kitchens. Melanie worked in the publishing industry for 14 years, most recently as a managing director for the Kitchen and Bathroom titles published by Universal Magazines. Melanie is now a freelance editor. 

90. James Mason - Renovation Junkies

James Mason is the founder of Renovation Junkies. He lives in Sydney with his wife and two daughters, but identifies himself as a passionate country boy. James grew up on a farm in rural NSW, Australia, where he quickly began to build his career as a designer at the age of only 16. 

For more than 15 years, James worked as a partner within a multi award-winning building company, which specialized in renovations, design, extensions, general maintenance, and new buildings. His on-going commitment and passion in the world of quality design have led to the development of some truly breathtaking building work and renovations. 

91. Kerry Hussain - Very Kerry H

Kerry Hussain is a delightful designer who has had a love for decorating and designing ever since she was a young child. She ended up studying graphic design in school, which contributed to a 15-year career in the world of broadcast design. 

In 2005, Kerry bought and renovated her very first property, after which she decided it was time to start following her dream and change her career path. Since then, she's worked across various areas in styling, from commercial, to editorial. Her particular preference is in the residential world.

92. Joanna & Michael Gauza - Attractive Minimalism

Beautiful couple Joanna and Michael Gauza created "Attractive Minimalism" as a website that they could use to share their unique philosophy with the world. They believe that services, products, and design should all be attractive enough to change the self-destructive habits that people engage in on a daily basis. 

Through Attractive Minimalism, the couple share the fantastic story of their lives, with guidance into their views on all things interior design. Their attention to detail in everything that they produce makes their blogs wonderful to read. 

93. Claire Price - My House Candy

Writer, mother, and design enthusiast Claire Price is the voice behind "My House Candy", a unique style-heavy website that's all about delivering the most beautiful images and ideas across the web to a vast collection of readers. 

Unlike many other bloggers, Claire uses her website to help her tell a story of what she thinks design should be. Everything she shares, from pictures of flowers, to a look at a vintage vase is designed to give an insight into her own personal feelings when it comes to life and beauty. 

94. Helga De Waal - Inspire and Create

From her friendly website, Helga de Waal shares innovative tips and insights into the world of design. Through "", Helga shares her passion for everything from green living, to interior design and vintage creations. The blog began after she studied the Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art, alongside professional web design. 

Helga founded her design studio "jt design", in 2004, where she now works alongside a range of small businesses and creatives. The blog came to live in 2012, so that she could have a unique space to show her love of interiors to the world, alongside her business website. 

95. Pia Orr - Finnterior Designer

Quirky Finnish Londoner Pia Orr is the inspiration and writer behind "Finnterior Designer", a website that's all about home decorating and interior transformation. Pia's obsession with Nordic and Scandinavian design comes from her background as a Finn, but she also likes to dabble with more glamorous ideas too. 

One thing that's worth noting about the Finnterior Designer blog, is that every image is beautifully professional. Because Pia considers photography to be one of her passions, she uses a top-of-the-range camera to capture her images and share them with the world. 

96. Suzie Smith - Suzanne Designs

Suzie or "Suzanne" Smith, is a passionate interior designer who believes in finding the home solutions that work best to represent the personality of each homeowner. For Suzie, a home should always reflect the person who lives there, but she notes in her blog that people often have a hard time finding their own personal style - particularly when just browsing retail stores. 

Suzie uses her blog, and her position as a designer as a tool to help guide people towards finding their own unique image in the world of interior design. Her devotion to colour and style makes her writing almost spiritual. 

97. Home With the Haworths

Kelly, the author behind Home With the Haworths, started her blog as a passion project and found herself pleasantly surprised by it’s growing popularity.  As newlyweds with a baby on the way her and her husband bought their first house and Kelly’s obsession with interior design began.

Now a busy mother of four her blog encompasses not only design, but also great upcycle ideas and amazing advice and tips on redecorating on a budget.  Speaking from her own experiences she knows how overwhelming the process of renovating or redecorating a home can be so she’s set out to share what she’s learned along the way.

98. Kate Hatherell - The Home Design School 

The Home Design School was a website created by Kate Hatherall in an attempt to help people all around the world unlock the resources that they need to create their ideal home. Kate resonates with the frustration that some homeowners can feel when they struggle to find the design solutions that appeal most to them. 

Kate's blog was born after she suffered from a range of different mistakes trying to renovate and her improve her own home. After a while, she began to read every decorating book she could find, while working with a collection of interior designers. Eventually, her hard work paid off with two diplomas in interior design. 

99. Annie Buckingham - Gold Vibes Only

Annie Buckingham is a fresh-faced and charming Interior and Lifestyles blogger from London. She combines her love of interiors, lifestyle topics, and travel to deliver an incredible mix of insights and tips into the world of style. Annie created Gold Vibes Only in 2016, and she's been sharing her thoughts on interior design with the world ever since. 

Within its first year of publication, Gold Vibes Only has already been nominated for Best Newcomer at Amara Interior Blog Awards. The website has also collaborated with a range of large brands, including HomeSense, Sainsbury's and TKMaxx. 

100. Little One’s Blog - Natalie Holden

Natalie earned her degree in interior design in 2010.  Her adventurous nature and love for travel seem to influence her taste in interior design.  She loves to think outside the box and be a bit daring with her interiors; and loves to encourage her audience to do the same.

She’s intrigued by out of the ordinary design ideas; mixing old with new, dabbling with upcycling projects, and really embracing the eco-friendly and sustainable design trends.