Understanding House and Land Packages in Perth
Chris Hopkin, Novus Homes
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Building your dream home in Perth?

The concept of house and land packages is reshaping the home building landscape, presenting a compelling option for those looking to craft their unique living spaces in Western Australia's vibrant capital. 

Let's explore what these packages entail and their numerous advantages.

The Allure of House and Land Packages

House and land packages streamline the home building process. Instead of purchasing land and then seeking a builder, these packages combine the two steps. 

Buyers can select a plot and a home design that fits it perfectly. With a single transaction, they can secure both the land and the construction of their new home. 

This often results in cost savings, more straightforward financing options, and a more streamlined process overall.

Choosing Your Design and Location

Perth offers a range of locales, from serene coastal spots to bustling urban hubs. Your chosen location can influence the type of home designs available.

Depending on the home builder who is offering the house and land package, there might be an array of designs tailored to fit different sized blocks of land. With the guidance of a designer, you can often personalise your chosen design to suit your style and needs.

Financing Your Home Build

One of the significant advantages of house and land packages is the transparency in pricing. Most package providers offer a clear breakdown of costs, making it easier for buyers to budget.

Moreover, there are specialised home loans tailored for these packages, making financing more accessible. Potential buyers should research the best mortgage rates and terms available in Perth and also inquire about any government incentives or rebates.

The Role of Perth's Home Builders

Choosing the right builder is pivotal. The best home builders in Perth bring a wealth of experience, ensuring that homes aren’t just visually appealing but structurally sound as well.

When selecting a builder or package provider, it's essential to consider their reputation, previous projects, and customer reviews.

It's also advisable to visit display homes, as they offer tangible insights into the builder's quality and craftsmanship.

Legalities and Settlement

While house and land packages simplify the home building journey, they do come with their legalities. It's essential to be well-versed with contract stipulations, especially concerning payment milestones, the quality of materials, and timelines.

Understanding the land registration process can help ensure you secure ownership without hitches. Always consider seeking legal counsel or advice before finalising any contracts.

Embracing Community Living

One of the understated benefits of house and land packages, especially in new development areas, is the sense of community. Modern housing estates in Perth offer not just homes, but amenities, parks, community centres, and a sense of belonging.

Before making a choice, consider visiting the area multiple times to get a feel for the neighbourhood, local amenities, and any future development plans.

Conclusion: The House and Land Package Advantage

House and land packages in Perth offer a harmonious blend of personalisation and convenience.

They stand out as a practical choice for those looking for a seamless home building experience.

With the right package, you're not just building a house, you're crafting a lifestyle choice set against the picturesque backdrop of Perth.

Building Your House and Land Package with Novus Homes

Here at Novus we don't just build your average house and land package. We specialise in luxury and two storey house and land packages that are in close proximity to Perth CBD.

So if you are looking for the streamlined process of buying a house and land package while wanting that luxury touch and live closer to the CBD, please don't hesitate to get in touch or call us on (08) 9240 8001 and one of our friendly sales consultants will be happy to help with any questions you may have.