What is a 2 storey house?

What is a 2 storey house?

A commonly asked question is: What is a 2 storey house? A two story home is a residential building that has two floors. The second floor is usually used for the bedrooms and the ground floor serves as an entrance hall, living room and dining area. A one story house on the other hand is a residential building with only one floor with all rooms on the same level.

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What does upside down living mean in a 2 storey house?

Upside down living is a concept that is gaining popularity in architecture and design.

The concept of upside down living is to live on the second floor and sleep on the first. If your property has a view, placing the living area on the second storey will maximise that view and unleash its full potential.

This type of living is perfect for those who are downsizing or have a small family. The second floor can include a home office, guest suite, or even a kids’ playroom.

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What are the benefits of a double story home?

A double story home has many benefits. It gives you more space and more privacy, as you can live on one level and sleep on another. You also have the luxury of having a view from the second floor.

Guests might be able to stay in a separate area and have their own living area, which may be more comfortable for them. 

Additionally, the homeowner can enjoy views from the second floor, which may be an appealing aspect of this type of home.

What are the disadvantages of a 2 storey house?

A 2 storey house is a great option for those who are looking to maximise the use of their land. But there are some disadvantages that you should be aware of before making a decision.

The first disadvantage is that it can be difficult to access the upper floor. This means that one needs to climb stairs, which can be a problem for those who have mobility issues, children or pets. 

The second disadvantage is structural limitations. Building a 2 storey house takes longer and it's more expensive than building a single-storey house because of the additional materials needed for support and the extra labour involved in construction.

How much does a two story home cost?

The cost of a two story house depends on the size and location.

The average two story home in Perth will cost anywhere from $400,000 to $2 million, it really depends on the size and intricacy of the design and the amount of money you will spend on the fixtures and finishes.

It also depends on the block of land. If it is a flat block, with easy access for trades and materials, it will be cheaper to build than a sloping block with difficult access.

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