What to consider when planing to build a new storey home

Posted July 19, 2015

Building a two storey home is a very appealing option when compared to buying an existing dwelling as it allows you to dictate exactly what you want as well as giving you the very latest in home design.

Before you start building a two storey home there are some important aspects that you should consider. Here is a list of some things that are important to investigate when choosing to build a double storey home.


When putting together your budget for your new two storey home in Perth you will need to account for costs other than those quoted by your builder.

There are costs associated with site works (preparing your land for the build). Some blocks are more difficult to build on than others which increases your costs. Some blocks may be cheaper to purchase but end up costing you more when implementing site works.

Another factor is the level of finish applied to your home. Clarify with your builder what is included in the building specification. There are several items which are necessary to finish your home such as flooring, windows dressings and carpet which may not be part of your quoted build price.

Double Storey Home Design

Choosing the floor plan which meets your exact needs is one of the main reasons people choose to build a two storey home in Perth. Consider your preferences carefully when choosing a floor plan. How you like to entertain guests as well as where the sun will be hitting your property should be carefully considered when choosing your home’s layout.

Contact one of our friendly consultants at Novus Homes and we will personally help you discover the best solution to meet your needs.

Time frame

It is important to consider how long the build will take to complete. Plan your accommodation while the build is taking place. Effective time management will save you rent as it will allow your build completion date to fall conveniently at the same time as your move out date. At Novus we provide transparency with your build timeline. We are also with you every step of the way ensuring that your build process is stress free.

Choose the Right Builder

Building a two storey home is not a small project or small investment of money. As such it is vital that you choose a builder you can feel confident with. At Novus Homes we have won countless awards for our superior specification and uncompromising level of quality. With an extensive range of designs, an impressive portfolio and exceptional customer service, Novus Homes are ideal for your next two storey home building project.