What extras to ask for when building a new house?

Building a new house is both an exciting and daunting process. It’s such an important decision to make, and it involves so many considerations: location, budget range, design features, extra features – the list goes on!

Some of these decisions may have already been made by the time you approach Novus Homes for more information about building your dream home in Perth. 

But don’t forget some of the extras that you can ask for when designing your brand-new luxury custom home with us! 

This is the exciting beginning of your new home building process. With added special touches like luxurious finishes and energy-efficient materials, your perfect abode will be even more spectacular. 

And don't rush anything either, if it's going to be your forever home it often makes sense to find the perfect block of land first and then build the house later. This will also give you plenty of time to consider all the extras you'd like to include in your new home.

Keep reading to discover some amazing extras you should consider adding to your build when planning your new dream home.

Consider upgrading to sustainable and energy-efficient materials

At Novus Homes, we are passionate about crafting luxury custom homes that not only look beautiful but help to create a more sustainable future too. That's why we encourage our clients to think about upgrading their homes with modern materials like triple-glazed windows and high quality insulation. 

Not only do these features increase cost savings in the long run, but they create a comfortable and energy-efficient atmosphere for you and your family. After all, at Novus Homes, luxurious living goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability.

Ask for extra storage space

Extra storage space is a must when it comes to building luxury custom homes. Should your original design not have it included, consider adding a walk-in linen for added convenience and more room to store your extra sheets, bedding, clothing and other garments. 

Or, if you're looking for extra space for kitchen goods, a large walk-in pantry can give you plenty of room to create the ultimate culinary haven. 

With Novus Homes, Perth's premiere building company, never fear those pesky storage dilemmas again with our custom designs for all types of luxury homes.

Request premium fixtures and finishes

At Novus Homes, we understand that an important part of the custom home building experience is about getting the premium fixtures and finishes of your dreams. 

That’s why we offer access to a variety of luxurious options in our homes from stone countertops to luxury appliances and the best imported tiles and tapware. 

Each feature can be carefully tailored to suit your individual style and preferences and create spaces that reflect your vision. We strive to deliver each home with incomparable luxury and quality so you can live your best life.

Add some luxury touches with designer lighting 

Building a luxurious, custom home should be an enjoyable and inspiring experience. And what better way to bring that extra bit of luxury than with designer lighting? 

At Novus Homes, we specialise in making your dream home a reality, and the addition of elegant lighting fixtures will take it up a notch. 

We invite you to browse our display homes located throughout Perth to find some inspiration and then work with our interior design experts to help make your final decision.

Upgrade your bathrooms and kitchen

When it comes to upgrading your home and increasing its overall value, there's no better place to start than the bathroom and kitchen. 

At Novus Homes, we understand the integral role these two rooms have in both practicality and aesthetic appeal, which is why we specialise in creating luxury custom bathrooms and kitchens that are tailored to each homeowner's individual desires. 

Our expert team of builders and designers will work together with you to create a space that not only looks stunning but also adds immense value to your property.

Whether you’re looking for a minor modification of a pre-designed home or an entirely new design from scratch, we use top-grade materials and finishes to ensure your bathroom or kitchen reflects the luxurious feel you have been dreaming about.

Install extra soundproofing systems to ensure peaceful living

At Novus Homes we understand how important the peace and quiet of luxury living is to our clients. That’s why we strive to go above and beyond industry standards when it comes to providing superior soundproofing solutions. 

From floor to ceiling insulation systems, to acoustic treatments that absorb noise, every step of the construction process is taken with noise reduction in mind. Our experienced team are here to ensure your home is soundproofed for a tranquil and stress-free living experience with no compromise on luxury. 

With Novus Homes, you can rest assured that the highest level of comfort and style awaits you in your new home.

Outdoor Entertaining

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, Novus Homes knows that you can never have too much luxury. Nothing compliments beautiful Perth evenings like an exquisitely designed deck, balcony or alfresco area for hosting those special occasions. 

Consider heating and cooling

Our experienced team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to optimising temperature controls to keep your space at the perfect temperature. From innovative in-floor heating systems to climate control technology, there are endless options that we can tailor specifically to your needs. 

With our in-house design team available to find the right solution, we make sure you get the quality of air conditioning you desire. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your dream home is properly heated and cooled.

Consider a swimming pool for the family

When it comes to adding a swimming pool to your home, there's truly no one answer - it all depends on what you and your family are looking for. 

If you want something that just adds an additional luxurious touch to your property, then it could be totally worth investing in a custom-built pool. Consider the exciting opportunities for recreational activities and social gatherings which come with a pool – swimming parties, lounging by the water, or even teaching the kids how to swim! 

Alternatively, if you're concerned about the time commitment of caring for a pool and potential maintenance costs incurred over time, then there may not be enough incentive in terms of lifestyle benefits to make investing in a swimming pool worthwhile. 

The decision is totally up to you and what you need.

In Summary

Building your dream home comes with pros and cons but it doesn't have to be a stressful process. With innovative materials and products, many new styles and upgraded fixtures, it's easy to make your new home luxurious and energy-efficient. 

At Novus Homes in Perth, Western Australia we offer custom luxury homes that are built just for you. Whether you're looking to upgrade with sustainable materials, add extra storage space, or provide some outdoor entertaining, we’ve got you covered. 

By now you probably have already gone through all pros and cons of building your own home, so if you are ready to take the next step, contact us today to learn more about the endless possibilities of personalising your home!