Your 2 Storey home: Window treatment trends 2015

Posted April 27, 2015

As a double storey home builder in Perth, we are constantly researching and writing about home design trends. For 2015, the use of window dressings is very important in home design, and we just adore some of the options available to home builders! Please continue reading for some of the most exciting window dressing options available in 2015!

Organic Materials

The use of raw, natural materials in home design was very popular in 2014, and this trend will continue through to 2015. Treat your windows with beautiful organic materials like bamboo, linen and hemp to create a soft, calming space!

Bursts of Colour

Create a statement piece or a feature in your home by installing colourful and dramatic curtains. Bold, geometric prints can help to tie different design elements in your space together and create a sense of drama and excitement in your home. If you don’t like the thought of prints, consider a single bold colour like an icy blue or a chartreuse.

Luxurious Materials

The use of luxurious materials like silk and velvet can create a sumptuous and elegant feel in any space in your home. Complement your window treatments with some stunning accessories like beautiful pendant lighting, a beautiful rug and a bold art piece on the wall.

Sleek Lines

Modern, straight lines are extremely popular for home design in 2015. This will not only appear in cabinetry throughout the home, but will also translate to window treatments. Screens are a great way to create an extremely minimalistic space, and will also make the room feel bigger by providing an uninterrupted wall space.

Extra Loooong

We love the look of curtains which fall from ceiling to floor…and then some! This creates a very ‘designer’ feel in any space. The use of light, flowing materials like silk looks especially beautiful because of the way these materials fall and move.

Sheer Pleasure

The use of sheer fabrics in window treatments looks exquisite throughout the home. Combine this elegant design feature with a beautiful valance and low-line minimalistic furniture for a truly luxurious space.