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Indoor water features in my luxury tow-storey home in perth

March 11, 2015

Water features inside and outside the home have always been a marker of status and privilege. Dating back to the first recorded instances of running water on the island of Crete over five thousand years ago, running water has been a fixation of luxury home owners. Fortunately, in modern times, indoor water features can be installed into most homes, rather than just palaces, and it’s very easy to display a water feature into your 2 storey ho...

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Perth home design trends 2015: The alfresco

March 09, 2015

An alfresco area is the blurring of lines between the interior and exterior of your home. A beautiful alfresco area provides the perfect space to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors, with the comfort of climate control! As a luxury double storey home builder in Perth, we love home floor plans with gorgeous indoor and ‘outdoor’ living spaces. Here are some of our favourite design trends for your home alfresco for 2015! Seamless Spac...

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Which air-conditioner is right for my double storey home in perth?

March 05, 2015

Summers in Western Australia can get unbearably hot. That’s why a good central air-conditioning system is an absolute necessity for your 2 storey home in Perth! There are many air-conditioning options out there, and it can be hard to decide which to buy. This article is a guide to picking out the perfect cooling option for your home. Home Space The first thing to keep in mind when thinking about installing or upgrading your air condit...

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2 Storey home design 2015: The lounge room

February 28, 2015

Your living space is the centerpiece of your home. As a double storey home builder in Perth, we understand how important it is to create a beautiful and functional lounge room in your home. Your living space should be aesthetically pleasing but, most importantly, it should provide a comfortable area for your family to relax in! At Novus Homes, we have a talented team of in-house designers who have researched some great living area design trends f...

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Doble storey home design trends 2015: The laundry

February 18, 2015

For the fifth part of our home design trends series, we want to focus on a sometimes neglected part of the home, the laundry. This is a space which is generally considered to be purely functional rather than beautiful. As a luxury double-storey home builder in Perth we beg to differ!, We believe that every single space in the home should of course be functional, but should also look absolutely stunning and be a pleasure to be in! So to help you d...

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The advantages of building your own double storey home in perth

February 08, 2015

Although it’s easy to go out into the housing market and buy a pre-built home, many potential homeowners instead opt to build their own double-storey home in Perth. At Novus Homes, we believe that building your own home allows you to live in a home which is the perfect home for you and your family. Here are some of the benefits in building rather than buying a pre-built home. Choose the Location At Novus, we have often encountered ...

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2 Storey homes: Five home upgrades that pay off at resale

January 30, 2015

Home improvement projects can be an expensive and stressful project! Ideally, they’ll increase the value of your home, but if you’re not careful, you could end up spending too much money on something that will actually lower the resale value of your house. As a two-storey home builder in Perth, we understand the things that home buyers value most when they’re looking for their perfect home! Here are some tips on worthwhile home ...

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Smart two-storey homes in perth: kitchen technologies for your home

January 18, 2015

Today’s kitchen appliances are smart and they are becoming even smarter. In a world of constant interconnectedness, home appliances are being designed to communicate with one another to fit into our hectic lives. As we move towards a household where everything from your lights, locks and loos is connected to your wi-fi, many kitchen appliances can now communicate with your smart phone, allowing you to ‘check in’ while you are aw...

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Five tips for choosing your two storey home builder in perth

January 11, 2015

When it’s time to think about building a beautiful new home for your family, it is important to carefully consider which home builder you task with the job. A luxury home is a major investment and should be something that you’re proud to own and be a joy to live in. Here are some tips to consider when shopping for two story home builders Perth! 1.First impressions are very important. Ask yourself these vital questions about pote...

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2 Storey home design trends 2014/2015: the home office

January 03, 2015

As the fourth part of our home design trends series, today we want to focus on home office design trends for 2014/15. As a luxury 2 storey home builder in Perth, we understand how important it is to have dedicated spaces in the home. This will keep your home looking clutter free and importantly, also separate your home into different ‘zones’. Whether you’re working from home full-time or just completing paperwork in the evenings...

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Home design trends 2014: The bathroom

December 21, 2014

As the third part of our home design trends series, today we want to focus on amazing bathroom design trends for 2014. As a luxury two storey home builder in Perth, we understand the importance of creating an elegant and dramatic bathroom space. The right bathroom will not only be aesthetically pleasing for your family, but will also add value to your home. We have researched some bathroom design trends for this year, to help you design your perf...

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Choosing the right flooring for your home

December 14, 2014

Flooring is incredibly important in home design. As you walk through a home, the flooring needs to not only look beautiful, but also feel beautiful. Most importantly, it also needs to provide functionality. For example, if you have children and pets, you might want to go for different flooring style than if you are a family of two. As a designer of luxury, double storey homes in Perth, we design homes for many different family units. We understan...

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Novus home: Our Award-winning designs

December 07, 2014

At Novus Homes, we want you to know that when you build a double storey home in Perth with us, you will be building with one of the most highly awarded builders in Western Australia. We are extremely proud of the accolades we have received, and would like to share some of our successes with you. In the past 16 years, we have won 90 Master Builders Association (MBA) and Housing Industry Association (HIA) awards including two national awards for...

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Our four favourite double storey homes from movies

November 14, 2014

Have you ever watched a movie and seen a house that you would love to live in? As two storey home builders in Perth, our focus during movies can sometimes waver from the action, to the setting. There have been some truly beautiful two storey homes portrayed in movies, and here are four of our favourites! The Notebook Has there ever been a more romantic home renovation in the history of the world? We think not! This gorgeous home was actually...

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Home design trends 2014

October 31, 2014

In our previous blog post in this series, we focused on kitchen design trends in 2014. This month, we wanted to look at something completely different and focus on the most personal room in the home, the bedroom. The Bedroom The bedroom is the most intimate and private space in your home. It is the space where you will unwind after a long day, ready for sleep and rest. This is why your bedroom needs to be a calming, relaxing space; unclutter...

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