Work Hard. Play Hard.

We enjoy celebrating extraordinary business results, exceptional behaviours and clients successes.

We have regular awards throughout the year celebrating extraordinary efforts, client advocacy and innovation.

Recognition programs at Novus are designed to be a true testimony of living our core values and business vision.

These awards culminate in the Outstanding Employee of the Year award, which is presented at our staff Christmas party.

We enjoy celebrating our success at Novus and have had plenty of reasons to do so over the years.

Taking time out to acknowledge the achievements of the company, a team, or an individual is important to us.

We host many 'get-togethers' throughout the year and like to invite partners to as many as possible to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

From celebrating a display home opening, to a major award win, we enjoy finding reasons to come together as a group away from the day-to-day.

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Live Your Best Life

"I was so proud to win the Outstanding Employee of the Year award."

- Joseph Poropat, Scheduling & Purchasing Manager