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Sweet 16: 2 Storey Homes, Gwelup

When a client decides to build just one home we understand it is a big commitment, and one that we take very seriously.

So when Ted and Jason Gettingby approached us to build 16 new homes in Gwelup we knew we had to pull out all the stops to deliver the quality and finish that is synonymous with Novus Homes.

Jason owns Karrinyup Waters Caravan Park which has been in operation for over 45 years and in that time has grown into one of Perth’s largest accommodation providers, catering predominantly to regional and interstate short term tourists.

We sat down with Jason to ask him about his experience in building these new homes with us.

How did the project come about? What were you looking to achieve by building these homes?

When the land was subdivided and came up for sale we first and foremost wanted to mitigate the impact of noisy neighbours on our business.  We just needed a “build to rent” project to make it viable. 

When it came to looking at homes designs we found a lot of popular designs catered only to the “right now” and didn’t lend themselves to the likely impact that population growth would have on the future needs of families

With that in mind we specified a ground floor teenage retreat with its own private entrance, parking bay, outdoor alfresco area and living/dining room. We wanted a teenage retreat that could provide complete privacy though also integrate seamlessly to the front half of the house that more closely resembles a standard 2 story design.

Given the flexibility of the homes, they appeal to a wide range of family or corporate tenancy circumstances and provides us the largest pool of tenants to select from.

Why did you choose Novus Homes to take on this project?

We tendered the project to a number of builders. Novus simply installed us with confidence. They were by far the most professional and the decision was ultimately an easy one.

Given the size of the project how did the construction process go?

The construction process with Novus Homes has been a dream and what we wanted from a builder. They offered alternative methods and knowledgeable advice at the start of the build.

Throughout the build everything was communicated and never was anything attempted to be hidden. It’s an admirable approach for a builder and it certainly leads to building trust quickly.  

How do you feel about the finished product? Are you happy with the outcome?

We couldn’t be happier with how all of the homes have turned out. They have been built and finished to a very high standard that not only looks good now but will also stand the test of time.

What are your plans for all of the homes?

Our intention was to build to rent and hold onto the homes as a long term investment for our family. The initial reaction from prospective tenants has been exceptional. Most promising is that while the homes are not for sale we have already had a number of enquiries about the possibility of sale as they present so well.

Would you recommend Novus Homes?

I will no doubt personally build with Novus again in years to come. They deserve all the success in the world and would recommend them without question.

The entire team at Novus is exceptional. They take pride in their work from the top down and it’s a credit to them. The way the business operates is a class act and very much deserving of respect from their peers.