Demolish and Build Old

The Benefits of Knock Down and Rebuilding

Demolish & Build WIth Vision One HomesIf you love where you live but no longer love your existing home then a knock down and re-build is an option worth considering. As Perth continues to grow and the availability of vacant lots close to the city becomes scarce, the option of demolishing an existing home and rebuilding a brand new one in its place is becoming more and more appealing to Perth residents. While knocking down an existing property sounds complicated and expensive, you may be surprised to learn that often the cost of starting fresh and building a brand new home is comparable, or even less expensive, than undertaking extensive renovations. The knock down and rebuild process also provides additional financial benefits. Unlike buying and selling an existing residence there are very few transaction costs or fees associated with the process and no stamp duty to pay. Also, constructing a new home will most likely provide you with a more energy efficient home with the latest technological features.

Understanding the Demolish and Build Process

Many people are nervous about the prospect of demolishing their existing home however the process is far less complicated than you would imagine. In summary, here is how we can help with your demolish and build project in 5 easy steps.

  1. We meet with you on site and provide feedback on the process and indicative costs.
  2. Upon approval by you we undertake a full site survey which helps us identify all possible site works costs which are separate to the price of constructing your new dream home.
  3. Following your design brief we then provide you with an accurate design and 3D elevation showing setbacks from boundaries for compliance and identify front and back yard areas.
  4. Once happy with the design we provide you with a full letter of quote outlining the cost to build your new home and all site works and associated costs.
  5. We help coordinate the demolition process and either assist or take care of all other approvals.

All that is left to do is add colours and select your finishing touches from our showroom and you are then ready to commence the build process. Moving out of your old home and completing the demolition during the pre-construction phase of your project ensures we keep to a similar timeframe as would be the case if you were simply completing a new build on a vacant lot.

Helpful Resources

Looking for more information on demolish and build projects in Perth. Take a look at some helpful resources we have put together to help: Download our free whitepaper with hints and tips for a successful demolish and build project. Download our Demolition Checklist.