The Hamptons, located on New York’s world famous stretch of shoreline that runs down Long Island, is known for its coastal themed homes.

Hampton's Style Homes Perth
Creating that Hampton's Look

10 Essential Tips to Designing a Hampton's Style Home

This classic and timeless beach house look is replicated on ocean front property the world over.

But designing and building a Hamptons-style home is not just for beach-front property. It is a look that is just as comfortable in the suburbs of Perth as it is on the white sand of Southampton.

Teaming up with the team at Tailorhouse and using our Hamptons-inspired display home as an example, we will walk you through our top 10 tips to achieving that Hamptons look.

Let's get started!

Get the Hamptons Look: 10 Essential Tips
Take a look through our Hampton's inspired display home: The Hamelin
At Novus we love that Hampton's look and could not wait to finish our latest display home, the Hamelin, in Burns Beach, which puts an Australian twist on the traditional Hampton's style. Take a moment to watch this video which features both our Design Manager and Interior Designer, as they step you through the thinking that went in to achieving this classic coastal look.
Hampton's Home Designs Perth - Elevation

The Elevation

Not a hard and fast rule, but certainly one that works with the Hamelin, is to offset a dark grey roof with white and off whites.

We then suggest using accent mouldings, detailed ceiling lining and weatherboard, which will give your home that iconic Hamptons look.

To finish off we suggest you use unique, bespoke light fittings to add that little touch of coastal chic.

Hampton's Home Designs Perth - Staircase

The Staircase

The staircase is the showcase of a Hamptons interior and can create a real feeling of grandeur.

The secret to success here is to combine materials and finishes to add the extra detailed impact.

Highlighting the void with a feature pendant light will accentuate the space.

Hampton's Home Designs Perth - Retreat

The Retreat

At its core, the Hamptons style is a relaxed, coastal feel.

You can achieve this with casual soft furnishings and textural rugs.

Utilise soft blues, oceanic colours and imagery and change artwork framing to suit your spaces.

Do not be afraid to experiment a little here to see what works.

Hampton's Home Designs Perth - Ensuite

The Ensuite

The secret to creating a Hamptons style ensuite is to aim for a timeless and relaxed feel.

You can achieve this by focusing on the little details to the cabinetry.

Consider things like using different benchtop heights, shaker door profile (recessed panels), corner posts and contrasting accent handles.

In terms of tile choice we suggest opting for a neutral tile and using something like a marble mosaic as a feature.

A freestanding bath and contrasting framed mirrors will complete the look.

Hampton's Home Designs Perth - Dining

The Dining Room

Ideally with the open plan dining area you want to create a casual, liveable space that works in harmony with the kitchen.

Assuming you choose the traditional white kitchen, we recommend opting for a chunky timber dining table (with the timber bar stools) to contrast against the white and bright cabinetry.

Hampton's Home Designs Perth - Kitchen

The Kitchen

The hub of the home, the kitchen is surely the showpiece of your new Hamptons style home. Start by using a combination of open shelving, solid and glass doors to help define spaces and provide different forms of functional storage and accents.

We like to use black handle details and cabinetry shaker door profiles for that timeless look and recommend you consider using a freestanding oven to introduce a more traditional element.

The oversized island bench and pendants will serve to define the kitchen area and combined with timber wooden stools add a contrasting element that will tie in nicely with the dining table.

Hampton's Home Designs Perth - Living

The Sitting Room

The formal sitting room is quintessentially Hamptons and is a great opportunity to give your home that sense of elegance.

A fireplace is a must and with a central mantle it will really anchor the room.

A combination of hard materials and finishes contrasting with softer elements is recommended combined with layered soft furnishings such as linen sheers, wool rugs and soft cushions.

Finally add a large indoor plant and a feature mirror to complete the look.

Hampton's Home Designs Perth - Living

The Living Room

As part of the open plan area it is important to define the living space. An oversized patterned and textured floor rug, sitting slightly under the couches, will do just that. This will contrast nicely with the use of a mid-tone timber floor with sandy tones.

Notice the V-Groove timber feature cladding behind the TV, painted white to just subtly add a bit of texture. This combines beautifully with the white timber shutters and sheers.

To finish the styling use a layering of soft furnishings with textures and patterns to create depth and you will create that liveable elegant feel that is synonymous with that Hamptons look!

Hampton's Home Designs Perth - Bathroom

The Bathroom

With the bathroom in the Hamelin we wanted to achieve a sense of playfulness but still stick to the more traditional Hamptons style with the neutral colour palette, shaker door profiles and brushed chrome plumbing.

Our pops of colour and personality came in the form of the towel choices and artwork as well as the round feature mirror. However it is the patterned floor tiles that really tie this room together.

Hampton's Home Designs Perth - Laundry

The Laundry

While not one of your showcase rooms, the laundry is still a space you will spend time in, so think ‘light and bright’ to give it that fresh and inviting feel.

Use a white ceramic trough and brushed plumbing with softer edges, then finish off with subway tiles for the splashback.