4 Bedroom Two Storey Homes

At Novus Homes we offer a range of 4 bedroom two storey home designs for you to choose from. If you would like to see our full range of homes simply use the selection tool below to widen your search criteria.

When we sit down to design a new 4 bedroom double storey home we think about how Australians like to live in their home, giving extra consideration to the Perth climate and lifestyle. The result is a range of 4 bedroom, two storey homes that offer style, sophistication and liveability.
No matter whether your block is 10 metres, 12 metres, 15 metres or even 18 metres wide, we have a 4 bedroom, two storey home design to suit your needs. In fact we have a range of 4 bedroom homes designed specifically to fit on narrow lots, which are now commonplace across the many land estates in Perth.
When considering the layout of your 4 bedroom, two storey home it is important to consider the bedroom configuration. That is whether you want to have all of the bedrooms in close proximity on the same level, or if you would prefer some separation by having the master suite, and perhaps a guest bedroom on the ground floor. We find as a general rule, families with young children prefer to have the master bedroom close to the minor bedrooms and those with older kids prefer more separation so everyone has their own space within the home. You should also consider with a 4 bedroom, two storey home if you would like the master bedroom or minor bedrooms to the front of the home or the rear. This is often determined by your block configuration.
If you would like to talk more about how we can build you the perfect 4 bedroom home, then simply get in touch! We will walk you through our existing 4 bedroom 2 storey home designs and customise the one that most closely matches your requirements. Or, if you prefer, you can sit down with one of our building consultants and a blank sheet of paper and create a custom 4 bedroom home design from scratch. The choice is yours!