Cottage Lot Single Storey

Looking for a single storey house design to suit your cottage lot? We have a range of single storey homes to suit your needs, perfect for cottage blocks between 10m - 15m. To view our full range of homes simply use our selection tool to broaden your search.

As the price of land has increased in Perth in recent times, so to has the demand for cottage lot single storey homes. Whether you need 3 bedrooms or 4, we have a single storey house plan to suit your small cottage block size. Take a look at our range of house plans, designed to suit 10m, 12m and 15m wide blocks, and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much living space you can fit on your cottage lot.

When choosing to build on a cottage lot your first decision needs to be single storey or two storey? Both have their advantages, but when your lot size is limited, as is the case with a cottage lot, then space is at a premium and it makes sense to build up to get that extra floor space.

However there is a lot to be said for building a single storey home on your cottage block when you do not require the additional square metres of living area. A well planned single storey home can still offer all of the accommodation you need without feeling small or narrow, and yes, you can still have open plan living with the outdoor alfresco area!

Need help working through all of these important decisions? Simply contact us and we can help customise an existing cottage lot house plan to your needs.