Rear Lane Single Storey

Looking for a rear loaded single storey house design with garage to the rear to suit your narrow, rear access lot? We have a range of rear loaded single storey homes with garage to the rear to suit your needs, perfect for narrow blocks between 10m - 15m which require rear lane access. To view our full range of homes simply use our selection tool to broaden your search.

As the price of land has increased in Perth in recent times, land developers have created smaller, narrower blocks of land to address the affordability issue, ensuring Perth home buyers can still choose to build a new home.
Many narrow lots in Perth land estates have rear laneways for garage access. This means homes must be designed with the garage to the rear as opposed to the more traditional home designs where the garage is located to the front of the home. This is commonly referred to in the building industry as a ‘rear loaded’ home.

Whether you need 3 bedrooms or 4, we have a single storey rear lane house plan to suit your small cottage block size. Take a look at our range of rear lane house plans, designed to suit 10m, 12m and 15m wide blocks, and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much living space you can fit on your rear access lot. Click here to view our full range of narrow lot homes.

Need help working through all of your options? Simply contact us and we can help customise an existing rear lane floor plan, designed specifically for narrow blocks of land to suit the way you and your family want to live.