Can I buy a house and land package as a first home buyer?
Chris Hopkin, Novus Homes
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In short: Yes, first home buyers can buy house and land packages.

Entering the property market as a first home buyer can be daunting, but house and land packages present an attractive route for many.

This type of purchase can offer several advantages to those looking to own their first home.

Let's delve into the viability of house and land packages for first home buyers and what one should consider.

Accessibility and Affordability

Government Incentives

First home buyers often have access to government grants and schemes that can make buying a house and land package more affordable. These incentives can include stamp duty concessions, grants, and potential savings on new builds.

Lower Entry Costs

Compared to established homes, house and land packages can sometimes offer a lower entry price, making it easier for first home buyers to enter the market.

Turnkey Solutions

Many house and land packages are sold as 'turnkey' solutions, meaning they are ready to move into upon completion, reducing the stress and additional costs of home set-up for first home buyers.

Financing and Loans

Tailored Financial Products

Financial institutions often offer loans specifically tailored for house and land packages, which can be more accessible for first home buyers.

Deposit Requirements

Some lenders may allow first home buyers to secure a house and land package with a lower deposit, sometimes as low as 5% of the purchase price, especially when leveraging first homeowner grants.

Building Equity

New Home Advantage

A new home from a house and land package may appreciate in value more quickly once the area develops, potentially building equity faster than an older property might. However be aware that this is area dependent and at times the opposite can be true, with too many new homes being built in an area, causing a saturation of the market and prices to remain the same, or even fall.

Customisation Without Renovation Costs

First home buyers can choose designs that reflect their needs without the additional cost and effort of renovating an older property.

Planning and Budgeting

Fixed Price Contracts

Many developers offer fixed price contracts, providing clarity and certainty around costs, which is beneficial for first home buyers’ budgeting.

No Renovation or Repair Costs

A new home eliminates the immediate need for renovations or repairs, often a hidden cost in older homes.

Considerations for First Home Buyers

Research is Key

It’s vital to research the area, developer, and builder thoroughly. Look at the growth potential of the neighbourhood, local amenities, and the reputation of those involved in the project.

Long-Term Thinking

Consider whether the house and land package will meet long-term needs. While it might be an ideal first home, consider resale value and future requirements.

Legal and Financial Advice

Seeking legal and financial advice before signing any contract is crucial to understand the terms, conditions, and potential risks.

Risks and Challenges

Market Risk

Like any property investment, house and land packages carry the risk of market fluctuations, which can affect property values.

The Bottom Line

For first home buyers, a house and land package can be an excellent option. It offers the possibility of entering the property market in an affordable way, with the added benefits of government incentives and the potential for equity growth.

Moreover, the fixed costs associated with these packages can simplify the budgeting process, making financial planning more manageable.

However, it's important for first home buyers to approach this purchase with due diligence, understanding both the opportunities and the risks involved.

With careful planning, clear financial understanding, and a bit of research, buying a house and land package can be a smart and fulfilling way to achieve homeownership.