Upside Down Living Home Designs & Plans

At Novus Homes we offer a range of two storey upside down living home designs for you to choose from. If you would like to see our full range of homes simply use the selection tool below to widen your search criteria.

When looking at two storey upside down living home designs, also often referred to as reverse living house designs or upper floor living floor plans, there is always a reason for doing so, and that is always to ensure you make the most of the views that your block of land has to offer.
If you live on or near the ocean, the Swan River, a golf course or national park, or even up in the Perth Hills, and you want to take advantage of your view, then building an upside down house is a great option to consider.
Simply put, an upside down house design is where the living area is on the 2nd floor - hence the name upper floor living, or reverse living.
Building an upside down house ensures that you can enjoy your views from your living area, which is generally where you will spend most of your time, rather than the having the best views from the bedrooms, which are generally located on the upper floor of a two storey home.
Upper floor living is not for everyone, and is only ever recommended for those who want to maximise an ocean view or similar. There are factors to consider before building an upside down house, for example having to carry shopping upstairs. However if the view is good enough, these are small sacrifices to make!
Achieve individuality by adapting your style to any of our stunning double storey upside down homes, working with our award winning in-house designers and experienced building design consultants who will interpret your ideas and develop a step by step process, maximising your block’s potential to create the ultimate upside down house, or start with a blank sheet of paper and utilise our in-house custom home design service. The choice is yours!