Display Homes in Perth, Western Australia

We welcome you to visit one of our display homes in Perth and experience our award winning construction techniques and innovation in home design for yourself.

Like all of the homes we build, our display homes have a quality of craftsmanship that is second to none. Visit one of our display homes in Perth on Saturday and Sunday from 1 – 5pm and on Wednesdays from 2 – 5pm and see why our display homes continue to be recognised by the HIA & MBA year after year.

When you walk into a display home across many of the display villages in Perth you can usually tell immediately as to the quality of the home. Some homes just immediately feel ‘right’, and you can see the level of detail that has gone into not only the design, but the construction too.

Having accrued 25 years of experience in home building in Perth, the team at Novus, led by Managing Director Lino Antonelli, have continued to innovate and push the boundaries in the display homes they build. Each and every new display home needs to be that much better than the one that preceded it.

So it would come as no surprise that during this time Novus Homes have won a host of awards for their display homes across Perth, collecting over 100 awards from both the Master Builders Association and Housing Industry of Australia.

Novus boast an in-house team of designers who work tirelessly to create display homes that show clients what is possible and create that dream for their next home. This intelligent and innovative home design melds with our reputation for outstanding quality of construction and craftsmanship that is truly second to none in Perth.

Of course not all of our home designs are on display and we offer a range of house plans to suit any lifestyle for clients to build on blocks of any size. From 9 metres wide to 18 metres wide we have a home design to suit your requirements.

Of course if you find a display home that you just love but want to make a few changes to in order to make it uniquely yours, that is fine too. Our team of in-house designers can adapt a floor plan to get it just right for you, or alternatively we can even start from scratch with a blank sheet of paper and some high level ideas.