Property Developers Perth: Townhouses & Multi-Unit Projects

Subdividing land and developing property in Perth is very different to building a single dwelling. With so much to consider you need experienced people, with a tried and tested process to make the whole project simple, easy and profitable!

Our customised, informed, and proactive approach to subdivision and construction ensures you efficiently utilise your site’s full potential, maximising returns while keeping to your budget.

Novus Projects have a proud history of almost 30 years of building quality new homes in Perth to call upon, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you are in safe hands.

Subdividing & Property Development in Perth
Townhouse property development perth
Townhouse Developments
Two storey townhouses are the ideal property development choice in Perth if you are looking to maximise the living space in a dwelling as well as the rental returns or resale value.
Townhouse Developments
multi-unit property development perth
Multi-Unit Developments
Multi-unit sites are generally a more complex project than a duplex or triplex development. Choosing the right building partner for your project is essential. You need a property development specialist for a job of this magnitude.
Multi-Unit Developments
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Free Project Assessment
Unlock the potential profits that property development can bring. Our proactive, informed approach simplifies the development process, turning what can seem like a daunting experience into a successful and rewarding one.
Free Project Assessment
How we can help

Getting started with subdividing and building in Perth

Property developers and investors looking to subdivide land and build in Perth primarily want to have a few key questions answered. 

Most developers first want to understand their options in terms of how they could best utilise the subdivided land  and identify the best building options in order to get the best returns.

From there, they of course want to know how much it will cost.

At Novus Projects, we provide our clients with possible development options and all associated costs to be considered, so that right from the start we can answer these vital questions. We also provide clients with an estimated completion date to help set expectations and offer a complete end to end property development solution.


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Why Novus Projects for your next property development?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider us for your subdivision project in Perth:

Transparent, competitive fixed price quotation: Enjoy the confidence of receiving a competitive, fixed price quotation upfront. Our open and honest nature is obvious in our transparent quoting.

Customised to maximise returns: No two developments are the same. We customise your design solution, seeing the possibilities others don't to maximise your profit.

A specification to suit your project: We can choose the specification and level of finish of your development to best suit the location of the project and buyer expectations. Ensuring you offer a final product that will meet the market and give you the best possible chance of achieving your goals.

Full planning and project management: From council planning approvals to full project management of the build, we keep communication lines open and your best interests at the forefront at all times.

Design and Construct: We are a design and construct builder providing design solutions that are tailored to your project to achieve the most efficient construction outcomes and delivery times.