custom luxury builders of single storey homes
If you can dream it, we can build it.

Looking for a luxury single storey home design?

With our ‘tailored design’ service you can amend any of our existing single storey homes. Or with our ‘custom design’ service you can start from scratch and create the single storey house plan of your dreams. The choice is entirely yours.

In Perth home buyers generally choose to build single storey homes on bigger sized blocks of land (17 & 18 metre wide and upwards) where they can still fit a good size home without having to build up to gain the floor space they desire. At least this certainly used to be the case.

However in the last decade the shift for single storey homes to be built on narrower blocks of land has grown, as designers and builders alike have become more intelligent in their designs as they look to do more with less. Take a look through our range of single storey homes for narrow lots to see multiple examples of clever home designs.

So no matter what you are looking for in a single storey home, Novus Homes have something to suit your style and budget.

Need help from a professional building consultant? Get in touch and we can help customise an existing single storey house plan to your needs.