Narrow lot homes in Perth WA
Narrow Lot Homes Perth

Slimfit: Home Designs for Narrow Lots

Slimfit Homes are designed specifically for narrow lots. These stunning 2 storey homes deliver XXL on quality comfort and style.

Narrow lot homes are house plans that have been designed specifically to fit blocks of land that are 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12.5m, 13m, 14m and 15m wide. They are also often referred to as cottage lot homes.

Single vs. double storey narrow lot homes in Perth

When considering building a new home on a narrow lot in Perth the first decision to consider is whether to build a 2 storey narrow lot home or a single storey narrow lot home.

There are obviously benefits to both, however the clear advantage of a double storey narrow lot home is the ability to create more living area in the home, but also, you can have a much bigger back garden as the foot print of the house plan is that much smaller.

Narrow lot home design: front loaded or rear loaded

Another consideration which is completely driven by the narrow block of land you are considering, is whether it is front loaded or rear loaded. In many instances a narrow block of land will be rear loaded, meaning the garage is at the back of the house. We have a range of two storey rear loaded home designs for you to browse, all of which are perfect for your small narrow lot .

If you would like to talk more about building your new narrow block house design then please get in touch.