Choosing the right flooring for your home

Flooring is incredibly important in home design. As you walk through a home, the flooring needs to not only look beautiful, but also feel beautiful. Most importantly, it also needs to provide functionality. For example, if you have children and pets, you might want to go for different flooring style than if you are a family of two. As a designer of luxury, double storey homes in Perth, we design homes for many different family units. We understand the importance of flooring choice, and we’d like to give you a few tips about how to decide for the right flooring for your lifestyle, and your perfect home!

It is extremely important to consider your budget when considering the type of flooring you would like in your home. That way, you’ll know exactly what you can afford when you start browsing the different flooring options. Ceramics are a great option on a lower budget, while still being extremely durable and long-lasting. Timber flooring is a popular choice and looks stunning, but can also be more expensive.

You need to figure out exactly what you need from your flooring. If your home is going to house many feet (especially small ones!), or many paws (especially large ones!), you’ll need something very durable and long-lasting. Different types of rooms will also have different requirements. For example, a wet area like a bathroom or laundry will need a flooring type that can handle moisture and spills, such as ceramic tiles. A bedroom area on the other hand, will require a warmer flooring style like timber flooring or carpet. High foot traffic areas will require something tough and resistant to abrasions, like bamboo flooring.

Now for the fun part! How do you want your home to look? Do you want a modern aesthetic, with sleek and sophisticated polished concrete floors, or something a little more traditional, like gorgeous timber flooring? Make sure that the style of flooring you choose forms a chapter in your design story and complements any other colour, texture and furniture choices in your home. A good tip is to choose a style of flooring that won’t date and is relatively neutral. That way when you feel that your home needs a makeover, you won’t need to renovate the floors!

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