A Comprehensive Guide to Render Finishes for Exterior Walls in Perth Homes
Darren Grunwald
Darren Grunwald
Design Manager, Novus Homes
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In the ever-evolving world of home design, the exterior finish of your house plays a crucial role particularly when deciding on which building materials to use.

A well-chosen render finish can elevate the aesthetics of your home, provide robust protection from weather elements, and potentially increase its value. 

For Perth homeowners, understanding the types and benefits of various render finishes is essential.

In this guide, we delve into the types of render finishes used in Australian home building, focusing specifically on their application for exterior walls in Perth homes.

The Art of Wall Rendering in Australia

Wall rendering is the process of applying a layer of material—known as render—to the exterior walls of a building. This practice dates back centuries and has continuously evolved, adopting new materials and techniques along the way.

In Australia, wall rendering has become a popular choice for homeowners seeking a unique yet durable finish for their homes.

Types of Rendering Finishes in Australia

Australia boasts a diverse range of rendering finishes, each offering unique characteristics and aesthetics. From traditional clay-based and lime renders to modern silicone and acrylic variants, there is a vast spectrum to explore.

These rendering finishes offer varying textures, colours, and benefits, providing options to suit every home builder's vision.

Deep Dive into Different Types of Renders

Choosing the right render finish requires a keen understanding of their individual properties. Clay-based renders, for instance, are natural and eco-friendly, while cement renders are known for their durability and cost-effectiveness. Silicone renders, on the other hand, are flexible and highly water-resistant—ideal for Perth's varying climate.

Acrylic renders offer a versatile finish with a wide range of textures and colours. Stucco renders, with their coarse finish, lend a rustic charm to homes. Plaster and Davco renders are prized for their smooth finish and ease of application.

More specialised options like natural stone cladding can create a striking exterior, whereas chalk render offers a traditional finish with excellent breathability. Premixed and concrete renders offer convenience and robustness, respectively.

Lastly, the modern Monocouche render is a one-coat system that's becoming popular due to its simplicity and variety of colour options.

Interior Renders vs External Renders

The type of render you choose may also depend on whether you are rendering an interior or exterior wall. Interior renders are typically chosen for their aesthetic appeal, with a smoother finish often desired.

External renders, in contrast, need to withstand harsh weather conditions, hence materials like silicone, cement, or Monocouche render are commonly used.

Key Rendering Techniques in Australia

The final look of a render isn't determined solely by the material used, but also by the application technique. Techniques can range from a smooth finish achieved through multiple fine coats to a more textured look created with specialised tools or additives.

Essential Rendering Tools

The choice of rendering tools is crucial to achieve the desired finish. Trowels, floats, and hawks are commonly used for application and smoothing, while sponges, brushes, or even brooms can be used to create unique textured finishes.

Weather Resistance of Renders

A significant benefit of render finishes is their resistance to weather. Water and weather-resistant renders such as silicone and acrylic are particularly beneficial for homes in Perth, offering protection from the elements while maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

Key Points: The Benefits of Render Finishes for Exterior Walls in Perth Homes

Render finishes offer a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution for the exterior walls of your Perth home. By understanding the different types of render finishes, their respective benefits, and how they fit into the unique climate and style of Perth, you can make an informed decision for your home. With the right home builder and your chosen render finish, you can create a beautiful and lasting exterior for your home. Choose wisely, and your home will not only stand out but also stand strong against the elements.

Frequently Asked Rendering Questions

Does Rendering Provide Wall Insulation?

A question that often comes up when considering rendering is about insulation. Some types of render can provide an extra layer of insulation, helping maintain a more stable internal temperature and thus, enhancing the energy efficiency of your home.

Is Rendering Mixed On-site?

Typically, rendering is mixed on-site to ensure the right consistency and to allow for any adjustments needed based on weather conditions on the day of application