How to Get the Most Out of Your Laundry

The laundry is often the most overlooked space in the home. As a space that gets a LOT of use, particularly in homes with larger families, it is really important to create a room that is functional, has a lot of storage space and looks great. As home builders, we understand the importance of laundry design. Here are some storage and design tips to help you get the most out of your laundry.

Storage is so important in the laundry, as it is often the space in the home where we store cleaning products, vacuum cleaners, mops and all of the other bits and pieces we like to hide away. Here are some tips for maximising the space in your laundry to make those washing days as bearable as possible!

  1. Use the space behind the laundry door to install some hooks to hang your mop, brooms and other long items.
  2. Use your walls for open shelving or cupboards to make the most out of every inch of space available to you.
  3. Installing a cupboard above your laundry door is a great way to create storage for items that aren’t used very often; that way you make space for those items that you use every day.
  4. Install a deep drawer to use as a washing hamper, or a large cupboard where you can store your washing hamper.
  5. Purchase a washer and dryerthat are front loading and that you can stack or mount on the wall.
  6. Install a sink that comes with a cover. When you’re not using the sink, you can pop the cover on and use it as extra bench space.
  7. Install a moveable tap in the laundry to allow you to move it out of the way if necessary. These faucets are functional and also look elegant.

Design is important both for functionality and for aesthetic pleasure. You laundry does need to be functional, but it is also important that it feels inviting and looks great.

  1. Lighting is really important to make your laundry room feel bright, clean and airy, and also to illuminate specific work zones. Think about installing lighting at the base of your cabinets to illuminate the bench space underneath.
  2. Laundries are often ignored when it comes to interesting design and colour features. It is important to create a room that is inviting and beautiful as well as functional. Install a gorgeous, bright splashback, or even a mini-chandelier for a bit of glamour. Bright blues and greens are really on trend at the moment, coupled with crisp white cabinetry and accessories. Keep it clean and bright, the way you want your laundry to feel.