Top 3 Biggest Interior Design Trends for 2019

As the years pass by, so do design trends. Maybe you’ve lived in your house for years and it’s finally time for an upgrade. There’s so much to think about before designing your home that it’s hard to even figure out where to start.

Each new year delivers an exciting array of interior design trends to be incorporated into the home. Designers are already talking about the home decor trends for 2019. We round up the key 2019 interior design trends you should consider for your next home improvement project. Though many trends come and go, don’t be surprised if you spot a few interior styles that have been carried over.

To give you a head start on your home decor plans, whether you’re renovating or building a new home, we asked the experts to share their predictions on what’s in and what’s out.  Their answers may surprise you.

Amanda Gates -

Colored appliances are in, Black and white will replace the grey trend, gold, textured cabinets. Plants, plants and more plants!

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The Handyman Tips Team -

1. Antique and vintage furniture pieces combined with modern design

Antique and vintage furniture pieces always held a value of their own but now they have found a new design role. Most of the people who bought antique furniture in the past had a vintage home design. Now home designers have started to combine antique and vintage furniture pieces with modern home design and the result is fantastic.

2. Crafted pieces

For those of you who thought that the trend of handmade crafted furniture and accesories would go away we have a news, it's now bigger than ever. Hand made DIY pieces in shabby chic style are a huge trend because you can incorporate them in almost any design. Don't be afraid to even try to make a piece by yourself. You'll find out that it isn't that hard and it can actually be a really enjoyable experience.

3. Exposed natural wood

Don't hide your beautiful beams with paint or ceiling panels. Expose them and just protect them with a transparent lacquer and they will look beautiful. Incorporate a natural edge dining table or coffee table into your kitchen or living room. Natural wood kitchen cabinets will lift up every kitchen and designed natural wood chairs will lift up every room.

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Cassie -

I think that the biggest interior design trend for 2019 will be broken plan living. Homeowners will be dividing up their open plan spaces to create smaller "rooms" with different functions, which are all still connected and have that airy, open feeling.

Dividers will be freestanding storage units, mid-century style partitions or architectural additions such as crittall windows or half-walls. Bi-fold doors and mobile walls that can open up the space when needed would be the ideal solution for a broken plan home.

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Amanda Pocock -

Multi-functional and innovative design is really important to us at the moment especially as homes and interiors in the city suburbs get smaller and smaller. Integrating technology into our homes and work spaces is going to be on the forefront of design in the next 18 months, we’re going smarter and faster with everything.

The millennial pink trend of 2018 is long gone and being replaced by sophisticated pops of contrasting black along with the warm hues of bold reds, oranges and purples. I for one am ready for the elevated and refined design themes coming toward us in 2019.

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Kim Knox-Thurn -

Luxurious colours and fabrics

Deep jewel tones particularly in velvet make for inviting living & sleeping spaces and the depth of colour gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. Deep blues, greens, maroons and golden mustards are timeless and define luxury. While these colours work well all year around, they’re particularly comforting during the colder months when we tend to spend more time in our home.

Kitchens with colour!

White kitchens have definitely been a popular choice for a very long time now but the tides are turning and colour is coming back into kitchens. Navy works well in a Hamptons home while a deeper green is a stunning addition to a country kitchen. These colours play off beautifully against white benchtops. Coloured cabinets add interest to a kitchen and for those not keen on bold colour, why not go for deeper tones of your wall colour. Pale grey kitchen walls and a deeper grey in the cabinetry works beautifully together.

Multifunctional furniture

With so many people living in smaller spaces, designers are becoming more and more inventive with multi purpose furniture. Coffee tables and book shelves that easily convert to a dining table are the first pieces that come to mind. The Italians are absolute masters at this and you can spend hours on Youtube looking at all of the latest inventions. Some of my favourites are a sofa converting to a bunk bed & a desk that converts to a bed taking up so much less space than a traditional “Murphy Bed”. The desk remains parallel to the floor so there’s no need to pack things away before you convert to a bed.

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Lauretta Wright -

With homeowners striving to be more mindful in their purchases, I think we’ll see a growing trend towards materials that are kinder to the environment. A rise in eco living could be the next big thing, with people reusing waste materials, focusing on sustainability and looking at ways of recycling – and upcycling!

In terms of homeware we’ll continue to see a rise in innovatively designed products – ones that are both beautifully designed and also offer a practical purpose – or can be used for a dual purpose. This will be in response to people seeking a more minimalist look in their homes.

Last but not least, I’m convinced we’ll see a huge increase in demand for time-saving products, systems and appliances. And this will affect the way our homes look – and run. We’ll see more homeowners embrace ‘the Smart Home’; we’ll start to live more mindfully but we’ll also indulge more in smart home purchases that will ultimately make our lives easier.

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Jo Littlefair -

A huge trend, already underway, but which is long-term and not a passing fad is biophilia, the hypothesis that humans have an innate propensity to connect with the natural world. This increasingly needs to be recognised in interior spaces too, not only by bringing the outside in through open doors, windows or cut flowers, for example, but via more subtle connections, from tactile, natural materials to art curation choices.

In terms of materials, metallic ceramics are starting to come up a lot on our radar, whilst a colour prediction would be subtle citrics, from burnt orange to dusky lemon.

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Alan McVitty -

I believe the three biggest interior design trends for 2019 will be bolder design choices in terms of finishes, colour and design.

There is a move away from traditional metal finishes within bathroom and kitchen and the introduction of matt black, copper and zinc finishes. Suppliers are responding to this tend and more products are now available in a variety of finishes and colours.

Within our work Joinery in deeper tones with accent metal detailing is increasingly popular with our clients. Mirrors have always been around but they are becoming used more often to add depth to interior spaces used as a wall finish in tinted or antique finishes.

Eve Gunson -

Matte Black - we’ve been seeing matte black tapware for a while now and matte black will continue to come into our homes in 2019. Think black steel internal doors, matte black steel bathroom basins, furniture and pendant lights.

Minimalism - Clean lines, a refined palette and an overall sense of ‘less is more’ is where we are heading for interiors and home design in 2019.

Indoor Greenery - it’s here to stay! More is more with indoor plants, not only do they look divine but they are great for our health too!

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Penelope Herbert -

As an interior designer, I am exposed to many exciting décor ideas and new ways to create beautiful spaces. However, these must be tempered with the loves and lifestyles of my clients. Trends are wonderful but will remain in the glossy magazines if the average home lover doesn’t embrace them.

So the best trends must be accessible, or at least able to be translated into the homes of everyday people. In 2019, three of the most exciting trends that I think will takeoff can be easily incorporated into most homes.


We’ve seen a great increase in the use of granite, marble, natural and engineered stone for different surfaces. So the next big trend undoubtedly will be Terrazzo. A composite material that is poured in place, Terrazzo consists of small chips of materials such as granite, marble, quartz and glass. Poured like concrete, Terrazzo is cured, ground and polished smooth.

Strips of metal can be used to separate different colours and textures enabling craftsmen to create decorative patterns especially on floors.

Once seen in 1950’s and 60’s bathrooms in shades of pink, blue, green and yellow, modern Terrazzo is sophisticated, elegant, and luxurious. Neutral colours showing cream, beige, biscuit, mushroom, grey and black create a WOW factor for floor and counter top surfaces. Chips of other colours such as orange, amber, peach, yellow, blue, green and pink can be added as desired.

Pastels With Metallics

My fave trend is finding new ways to work pastel colours and metallic into my interior design work. Mix pastel shades in blue, pink, mint, grey, yellow, or white with metallic in rose gold, copper, brass, polished silver, brushed nickel or matte black.

For example, pale grey walls and large rose gold pendant lights. Or soft white cabinetry with gold door handles. Or a mint tiled splash back with copper rangehood.

I think this trend will be embraced in 2019 as home lovers move from largely neutral interiors to pushing the design envelope… just a little. Pale pastels are still relaxed and calming while a touch of metallic toughens it up for a modern look.

Modern Retro – 70’s BoHo Chic

Everything old is new again. There has been a glorious growth in the popularity of different retro themes over the past few years and in 2019 it’s the turn of 1970’s Boho Chic. Relaxed and inviting whilst elegant and luxurious. Tactile fabrics such as velvet, wool, mohair, silk, and faux fur will continue to dominate even in minimalist décor. But for those who want some freedom of expression and eschew the trappings of the rat race, 1070’s BoHo Chic is the answer.

Different from simply Bohemian, the new 1970’s BoHo Chic has more thoughtfulness in the colour combinations and arrangement of items. 1970’s BoHo Chic doesn’t look like a gypsy caravan exploded. It’s more restrained, more elegant, more modern.

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Dawn D. Totty -

Wood is not just for floors anymore! Earthy and organic is making its way through every facet of interior design!

Furniture finishes are now being shown in their natural wood finish vs painted.
Wood design features such as kitchen islands, cabinets, ceilings, walls & accessories are showing up in a big way in the world of design for 2019.

Move over neutrals, powerful pigments are packing a big punch of color with the usage of deep blues, reds, pinks, mustard & black for the coming years ahead!
Try these potent colors in unexpected spaces such as your powder room, laundry or closet for an fun dose of wow factor for your guests. Implementing them into every room will overwhelm a home or office so use them wisely!

Wallpaper is and will continue to be a key player for top interior design trends for the future! Have fun with the plethora of wall covering options that we now have and use them in fun unexpected places and spaces such as book shelves, built-ins, back-splashes, ceilings and of course, walls!

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Marina -

I think one of the biggest trends for 2019 is Vegan Design. As a vegan interior designer I'm happy to see more attention being paid to vegan friendly design and I think that more cruelty free materials will be available for the interior design industry in the near future.

I also think another trend is incorporating green in our designs. I'm seeing lots of green walls featured in interior spaces. Living walls will continue to grow in popularity for sure.

Sustainability is of course a hot topic as well and the trend that I'm seeing is interest in using recycled materials or maybe this is all just wishful thinking on my part as I'm a big proponent of all of the 3 trends that I mentioned.

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Megan Morris -

Three of the biggest design trends I think we'll see in 2019 are matte black, fringes, and sustainable products.

The drama of black has been coming into design more and more recently, especially with a matte finish, and we're starting to see fringes in everything from fashion and jewelry to home decor. As for sustainable products, people are becoming more aware of our impact on the eco-system and animals, so expect to see more companies putting eco-friendly, cruelty-free practices into effect as the demand from the public increases.

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Rani -

Soft chalky wall colours that are visually appealing will be big. Think various tonal hues of sage green, dusky pink, chalky grey, earthy limestone.

Use of earthy texture and natural sustainable materials for flooring, wall and soft furnishings and accessories will be popular. Think terrazzo, textured or embossed wallpaper, crushed linen, rough terracotta, natural cotton, hand knotted jute.

Gold is back but so is black! Luxe elements in matte finishes cleverly complemented with fresh, colourful chalky pastels will be hugely popular.

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