What are the benefits of buying an ex display home?

Navigating the property market as a prospective homeowner can be overwhelming. 

Amid various property types and purchasing options, display homes are an intriguing alternative. 

This article unravels the compelling benefits of buying an ex-display home.

What Are Ex-Display Homes?

Ex-display homes, also known as show homes, are properties constructed by developers to exhibit their design expertise and superior craftsmanship.

They are designed to impress, often embellished with high-end fixtures, top-tier appliances, and attractive landscaping.

After their role as a showpiece is fulfilled, these homes are sold, presenting an enticing option for homebuyers.

Advantages of Buying an Ex-Display Home for Personal Use

Superior Quality and Stylish Design

As a builder's 'shop window', ex-display homes epitomise the pinnacle of design and build quality.

From the structure's architectural integrity to the stylish interior decor, these homes are a showcase of meticulous craftsmanship and luxury.

Well-Cared-For Properties

Throughout the display period, these homes are regularly cleaned and maintained to remain in pristine condition. Landscaped gardens and outdoor spaces are well-cared for, ensuring a polished appearance.

Excellent Value for Money

The potential for price negotiation, coupled with the inclusion of high-end fixtures and fittings that often cost extra in new builds, makes ex-display homes excellent value for money. From designer kitchens to top-of-the-range bathroom suites, these homes offer a luxurious living experience at a reasonable cost.

Move-In Ready

One of the primary advantages of purchasing an ex-display home is the 'move-in ready' aspect. Eliminating the lengthy wait times associated with new construction, you can start enjoying your dream home as soon as the paperwork is finalised.

Important Considerations When Purchasing an Ex-Display Home

Understanding the terms of the sale, ensuring a thorough property inspection, and carefully evaluating the suitability of the location and neighbourhood are critical steps in the display home buying process.

Remember, each ex-display home is unique, and what worked for a home on display may not necessarily fit your needs. A great example of this is doors to ensuites. Many display homes do not have doors separating the master bedroom and ensuite, as it displays better that way, however this may not be practical for the way you like to live.

Therefore, conducting due diligence and seeking professional advice is highly recommended.


With superior quality, stylish design, and excellent value for money, ex-display homes offer an attractive option for prospective homeowners.

By conducting thorough research and leaning on the expertise of professionals, you could find an ex-display home that perfectly suits your lifestyle.