Why should I build a double storey home?

Why should I build a double storey home?

As one of Perth’s most respected two storey home builders, we have over 20 years of experience in building double storey homes, specialising in all lot types from traditional rear lane cottage lots and lots with narrow frontages. These homes are designed and built to maximise block size and potential views, and create a functional and beautiful home to live in. Here are just a few key benefits of building a double storey home.

The size of your block will have a big impact on the kind of house you decide to build. A double storey home has the potential to take up much less space on your block than a single storey home, maximising your block space. This is especially important if you are building on a small or narrow block of land. If you have children or like entertaining, a two storey home will leave you with much more backyard space.

There are many benefits in building a double storey home.

Building a double storey home means you can get much more living space on the same amount of land. By building upwards, you create more living space without having to expand your home outwards. A double storey home also provides more flexibility in terms of the layout of your home. Two storey homes allow for a separation of space, meaning that you can separate the master bedroom from the minor bedrooms, or place all of the sleeping areas on the top storey, away from the downstairs living areas.

A double storey home will also allow you to maximise potential views. Building living areas on the top storey of the home has become quite popular in recent years, with people desiring to take advantage of the views their home may offer. At Novus Homes, we offer fully customisable designs featuring upper floor living and also designs that maximise rear views.

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