What Is the Cheapest Way to Build a House in WA in 2023?

The Cheapest Way To Build A House

1. Select a levelled block of land that is easy to build on

2. Build small and keep the layout simple

3. Utilise government grants where possible

4. Consider modular or prefabricated homes

5. Save on fittings and finishes

6. Consider second-hand items

7. Start with a granny flat or tiny home before building the main house

If you’re on a tight budget, you might wonder if it’s possible to build a house without breaking the bank. 

Keep reading as we will explore each of the steps a bit further.

Select an Easy Block of Land to Build On

When you’re looking for a block of land to build on, make sure you choose a site that’s easy to build on. A challenging block will cost you more time and money to prepare for building. 

Choose a site that is flat, that has easy access for dropping off supplies and if you can, particularly in Perth, try to find a block in an area that does not have limestone beneath the surface. 

Keep in mind that sloping or difficult sites may require additional excavation, retaining walls, or drainage systems, which can add to the cost of building.

Keep the Size Small and the Layout Simple

Be realistic about what you need. The cost of building a house is directly proportional to its size and complexity. 

The more elaborate the design and features, the more it will cost. Consider building a house with a modest size and a simple layout. 

Think about what you need in your house and prioritise those features. Be realistic about your needs and don't be tempted to add unnecessary features that will hike up the cost.

Look out for Government Grants

The WA government provides various grants and incentives that can help you build a house.

For instance, the HomeBuilder grant provided a $15,000 bonus for those eligible. The First Home Owners Grant can also give you a boost.

These grants can help you cover the cost of building materials, labour, and other expenses, so do your research and find those grants to suit your situation!

Consider Modular or Prefabricated Homes if Budget Is a Serious Constraint

Modular or prefabricated homes are pre-built in a factory and transported to your chosen site. They can save you time and money compared to building a traditional house. 

Modular homes have pre-built components that can be fitted together quickly and efficiently, reducing labour costs. The cost of materials is also lower compared to traditional building materials. 

Moreover, modular homes are customisable, so you can still design a house that suits your needs.

Don’t Splurge on Fittings and Finishes

Fittings and finishes can add up to a significant percentage of your building cost.

It is natural to want to choose high-end fittings and finishes, but they can quickly blow your budget

Instead, opt for low-to-medium-range fixtures and finishes. You can always upgrade these features in the future when you have more money.

Consider Second-hand Items

It is possible to buy good-quality second-hand building materials, such as doors, windows, and fixtures. 

Check out local classifieds on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace or other online marketplaces for second-hand items.

It’s also a good idea to ask around your community for any building materials that people don’t need.

Start with a Tiny Home, Granny Flat or Container Home until You've Saved up for the Main House

If building a full-size house seems too expensive for your budget, consider starting with a tiny home, granny flat, or container home. 

You can always add extensions or build the main house once you’ve saved up enough money. The granny flat can then serve as accommodation for guests or you could even rent it out permanently for a passive income stream.

These types of homes can be built quickly and cost-effectively, and they could provide you with temporary accommodation while you’re saving money for the main house.

So what have we learned?

Building a house is a significant investment, but it can be done on a budget.

By following these tips, you can build a house that’s affordable and comfortable without compromising on your needs. 

Remember to choose an easy block of land, keep the size and layout simple, look out for government grants, consider modular or prefabricated homes, don’t splurge on fittings and finishes, consider second-hand items, and maybe start with a tiny home or container home. 

With some research and planning, you can build your dream home without breaking the bank.

And also keep in mind not to rush the process. Maybe waiting until 2024 might be a better option for your unique situation.

Building your dream home with Novus Homes

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